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    Video games, IT, technology and long walks with doggo
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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    16GB, 3200mhz (Corsair Vengence RGB)
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    2070 Super
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    O-11 Dynamic
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    750W Cronus Modular
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    3 (1x 144hz)
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    8+ Noctua fans (DM me for specifics)
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    Razer Hunstman Elite TE
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Windows 10 (and Linux VMs)

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  1. I doubt I could ever get it, and that's not my goal here. Sorry, I should have been clearer. My objective is to increase my in-game FPS as much as possible,knowing my GPU is not the bottleneck. Using Ryzen Master I aim to have two profiles. Profile 1: (DAILY USE) My current 4.3 all-core @ 1.3V max] Profile 2: (GAMING USE) Different core boosts for the "gaming cores" to achieve higher boost clocks. (if this would work and be safe) With that context, what impact could changing these single cores have? (in addition to the questions above)
  2. Hey everyone! So I'm working on trying to eek out some more performance in games. From testing my 3 most played games I can see that CCD0, CCX0, C01 and C03 are the two cores games REALLY push and use. My current overclock is 1.3V peak and 4300 on every core. I get a really strong 7500+pts using this in cinebench, but I'm not getting the fps in games I'd hope to. My GPU is not the bottleneck at all. My question then: With Ryzen 9 3900XT, will I lose performance by boosting just those two cores and leaving the others at 4.3Ghz as below:
  3. This case, I kid you not, is better than the O11. WAY more space at the back, a really nice finish and enough mounting in the aifrlow cutouts to add extra fans. I fit way more in this than the original O-11. Which I have developed a real hatred for. Thus my front panel mod
  4. I get downvoted to hell when I comment on those generic builds on Reddit lol
  5. Happy weekend all! I posted a while ago a year ago a previous version of this same concept, but there were a few things I absolutely didn't like. Enter my newest attempt at the "Ultimate Noctua Build". Featuring 5 different kinds of Noctua fan, 15 fans in total, a full custom loop and some very, very nice idle temps for this usually hot CPU. Here is the eye candy! SCROLL DOWN FOR THE BUILD LOG, NOTES, FIRST RUN OF THE PUMP VIDEO AND BENCHMARKS ETC. And here is a link to an imgur gallery which shows off the RGB p
  6. Have you overclocked the 2070? Perhaps underclocking it might help? This is me spitballing ideas and not following any "Layer1 up" approach to troubleshooting.
  7. Right? I always get paranoid after I put my block on "wait... did I use paste?" then I look at my fingernails and my answer is "yes". Spread method ftw
  8. Can you tell us the full spec of the machine and maybe a pic of it in its 'natural environment'. It seems like it crashes too quick for it to be ambient induced thermals but worth checking. You did paste the CPU right? lol Have you brought up hwinfo and re-created to see behaviour of the CPU (thermal and boost) and GPU (thermal and boost)?
  9. An entirely 'gut feeling' observation is that my system feels snappier, little more responsive. I have a feeling my 1% lows will improve.
  10. I'd love to find out your results! Would be super interesting to me. I won't be pushing an OC on this for a while because my bottom rad is in the way of me clearing CMOS. I'm going to add an old reset switch to have a 'clear cmos button' in the summer when I rebuild the loop.
  11. The runs I've done have had an average score of: CL18: 4450 CL14: 4550 So ~100pts+ with the tighter RAM timings. I expected a much bigger bump though.
  12. I upgraded my RAM today from 3600mhzCL18 to 3600mhzCL14 (Both 2*8GB kits). My Cinebench score improved, but not by as much as I thought, as below: When I've OC'd RAM in the past, improving the frequency, I saw a huge uptick in Cinebench. This time I've stuck with the same frequency, but naturally 4 steps faster in timings. Is it likely that the timings improvement is going to have a bigger effect on the 1% lows than the ceiling? Other useful info: Full system spec in signature
  13. Plug a fan into the board instead and see the behaviour. Also check (if PWM) what profile in the BIOS is set for the fan header the hub is connected to on the board.