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    R9 3900X
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    32gb Corsair LPX DDR4 3200mhz
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  1. 3%? Are you sure? Can you show CPU per core as well? Cuz it sounds like one or two are pushed to 100%. It's likely a CPU bottleneck. You can either get a new CPU now or upgrade to a 1440p or 4k monitor. That's what I would do.
  2. What resolution are playing at? Have you tested any AAA Titles? What CPU/GPU/Memory usage, Temps, clocks speeds do you have in those scenarios? Any crazy background programs running?
  3. Have you seen any benchmarks? Edit: Example
  4. Do you have the latest Lan drivers installed? Is the PC connected directly to the router or are there other devices like Switches or Powerline in between?
  5. AFAIK it's all the same, there is no special riser.
  6. That's pretty cool! I'd honestly try to sell it for a hefty price to an collector though and get a Ryzen system instead. But others said, a cheap Xeon will also make for a cool system, albeit outdated and slower than a standard consumer based pc now.
  7. One word: tweezers. Before the storm breaks lose: it's a joke.
  8. Well, you need some sort of graphics card to output graphics, otherwise it wouldn't really make a lot of sense. You can run servers headless though, in which case you don't even output to a display therefore don't need a GPU. I'm your case though I highly recommend the 3400G over the 3300x.
  9. Haaaaaave you checked their website? They always have a CPU compatibility list. Edit: short answer: no. https://www.gigabyte.com/Ajax/SupportFunction/Getcpulist?Type=Product&Value=7483 Edit: A520 in general doesnt.
  10. Yeah I was thinking cheaper, like 10 bucks. 25 gets you something better indeed.
  11. Hey I am looking for something similar, maybe you can help. Instead of a template for a template I just want a straight template to infinite money. Any ideas?
  12. You can probably get the 3900X stock cooler for cheap, that'll do.
  13. Yeah, no, not really. Their graphs are fine. If people can't read it's their problem.
  14. Scrolling through Facebook when I went past a Thanos meme, so I go back up just to realize it's a Mandalorian Spoiler. 



    1. FloRolf


      Please vote me as president of the internet so I can censor all of your fucking spoilers you damn assholes. 

  15. If you cant find a guide online just look at it yourself. The coolers really aren't that complicated. Just take a look where the screws go and if there are plastic clips and you will probably easily be able to pop it off. In case you need to take the entire cooler of, worry not, pads are reusable and thermal paste isn't as critical as it is on CPU's. You can put more on a GPU.