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  1. I plugged the old cable in and move it to get a connection, it lit up and I heard the windows notification sound then told me power surge on usb port and that's it. Plugging the new cable in brings the lights and no sound or nothing. Looking at both end of the cables they look identical.
  2. Okay ill have a look. I thought it was odd that the lights work but nothing else, do you think the lights are controlled somewhere else on the board?
  3. Yeah I assume so. I had a google search and could not find the correct pinout. The cabkes from both the old and new cable look the exact same.
  4. The cable only goes in one way. Its keyed. I guess it could of been made wrong, but it had all the proper razer branding on the new cable.
  5. Yeah and it doesn't work with the old cable. But then again the lights hardly work with the old cable anyway.
  6. Nah, the mouse has a proper plug in connector :). So its just a plug on the mainboard of the mouse. Just has a 4 wire pin.
  7. Hiya, So a while ago my razer diamondback 2015 suddenly stopped working, after playing around I found out the cable was bent and had broken so It would kinda work when I bent the cable in a certain way. Fast forward a few months and I got one off ali express. I opened the mouse replaced the cable and when I plugged it into my computer the lights on the mouse all light up but windows does not detect anything, neither does razers software. I assume something else in the mouse is dead but would like your thoughts. Thanks
  8. So too conplex haha, by the time I get a mixer it's not really worth it. Yeah i could do a software solution but sometimes I may have one pc on and not the other, so I would have to pick one and leave it like that. I had a look at the 5.1 channel dac it would work but then there is just another item on my desk. Thanks for the help, Ill just stick to plugging it into each computer each time lol. Thanks
  9. Hi there, So I have a laptop that I have a 5.1 surround sound adapter which converts 5.1 to usb. Which I plug my 5.1 speakers into and I just have one usb cable that goes to my laptop. I then have a desktop which I would like to also have the sound from the speakers for when I am using my pc. So can you get like a 5.1 surround sound jacks that split in two? TLDR: Can I get an adapter that connects to both laptop and pc using 5.1 3.5mm jacks? so like a splitter I guess Sorry if this is confusing, not sure how to explain it lol Thanks
  10. Ill just stick with my 660 until gpu prices are not crazy. Thanks for the help
  11. Sounds like a plan lol. Ill just sell it asap and then stick to my other gpu. Thanks for the help
  12. Yip, i tried another monitor but same thing. But now it is working fine, I tried GTA V and it seemed to be all good. I'm going off that it's still probably faulty though.
  13. Sadly I never got a photo but it looked basically like this: The photo of the temps and of the card are below
  14. Hi there, I have a AMD R9 280 that I purchased with a pc. When I plugged it into my pc, there was red lines down the screen. I managed to get into windows and installed the AMD drivers. It crashed during that process then I ran into issues where I was getting an BSOD with irascible boot device. Afrer multiple reboots I got into windows and the driver was installed. The lines has disappeared, plus I ran MSI KomBustor to check for artifacts and it couldn't find any. I assume the GPU is still dying just slowly but what do you think? Worth trying to keep it or just get rid
  15. Plus use a fan haha see LTT video on Dell xps 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8211HNs4eY