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  • CPU
    i7 3930K
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    Asus Rampage IV Extreme
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    3x2Gb Corsair
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    Coolermaster HAF-X
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    480Gb Sandisk Ultra
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    Corsair AX1200
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    ASUS PA329Q
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  1. Having a 1080 ti and being able to play everything right now, I would wait. I expect being able to find 3080s after christmas second hand by 650 ish with also more options available in the market and maybe lower prices for the 3070. I think it is not the time to buy right now a GPU.
  2. Thanks both of you for the replies. It detects the heardersbut no lighting. As I was afraid, they sell an innecessary adapter. I will keep trying to sync everything but I do not expect so.
  3. Hi mate, I am using an eGPU with my GPD Win Max and the results are awesome but in my case I am gaming at a lower resolution. In case you are not aware, if you want to game on the Macbook´s display, you will lose some bandwidht as the data needs to travel out and in, unlike if you are gaming on an external display, you will connect the display directly to the eGPU. In my case, I am using my old GTX770 and I strongly recommend you right now something like a GTX1060 or a RTX2060 second hand. It always depends on your budget but it will work for sure, despite the perform
  4. Hello everyone, It is my first build including RGB and I have some problems between ASUS Aura and iCue. I have the following set up: - Corsair 1000D - Corsair CPU Waterblock - ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore - 3 different 4 pin RGB headers. The problem is that I have like two different RGB controllers, the standard which is managed by ASUS Aura and the corsair one (for the 1000D and the waterblock) which is managed by the iCue software. The problem is that if I only get into Aura, I can adjust perfectly everything except for the Corsair ones.
  5. Well, the issues are the ones that I describe, no AURA, SATA drives not working and m.2 drives not being detected in certain ports. It gives errors when booting. It was dead as the display showed clearly no CPU alhough it was inside, something that was working perfectly just by changing the CPU. RGB not working and other issues happen while everything is not working. I already tried to issolte issues (like only m.2 drive) and it keep failing. Even with no SATA drives, the LED keeps flashing like crazy. Absolutely no problem (yet) with the memory.
  6. Good afternoon everyone. I have been building my computer for a while and these are the specs: - ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore - Core i9 9940x - Corsair RAM DDR4 4x 8Gb - Crucial P1 1Tb + SSD 480Gb Sata 3 Sandisk Ultra I am desperate with this computer. It took me a long while to assemble and plug everything (custom liquid cooling and a Corsair 1000D), as it was a kind of dream PC after a long while working almost 24h in the sanitary sector due to the pandemic. And now nothing seems to work. The CPU was totally dead, Amazon sent me a dead C
  7. Please let me update a bit the problems that I am now experiencing after changing the dead CPU
  8. Today the CPU arrived but I have been quite busy and not able to try it until a couple of minutes ago. It booted perfectly but now the drivers are giving me a lot of problems. I'll keep fighting and despite I think everything it is still fine, I am still worried that by using a dead cpu it broke something on my board.
  9. I hace checked it today everyhting and nothing. I'll have another cpu that I have ordered tomorrow to check it. We'll see what happens.
  10. That is what's worries me. LN2 I haven't check it. It fails even with no memory or 4. It directly says there is no cpu. I have check the socket and seems fine.
  11. That was exactly everything I thought, nothing worked and I have already requested a refund on my CPU and already purchased a new one (it was 30€ more expensive but I do not see any other solution). We´ll see but I really hope it is solved on Monday just by changing the CPU to the new one.
  12. Do you mean removing it and assembling it again? I have done that already a couple of times and nothing. I am starting to worry as if it is the CPU there is no problem becasue I can return it easily but I cannot say the same about the motherboard.
  13. Let me please reuse the same thread to speak about the new problem that I am experiencing right now, after everything was solved just by replacing the dead CPU My specs: - i9 9940x - ASUS Rampage VI Encore - 32 Gb Corsair RAM - EVGA RTX2070 XC Ultra - Corsair AX1200 - Corsair 1000D The problem right now is that the computer is working, with several small issues that I willl add later, but very slowly. My feeling is basically that the computer seems to be working over an HDD, really slow when opening new windows and especially program
  14. Yeah I know, it is a kind of pain as well but at least it gives me more confidance the fact of having it. Maybe after a while I prefer to trasnfer everything via an external HDD as I did while I was in college but I may need TB3 in the future and I am trying to do my best to have it now.