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The Water Cooling Gallery

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On 6/30/2020 at 2:24 PM, tomekk357 said:

This with parallel flow kinda dosent make sense to me, if i am not wrong that block just has straight hole trough and trough and only small cutouts so water can go into each block, so yeah it has higher flow but still i am not sold into that each block gets 1/3 of flow.


If it helps you, think about how a grass sprinkler works. The flow comes out evenly across all the holes.


7 Best Lawn Sprinklers of 2020 – Garden Sprinkler Reviews

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Hi, big fan of your work.

Well i made some mods playing around with old  server fans 11k rpm i downloaded 4.8ghz xtu profile for my 7800X with liquid cooling and liquid metal the small radiator didn't keep up and ran too hot temps above 101 degrees Celsius now after this mod temps reach barely 70 though ide share with you, n the fans are pretty loud at full load running around 8k 🤪 but works pretty well under low to moderate load its quite as around 38.7 db



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Small update. Added another quick disconnect at the pump outlet and temp sensors (one after the pump and one after the CPU)


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My first ever custom loop!


  • ·         Ryzen 7 2700X (Oc’d at 4.15Ghz on all cores)
  • ·         16GB Corsair Vengence Pro RGB RAM (OC’d at 3533) (2 x pilot units for RGB)
  • ·         Asus ROG Strix X370-Gaming motherboard
  • ·         Nvidia RTX 2070 Super (Oc’d to 2100mhz under load)
  • ·         Corsair Hydro X XC7 Waterblock
  • ·         Corsair Hydro X 360mm (60mm thick) radiator
  • ·         Corsair Hydro X XD5 pump/res
  • ·         Cosair’s black compression fittings
  • ·         9 x Noctua fan (3x airflow, 3x static pressure, 3 x hybrid)
  • ·         M.2, SSD and HDD for storage.
  • ·         Noctua anti-vibration case mounts
  • ·         Lian-Li O-11 Dynamic

Replaced the screws on the Phantek's vertical gpu bracket to some cool ones I found on an aliexpress kinda site for cheap.


I welcome criticism and review!

CPU Block.png

GPU mod.png



R7 2700X OCd @ 4.15Ghz all cores (water)

2x8GB Corsair Vengence PRO OCd @ 3533mhz [18-20-20-20-40]

RTX 2080ti OCd @ +150 core, +700 memory (water)

Asus X370-F Gaming



Cinebench15: 1785  1883 (Aug 2020)

Cinebench20: 4136  4243 (Aug 2020)

3DMark/Time Spy: 10,238 13,106 13,993 14,149 (Sep 2020)

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My Streacom BC1 test bench with the 4790k & GTX980. I didn't have the original gpu cooler so this was the only option. 😄



Edit: Version 2.

Turned out the above setup wasn't cool enough for both the gpu & cpu. So for ease I went with one part water cooled and one part air cooled. This way I can change the mobo yet keep the gpu.


Main rig: Mercury Hero

VR&HTPC: Nemesis

Test Bench: Old meets New

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Work in progress...







P R O J E C T | S A N D W A S P
Intel 6900K @4.3GHz (1.285v) | MSI X99A MPOWER | 32GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3000MHz CL14

Custom Distro Plate | XSPC D5 PWM | Watercool Heatkiller Blocks | HardwareLabs GTS & GTX 360 Radiators
Corsair AX750 | Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL | EVGA GeForce RTX2080 XC @2055MHz | Samsung 970 Evo 500GB
2x Samsung 860 Evo 500GB | Gigabyte WBAX200 | ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q | Q Acoustics 2010i | Sabaj A4

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Evangelion themed build. The images on the glass are permanent chemical etching that I did myself. 



CPU - Ryzen 3700x

GPU - EVGA 2080 Super Hydrocopper

RAM: 32gb GSKILL Royal 3600Mhz

Mobo: MSI b550

Case: Nzxt 510 Elite

Storage: 2Tb m.2 ssd, 10Tb HDD




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