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  1. I allready hit the Power Limit on Air an there lays an EKWB in my Kitchen, which I will not really benefit from, because the card hit 375W like nothing and then you're stuck at 1980MHz max. The best BIOS which works on my card would be from a Gigabyte card with 390W limit but I don't think those 15W will make the difference.
  2. Hello guys, I am testing through my 3090 TUF at the moment and nomatter what I do, I allways hit the power limit at about 2030MHz and I am affraif that a waterblock will not have any benefit for that card, because it will also hit the power limit... Now I am sitting here looking at the Hexdumps of the VBIOS, just a flash isn't really an option because the only card with two 8pins and higher power limit (390W) is some gigabyte one and I don't think those 20W will give me that extreme performance boost. The Hexdumps are crypted you can find easy things like BIOS Number, Rev
  3. Maybe your fan speed is too low, I've experienced that with some artic fans once, as soon as the PWM signal went under 5% Speed they ramped up to 100% don't know why but some fans seem to do that. Also maybe your fan tacho signal is bad, can be because of EMF or defective fans, when your motherboard notices some akward fans speed it tries to compensate that somehow.
  4. Both Pumps are originally designed by the German industrial pump manufacturer LAING, and mostly just rebranded they come from hungary these days. The D5 is the higher flow rate lower preasure variant. The DDC is the lower flow rate high preasure varaint. Some tests accually show that a CPU and GPU block with a Rad in series is enough that the DDC has a higher flow rate from 0-100% Speed. The DDC runs a bit hotter and a bit louder but that isn't a Problem at all. The original DDC 1T+ (PWM) in my system is deadly silent running at 30% speed most of the time up to 100% under f
  5. I have a Core2Quad q9550 that's still in use as a HTPC. But the main machines for me and my girlfriend are Ryzen 3700X and Ryzen 5950X currently waiting for the CPU to arrive. Also horting all my old hardware from a C64 over Atari SD old Atholn, old Core2Due, old pentium up to my FX8350 wich was still in use a few weeks ago
  6. In my opinion with that list of parts you can't do anything usefull but mining. The CPUs are crap, the GPUs are outdated for gaming. THE PSUs are overpowered for any normal use and the RAMs have too much capacity. I would put some some i7 6700s on those boards maybe give two machines 32Gigs of RAM even if it's overkill, sell 12 GPUs, sell the PSUs and sell the crapy CPUs, then get some addidional parts cases etc. and you got 3 decent mid range gaming PCs.
  7. You could just try and get a Big Navi Card in your Budget, if you get one and the benchmarks are bad you can allways return it or resell.
  8. Also to be said, your new Ryzen might not work either, depending on the Revision of your Mainboard you need to do a BIOS Update first, but luckily your Mainboard seems to support Instant Flash, So just need a USB Stick for that, and look up the manual carefully.
  9. Would wait for big Navi Release and depending on your budget decide between 6800/3070, 6800XT/3080, 6900XT/3090 when there are some Benchmarks out. It always depends on your budget, if you upgrade you will run into a CPU limit for shure in 1080p but maybe you can get a Zen 2 CPU for cheap in a few months then, which would raise the CPU limit a bit, if you have 2000$ you could just go for a new mainboard, Zen 3 and a 6900XT... Like I said depends on your budget.
  10. It's Ryzen 2600X and a Vega 56 I'd go for the GPU nomatter what games he plays.
  11. Maybe I am just a Noctua fanboy I think the most important descision is to wait for the new Radeons to come out and see if they are any better than the 3070 espessially with a Zen 3 CPU.
  12. How should your PC turn on without a cpu? At least wehen your USB works you know that there isn't a short anywhere. There is probably a CPU fault light anywhere on the mainboard, which is on permanently? Also if you hook up a speaker to the mainboard you will get a POST Error Code.
  13. I would maybe wait just a few days, if there are any 6800s availiable, and if not there will be at least a price drop on the 5800s then most likely. Also you might add a few bucks for some high quality thermal paste but that's on you. In my opinion that scythe case fan is kind of expensive any reason for that? Also, is there any reason you picked that particular cooler?
  14. I would probably go with a DDC on that loop since it has a higher preasure.
  15. Hello guys, My girlfirend got my old rig with a new mainboard. There is a 120mm Noctua Cooler on the 3700X now but with some Noname ARGB fans. And also a similar noname ARGB fan on the Back. Now the weird thing is since the ASRock RGB Thing from her B550 Pro4 updated the firmware on the RGB controller, on one fan 5 of the 8 LEDs get stuck if you peak out at least two colors CYMW so to say. The fans are on parallel so they all show the same RGB. It doesn't matter if I chnage the fan to another one or change the splitter, it is always that fan on the front of the CPU C