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  1. oh i see thanks it thought it might have been low profile due to its small cooler
  2. wait how did you find it lol did you search google by image? also is it a good idea to buy it and throw it in a old OptiPlex for my fam since its low profile
  3. should i get this or a 1060 6 gb for 225?
  4. so the seller says its a rx550 4gb for $50...... is it real or did he just grab a real box and a fake card?
  5. how do i know if the mobo is not a knock off?
  6. he said that they are the same socet he didnt show any pics of the mobo only close ups but i think they are just cheap knock offs
  7. my bad lol i thoght intel was addin 2 cores for the 12th gen
  8. so i dont undersand is intel adding 2 cores for the i9 or everything?
  9. why do you want it if you have a better systeme?
  10. so your saying i should buy his other one as well? edit: he has 2 mobos but one cpu