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  1. Hi there, I have my account linked to my Microsoft account but my name under C:\Users is Admin? How can I change this to have it say my name or something. I tried removing my Microsoft account and creating a local and it didn't help. I tried a couple of things online and I ended up mucking my account and having temporary accounts. That didn't work at all as it created multiple folders and I couldn't get back my desktop unless I renamed my account back to Admin. See below image. Thank you for reading and your time to help me. Thanks
  2. It's an inwin 303 rgb case
  3. How would you open it? And what parts would you take out?
  4. Okay thanks I'll buy it tomorrow :). Hope it will fit in my case.
  5. Thanks for that. but which type? https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/FANCLM0214/Cooler-Master-Hyper-212-X-CPU-Cooler-120mm-new-Sma or https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/FANCLM0218/Cooler-Master-Hyper-212-Black-Edition-CPU-Cooler-G Couldn't really see the difference?
  6. Charmeleonnz

    AIO Dead

    Hi there, I think my Captains AIO is dead, i was playing a game and cpu temps went up to 100 degrees. I turned my pc off and went into the bios and still reading 90. I checked the cpu pump and i couldn't feel it working. So I can only assume it is dead. I am just gonna buy a new one. But not sure what to get. I see at my local place they have a hyper 212 evo, which is a decent cooler i read. But i wouldn't mind something that can do a little overclock on my i5 4690k. here is the site. I was looking at: the 212 evo https://www.pbtech.co.nz/category/components/coo
  7. Honestly not really. I bought the pc second hand and upgraded the gpu. I may next year or something but at the point where i am running it at 60hz i might as well keep my old one, it still works and I am pretty sure i can sell the monitor for what I at least paid for it. So no real loss
  8. yeah, i didnt know how bad it was. I got the monitor second hand so I may just sell it and stick to 60hz for a while as at 60hz the cpu does fine.
  9. Hi there, My specs: Intel 4690k @4.1 980Ti 16GB ram I have just updated my monitor to a asus vg258 at 144hz 1080p, but when I play games at higher than 60fps cpu spikes to 100% I tried bother BFV and GTA V and same issues. I assume its a cpu bottleneck as on my old 60 hz monitor it was still in the 90% on cpu but wasn't stuttering or anything. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the screenshots. Laptop is already on high performance, I use some Microsoft services sadly so the debloater isn't really an option. I set the visual effects to best performance, but I find basic web bowering etc is fine. Just most games the cpu caps at 100%. I think its because it only has 2 cores. Yes hyper threaded but only 2 and this cpu can't boost. Thanks
  11. I can't even play bf2 at playable settings. Games like dota 2 won't even run. The igpu is fine, its the cpu that is complete garbage.
  12. Sadly ;(. I only bought it for 133usd converted from nzd, cause my dell xps 15 9550 basically died on me and I needed something to use. I was just hoping it could play some games, even light ones
  13. Yeah I assumed that was the case lol. I have increased the turbo boost power to max, but that's all I can do eh? Aside from a new laptop?
  14. I have an HP x360, with a Pentium 4414u and 8gb of ram. I am trying to squeeze as much performance as possible from it. I have power on high etc. I installed XTU, and I am trying to up voltages but I assume it won't do much due to it being a locked CPU. Would changing the voltages etc help in any way? Thanks