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  1. I came across those during my research. Looks like they're nicer and have a bit more quality to them but they're still sold out it seems =/
  2. Hi, What's a good motherboard for a Threadripper build? Any certain advantages or disadvantages on certain motherboards? My goal is to upgrade to a Gen4 Threadripper processor eventually. So, it's essential for the build and motherboard to have an upgrade path to Gen4 when it's released. I'm planning to get the cheapest Threadripper I can get my hands on for now while I wait. Do let me know if you know anywhere I can get used ones for cheap? This should be relatively safe to do? As far as I can tell, the Threadripper socket won't be changing any time soon? https:
  3. Same! Kind of hoping it's relatively quiet too. But I read somewhere that they might prioritize performance over noise.
  4. "First review coming out next week! Can’t tell you who it will be but we’ll send out a link when it hits YouTube. Though, most of you will probably see it without our help. We’ve sent out Elites to all the reviewers who did a review on the prototype plus quite a few more. Please stay tuned!" Excerpt from the email Ice Giant sent. Anyone else looking forward to the review? I think LTT will be reviewing it too since they did the prototype? Thoughts on the product?
  5. so ugly ! lol was thinking the same, not rushing anything
  6. I think they are aiming for Q1 2021 release, maybe in line with CES. I can use the time to learn more about custom loops and decide once all the new stuff is released.
  7. Makes sense - probably going to go full custom loop in that case.
  8. https://www.icegiantcooling.com/ The one in the video is the prototype - apparently the production model is supposed to be the latest and greatest.
  9. Wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain, that's really well thought out. I guess the Asus case isn't great with airflow from the reviews I'm reading too. I wanted to make sure I understood this bit correctly. So basically, you'll cool the processor with the AIO and the use a custom loop for anything else - GPU, etc? Wouldn't using a custom loop suffice? I mean I'd rather deal with one cooling system rather than two? Two systems would also be double the noise?
  10. As in you'll help design something? Manufacturing could be really expensive as far as I understand?
  11. Thanks for the feedback, that's really helpful. I've been reading more about custom loops and, so far, it seems like the way to go. I'd appreciate any resources you can point me to to learn more about putting together custom loops. Haven't decided on a graphics card yet. There are some fan-less options too. I don't know if they come with a good reputation. But I guess with custom loops, I can still keep whatever card I choose cool enough. I haven't researched PSU's yet, but so far that model came up when I filtered for fan-less power supplies on pcpartpicker.com. My initial direction
  12. I guess, though I won't be able to have the system in a different room any time soon, and I'll still need cooling.
  13. Completely agree! However I can't play that card at this time.