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  1. Hi, finally upgraded my obsidian 1000D with a custom loop and wanted to share the results. It turned pretty nice. Parts for the custom loop are all from corsair hydro x series. I was positively suprised with the quality of all of the elements and how they fit together. In the front i've got 2x 480 fatty rads , coolant sits at 25 C and CPU iddles at 31 with ultra slow fan speed. It's a lot quiter than the AIO config i had before , did not expect it to be this much. One thing i would say the miss is some f-f connections to connect for example two tubes.
  2. From what I red, there's no perfect way. Either easy filling or draining. Bottom did not have much space anyway. What about having some air pump or compressor or whatever to blow air into the filling port of the res, to push out the liquid? Would that damage the pump?
  3. Hi , I am building my first cl . Was wondering if such solution for the drain is fine? Will this disrupt somehow the flow from the pump ? Or anything else I should worry about
  4. Yes i want them to play at the same time like "surround"
  5. Hi , I have a 2.1 setup from Edifier. THe two speakers connects to the sub, from it green jack goes to rear of my strix 370-e mobo. I connect this to Line out. I would like to buy a 2.0 speakers system to put behind me. Something like https://www.x-kom.pl/p/310127-glosniki-komputerowe-edifier-20-r1600tiii.html Would this setup work ? Can i connect the 2.0 to the black REAR mobo outlet?
  6. Man you ordered so much stuff already, maybe try just hard tubes and be done with it?
  7. Zero privacy. In case you live with someone then you basically have to share your recommendations. Way to go
  8. Hi Guys, I have a PS4 connected to the same wifi router that my PC is. Sometimes i watch Youtube on PS4 (im loged into PSN), Then when i use my PC and watch Youtube not loged in to any account and even using incognito i see recomendations that are very similar to what i watched the previous day. I find it very suprising to see for example a channel I watched before on PS4 , appearing on PC (not some mainstream popular channel) Is it possible that such informations are shared trough the router or network provider between my PS4 and PC?
  9. Hi Guys, I have windows 10 Home , 10.0.18363, it was running fine for quite long. Recently after startup (not always) im getting a DX diag window immediately after going to my desktop. It is in polish but the message says something like " Program dxDiag discovered that there might be a problem with HOLOGRAPHIC while using it last time. Do you won't to skip HOLOGRAPHIC this time? " Instead of Holographic there are other program or services mentioned (not sure what it is) - for example "... might be a problem accessing system info.." etc.
  10. Sure im not expecting numbers etc. Was just wondering about backward compatibility of PCIe + eventual bottleneck, but for now never saw this CPU go any high % in any game. Temp wise im good without delid, cause i got 16 fans in there and a good radiator
  11. Hey Guys, How would this combo work? I don't plan to upgrade CPU, but would like to get the new gpu once they're out. Should i expect trouble from this? next gen PCIe should not be a problem for the current mobo? (z370-e gaming)
  12. Is your gpu cable going in between the fan frames ? :D what size are the top fans?