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    Intel Core i7 6700K
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    MSI Z170 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    Corsair Ballistix 8GB
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    Nvidia GTX 950 (EVGA SSC)
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    Logitech mk520
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    Windows 10 + Antergos

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    Now I can have multitrack audio in replays :D

  2. Are you talking about the ISO or an actual install of Windows 10?
  3. A clean install of Windows 10 is about 12GB when installed. Where did you get those numbers from?
  4. If it's just for screen recording, ShadowPlay/AMD ReLive would do fine.
  5. In theory, it's a pretty cool idea, and could be plausible. Boot up PC, wait to copy the entire OS from a hard drive to a ramdisk, and then boot from ramdisk. Of course, it's too unreliable and boot times are extremely slow, so you might as well just buy an SSD. I don't really see a need for speeds (heh) faster than an SSD, and either way, you're getting less storage for the price if you're using a ramdisk.
  6. Definitely having a bunch of friends. I still get messages from old friends on Xbox on why I don't play on Xbox anymore, and it kind of makes me sad when I have to respond to them.
  7. There will never be a "perfect" programming language any time soon. There's always a part where a certain programming language falls short, such as performance, readability, cross-platform support, scalability, resource usage, etc. I'd say Python comes close, but definitely not "perfect" in any sense.
  8. I've waited 5 minutes after reading this post just for a Vanilla server to start up on my RPi3, so I guess there's your answer I'd doubt modded will be any better.
  9. I dropped my phone while attempting to wave to a friend. Now the screen won't turn on :( I might try and repair it though.

    1.   Show previous replies  8 more
    2. evilarceus


      I want to get an S8, but there's more phones coming out soon, such as the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2, etc. (though, still taking the leaks with a grain of salt)

    3. handymanshandle


      too big, or expensive or no headphone jacks according to some leaks for one of them

      At best buy the s8 and s8+ are on sale for $300 off the S8+ at least which means I'd be paying like a fair bit a month than I would be paying normally

    4. evilarceus


      Hmm, fair enough. The S8 is pretty cheap if you purchase online from Sprint. One of the problems I have with the S8 is the locked bootloader on Sprint, which is what made my S5 last for quite a while with custom ROMs and such :/

  10. You're required to use it if you want to do the tweaks he made in the video, since all of the graphical tweaks need to be injected into the game.
  11. Yes, but you can't use SLI/Crossfire with the two cards. You can, however, use Multi-GPU for supported games (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_DirectX_12_support)
  12. I just got my first* actual blue screen (CRITICIAL_PROCESS_DIED) on Windows through web browsing, which kind of surprises me.


    * If we're not counting BSoDs related to unstable overclocks

    1. BestPCBuilder2017


      Really? With Windows 10 or 8.1? I had issues like that with 8.1 but then I switched to 7 and no longer have any issues. 

    2. evilarceus


      Windows 10, no overclock.