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  1. 2020 loop update (more info in the build log)
  2. Here I am after a while with some update. I wasn't completely satisfied with my runs and with the coolant, that leaved some stains, therefore I decided to completely re-do the loop. While i was at it I removed all the HDDs, in order to have clearance for a bigger reservoir (250) and a bigger front rad (replaced the EK SE360 with a EK CE420). I tried to put a PE360 on top but there was a clearance problem, therefore I had to downsize to a SE360. With the new 420 rad I switched to 3 bequiet silent wing and replaced all to HD fans to LL ones. I also replaced the cpu waterblock with
  3. Almost same experience here. Running cryofuel acid greed for almost 3 years now (with maintenance twice a year) and everytime there's some stain on almost every part of the loop. As soon as I have time to drain and clean everything I'm switching to cryofuel clear
  4. I second the need for a drain valve. For the fittings you basically need 2 for each tube, one on each side, it's pretty easy to count. Check if you may need angular or other particular fittings to run the tubes so you can have everything ready. Also a couple of plug are always handy to have. Obviously check that the fittings match the tubes size
  5. Vinegar is usually ok for radiators but it can damage other components, you need to check the materials. Anyway I wouldn't trust vinegar in the loop for all that time. Just wash the radiators a few times with water and white vinegar, then rinse with tap water and then distilled water. For all the other parts I only rinse them with water (tap and then distilled)
  6. I second amazon too. The prices are usually slightly higher, but they oscilate a lot and if don't need to buy right away you can get some good offers. I usually buy there to avoid issue with rma
  7. Looking at the prices here there's not much a difference from a 1030 to a 1050ti, that's why i was looking at the 1050ti. This way i could also use it for short gaming session at 1080p if needed. I didn't think about that configuration, interesting idea. About selling I already tried but the only offers i got for the whole lot were basically giving it away for free, therefore i guess it will stay with me for the foreseeable future. I even thought about pairing it with a 1070 for gaming but the prices are still too high for a secondary gaming pc.
  8. @circeseye @BobVonBob @SupaKomputa thanks for the replies! I can't find the hdmi version of TV input but since I'm already using them for 4k hdr I guess they're 2.0b. I already looked at the cards supporting hdmi2.0b, but I'm not sure that they are actually capable of playing 4k hdr video. This is really the point of my post, sorry if it was unclear. By also looking at the prices my base choice could be a 1050ti, is it enough for playing videos with no problems or should I go to a 1060 to be safe?
  9. Hi everyone, I have an old pc that I don't use anymore I was thinking to re-porpoise it as a media station for my TV to play 4k videos/movies with hdr if possible. TV input will be HDMI e probably with a 2 or 3 mt cable. What graphics card should I get? Other specs are 3570k and 16GB of ram. I already try to use a gtx 660 but the 4k recording from the GoPro were literally unwatchable.
  10. i used warm (not boiled) tap water and white vinegar for cleaning the radiators, but then a flush with distilled water is highly recommended
  11. my evga 1080ti did the same. At first i let them run also in idle using afterburn, but then i thought that if the oem sold the card that way it shouldn't harm and got back to stock. Soon after that i went for a custom loop so problem solved?
  12. Simple question. If you've to decide between the 2080 and the 1080ti, with the latter being the same price as the 2080ti, why not go for the 2080ti? From you're post i get you are open to spend that money therefore if it's not a problem go for the 2080ti, it's a beast!!
  13. That's was the first thing I thought too but when it boots it uses the correct settings. Also if that was the case it should do it at every boot, not only after disconnecting from power (to my knowledge). Moreover also out of the box I didn't change any ram settings expect enabling xmp and it was working fine. I honestly have no idea what's the cause. The only other thing I can think of is the battery that's gone, but if that was the case it should also loose all the other settings, or are they saved in a nonvolatile memory now?
  14. I only activated the xmp (and changed the fans speed but it shouldn't matter) and the issue presented itself. Yes after when it finally boots the speed is correct (3600). It seams to me like it boot with no xmp, check if it should be enabled and then reboot by itself to enable it. I try to look at the boot code but it not helpful. Is there a way to find a log of the motherboard?