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Posted · Original PosterOP

Have had this on pretty much every forum I've been on so figured I would add it hear.

Essentially a place for programmers to just get together and chat about various programming things. Having a problem? Maybe rant about it. lol. Have a question, maybe ask.

This is NOT a place for off topic chat, so if it's not about programming or the like, no need to discuss it here.

What kind of languages to you guys prefer? IDEs? OSes? etc.

I'm mostly a linux guy when it comes to programming, generally code in Java or C and almost always use VIM but eclipse is nice when properly set up for Java stuff.

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I might as well introduce myself

I'm a First year undergraduate studying Computer Science student studying at Coventry University - England :)

My first experience with programming was in Java when messing around with minecraft mods, but it wasn't really proper programming, more just implementing API to add stuff into the game.

Then I start university and was introduced to C++, the basic syntax from java helped a lot.

C++ is a lot nicer to learn from I feel, you get to see a lot more of the stuff behind how things actually work.

As for IDEs coming from java i very much like Eclipse, and not just for java, the plugins available for it are pretty cool too. I use eclipse for writing up any documents using LaTeX as it has some really nice plugins. I also installed the Go plugin which also worked a dream. For now for my current uni work they want us to use Code::Blocks (It really isn't great..) But i've added everything an use Visual Studio Ultimate on my desktop and laptop which is where I do all my work from. The uni PCs are fast but the user documents are completely networked and its hard to get the stuff to compile over a slow network..

As for OSs my Desktop has Win7 professional for gaming, then I normally have it booted into kubuntu, there is also mint w/ cinnamon installed on it as well.

Arch Linux on Samsung 840 EVO 120GB: Startup finished in 1.334s (kernel) + 224ms (userspace) = 1.559s | U mad windoze..?

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Cool, Slick added a Programmer Forum. :)

Well, I don't really prefer any language above any other... except maybe that I like C# better than VB. Because IMO it looks better.

I enjoyed my stay in VB6 though, but you know, gotta move on.

But other than that, it's really about what you want to program exactly.

I have experience with HTML, PHP, SQL, JS (and JQuery), VB(6), C# and I've also have worked with Android for a while.

With C++ I have minor experience, but I might want to catch up on that later.

I currently use Visual Studio 2010 and 2012, because I really like the loading times on 2012 better.

I use Eclipse for Android, the IDE has some bugs, but programming with Android is a lot of fun.

And I do prefer to use Codeblocks or Dev-C++ for C++, whenever I use it...

I use NetBeans for the web development stuff. Using the beta with HTML5 support. :)

You can use on NetBeans like you can use #region on Visual Studio, to fold and order pieces of code, it's really clean!

There are only a few web development editors that can do this, I believe.

You can also select a piece of code and comment it out with a single button and vice versa, just as in Visual Studio.

My OS is Windows 8 Pro, and it's perfect. It's way faster than 7 and XP.

Every now and then use Ubuntu, I have used it for a longer period of time, because I had to use a real slow old PC, and I really appreciated it. I don't like version 12 as much though.

Also, anyone into Arduino?

I just ordered one, I do a lot of soldering and working with chips like the NE555.

With an Arduino or similar you can control hardware very easily with only some basic C programming.

I can't wait for it to come in the mail. ^_^

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I started off with Basic and Fortran, C was the clincher, with it you can do anything. Other languages after that all reference C (at least to me) with some syntax changes. Prefer the Free compilers from Gnu, why pay for something that's free? Yea, you need it for Windows but there are still options there. Have never touched Java, yet. Just don't get hung up on one language, jobs are jobs and its about the algorithm more than the language in the long run.

I roll with sigs off so I have no idea what you're advertising.


This is NOT the signature you are looking for.

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Glad to see I won't be the only brit around here. I'm originally from Ipswich, England although I'm currently in Norwich, England studying at UEA (University of East Anglia). As I'm sure you could guess I'm studying Computer Science and am currently in my second year.

As for languages/syntaxes I've dabbled in a fair few, but only done a fair amount of work in a couple. Before I began getting any kind of tuition, I dabbled a bit with HTML, SQL, PHP and Javascript, but nothing too fancy. I then learned Pascal and Delphi during my A-Levels and now at uni, I'm learning Java and C++ as well as HTML and SQL (including relational algebra). In my spare time I've been trying my hand at a bit of Objective-C but nothing has really come of it yet.

For most of my work at the moment I'm using NetBeans, Eclipse and Xcode, Coda and notepad++. Yes, I am a mac user mainly, although I do have a windows machine with essentially the same or similar programs running.

After spending only a short time attempting to use Visual Studio (both 2012 and 2010) I found myself much more suited to Xcode.

I'm sure I'll get plenty of hate for using a mac, but I see it as each to their own. Wherever you feel more comfortable, you'll be more productive.

As for the actual OS, my mac runs Mountain Lion (10.8.2), and my windows machine runs 8 Pro and ubuntu. I do also have an old PC that I've repurposed as a server (running server 2008) which can be handy every now and again.

CPU: Intel i7 3770k @4.2 Ghz cooled by Corsair H100 | Case: Bitfenix Prodigy | Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77n-WiFi | RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866MHz CL10 Video CardEVGA GTX 660 SC 

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I'm very happy slick put up this section and if i'm honest it was the push to get me to join these forums even if the amount of programmers on here is quite low.

I'm also a brit, And I'm in my third year of my computer games programming degree. I enjoy the hardware side of things and play with that sort of thing in my spare time.

My favorite language was originally C++ but through extensive use of C# for certain modules and for use in XNA I have to admit its by far my favorite language from both accessibility, ease of use and the syntax points of view. The Syntax is more familiar from a c++ perspective than the java perspective which having such an extensive API feels somewhat similar. I know C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, Erlang, CLisp, HTML, SQL, and various other languages that i know enough of to use but not enough to say i'm proficient in.

I'm very fond of VS2010 and VS2012. I've used many other environments though ranging from eclipse to the erlang shell. I like eclipses usability and how it highlights the issues for debuggin and suggests solutions. But then this is from a windows User point of view. code::blocks is acceptable for linux programming but im not too keen on it. Really not fond of macs but as he said, each to thier own :P

I hope more people from the tech side decided to venture over here.

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My post got deleted =( because the forum where down:

Anyway, I program in C++, python, and matlab; I write mostly research code. I use a mac and linux, and am hoping to learn java eventually.

I hate IDE's, though I love text wrangler.

Work: Mid 2015 15 inch Retina Macbook Pro - AMD Radeon RX370m -  16gb ram - Core i7 - 1 TB PCIESSD

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ok, im pretty new to programming.

I have started with some PHP, which I like, as it does what i need for now. Im decent at it, but I now want to learn C++, which is a much more powerful language.

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Hey my post is gone :(

Anyway, I am a programmer, I have 2 commercially available software, I am at university doing my degree in Computer science. My software are designed for computer enthusiast, more specifically Nvidia graphic cards (http://www.nvgpupro.com). I know C/C++, Java, ActionScript, PHP, Java-Script, and of course, HTML and CSS formatting languages. I also work with SQL based Databases.

ok' date=' im pretty new to programming. I have started with some PHP, which I like, as it does what i need for now. Im decent at it, but I now want to learn C++, which is a much more powerful language. [/quote']

C++ is not an easy programming language to get started. I would start with C# first or Java. I would recommend it if you plan to do Windows only programs to go with C#. You get to develop on Visual Studio is by far a better environment than Eclipse, or NetBeans, and Visual Studio is what is used in the industry for Windows development in C and C++, so you get to learn that too. Once you are confortable with the basics of Java or C#, I would suggest to learn how to code in Object Oriented manner. Once you pass that, you can jump to C++.

If you have difficulty imagining things in your head in with C# or Java. I would go with ActionScript (Flash). While its obviously not as powerful as C or C++, it will teach you about working with objects, and the way you develop apps is like using Paint, and making stuff come alive. You draw, you set action (code), and you get to do things. Then once you feel comfortable and see how things works in programming, give C# or Java another try. And then jump onto Object Oriented with either languages. And THEN go to C++.

If you jump to high levels, you are going to have a bad time. Beside, the best way to learn, I think, is that you have a small project in mind. This will push you to develop it and be really motivated to make it happen. Even thought it's something that has already been done a billion times already on the web... it doesn't mater, its for you. Java and C# will allow you to get things done quickly, and really see progress quick and fast. It will encourage you much better.

ActionSctip, C# and Java have all the same or very close programming language structure (the way code is presented, and how it works and how you implement things) to C and C++. So learning those languages will be like learning C++.

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My post disappeared, so here is my redo...

I am an independent Android app developer. I've been making and publishing apps for a little over a year now. I have my General AA, and I will be returning to the University of Central Florida in the summer to begin my BS in CS (which I call my Bull**** in Counter-Strike) degree. I know a handful of programming languages including Java, C, C++, and HTML/CSS.

I originally started programming in C when I joined my high school's FIRST Robotics Team 151 The Tough Techs, then C++. In my third year of FIRST I moved to central FL where I joined FIRST Robotics Team 1557 12VoltBolt where I used Java (I learned java a year or 2 before using it in robotics). These days I mostly work on my Android app development and school.

My IDE of choice would have to be Eclipse; it is everything I need. I use windows 7 on my desktops and Xubuntu on my slow legacy machines. I am not a fan of Windows 8 at all. I do not like any other phone OSs aside from Android (I have not tried Ubuntu for phones yet).

If you ever want to talk you can find me on the deviantART Message Network (dAmn) in #Botdom or #DevelopingDevelopers. I am usually in those rooms working on my dAmn client or bot.

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Hey guys,

I'm a first year IT student in Bruges, Belgium.

I have been programming for around 6 years now, mainly PHP and JavaScript, but the later years also a bit JAVA, C# and AS 3.0.

JAVA, C# and AS 3.0 I mainly use only for school, because I try to focus on web applications more.

I learned myself PHP and JavaScript, I later followed a 2-year course of PHP (1 day a week) and here began my experience with OOP, what I later used in JAVA and C#.

My IDE of choice would be Aptana because I like it (why else). For OS, I recently switched to Windows 8 on my desktop and Server 2012 on my servers, I'm still waiting to switch my laptop from 7 to 8 because I have exams at the moment and I don't want to have to reinstall all my programs in 1 afternoon.

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Well I just finished year 12 and got a traineeship as a Web developer, maintaining and adding features to a asp classic site.

My co worker and I are about to start a blog about some of the problems we found when trying to implement a new thing and the solutions we found and maybe have tutorials on how to do some stuff like migrating and using Sass, using JavaScript awesomely and maybe a coffescript tutorial as well. I might post a link to the blog later once it is set up so you guys can tell me what you think.

Fav languages would have to be VB and ASP just because that is what I have used the most, JavaScript is also cool but by no stretch of the imagination would I say I'm proficient at it (my co worker was going to handle that part of the blog)

Oh I am Australian

Cya for now

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I started programming with VB 2008, did a lot with VB.Net in general, then I switched over to Java, using Eclipse.

Since then I learned: Lua, PHP, HTML, Ruby and a bit of JS.

What I actually use is Java and PHP. IDE-wise, I use Eclipse for Java and Sublime Text 2 for anything else.

Mostly developing on Windows, because I don't want to reboot to play some games.

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I had no programming experience prior to college, unfortunately. But I took a C class and now I'm in love with C (especially pointers, pointers are wonderful haha). I have no concept of objects, though, so I should probably learn C++ or Java at some point. I doubt I'll need those higher-level languages as a Computer Engineering major, but I'm sure it'll be cool to play around with stuff anyway.

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I started programming when i was in Grade 10. I excelled at the language (visual basic) and received my first, and only A+ for an assignment. I enjoyed programming a lot and even considered becoming a programmer for a career, however things have changed and i am now studying to become an Information Technology trainer for the company i work at.

My favorite language is Python and i use wxPython to design the UI for my programs.

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hello peeps!

I got interested in programming when I was 10 - 12 years old. did some scripting for couple years. then moved onto c++ and c#. later got into assembly and opengl. so that's my short story :D Thanks slick for the forum!

-The guy who you know as CeRi

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I love PHP but when working with various html elements, includes and databases, sooo many weird things happen that i always solve in ways that shouldnot have worked since it wasn't already working :(

My Meme Proudly Featured on the Live-Stream: http://prodigydoo.com/ImageStorage/memes/linus-meme-6.jpg
Some Threads You Should Get involved in: Linus and Slick Memes     Youtubers on the LTT Forum      The List of Tech YouTubers (Contribute!)      Disable AdBlock for Linus (Guide)

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I am currently a senior in high school and looking forward to studying computer science in college come this fall.

I started programming in 7th grade with C++. Some of the bigger features were too complex for me to understand so I deviated from that path for a little while and learned some Java (which was easy after coming off of C++ having pointers and such). I then returned to C++ and was able to finish off learning the rest of the concepts. I really prefer C++ when I have the time to use it because of the level of control I have.

I've learned C# on my own and had a summer job working as a C# programmer on a software project. That was a lot of fun and made good money.

On the web side of things I've done things in (X)HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I'm working on figuring out how ASP.NET works now that the Mono Framework is more mature, I'd like to get into writing ASP.NET web applications and host them on Linux servers using Mono.

As for OSes, I prefer Windows mainly due to the amount of software available for it. I do like Linux and I do like the command line mentality. I also enjoy Linux for the sheer fact that GCC works best on that OS and allows me to leverage all of the new C++11 features.

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I'm a graduate student focusing on HPC, and TAing the intro to CS course. I know C++ and python best right now, but I've dabbled in most of the big JVM languages, Javascript, Matlab, C#, F#, Erlang, Matlab. I like python the most, but I have been told that Ruby has a much cleaner way of doing metaprogramming compared to python, and that and Julia are next on my list of languages to learn.

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I started programing with the web standards (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and continued after that with C# and the .NET framework. Currently i am only programing client applications for Microsoft Windows, but planning on expanding to Mac OSX and linux distributions through the MONO framework. Havent stoped with web programing and I have expanded to PHP, and planning og ASP and ASP.NET as well. I also have some experience in Game Programming with DirectX and C++.

I am from Norway so my formulation is most likly not the best but, i hope it's understandable. Also my favorit IDE is Microsoft Visual Studio, and NetBeans

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I'm a second year university student studying computer science(of course). I really have no idea what I want to do with cs in the future, but I'm interested in linux dev, android dev, and a little game development. I do know I will not work in databases as they bore me like nothing else. My preferred languages are Java and c++ although I have experience in C, Assembly(mips and intel), python, and vb. I have also worked with various scripting languages, dmls, etc. such as oracle, mysql, php, plsql,xml, javascript and more that I do not remember.

When programming in Java, I use eclipse as my ide, but otherwise I just use nano as I don't like the way the other ides handle things(*cough* codeblocks and netbeans *cough*).

If there was one thing I wish I could improve with regards to my programming, it would be my usability and design skills. I just don't have the artistic skill to develop good looking apps on my own.

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First experience programming was when i was 12, i tried PHP and kept building what little knowledge i had of it over the years and it is now pretty much the language i go to if i need a website or some simple console program done, mostly because the easy integration with mySQL for data storage. Familiar with HTML, CSS, JS, but nothing fancy there.

School thought me pascal (yes they still teach that) which i quickly dumped for C++, still learning it can't say i'm solid, feels very complex.

As far as IDE's go, for PHP i use Dreamweaver, tried it a long time ago and it stuck with me. C++ for school work: Code::Blocks, any other stuff: VS2010 or VS2012.

The worst thing for me right now is probably that i can't seem to understand OOP, probably because i never felt the need for it.

I'm still in school though.

Something wrong with your connection ?

Run the damn cable :)

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I had no programming experience prior to college, unfortunately. But I took a C class and now I'm in love with C (especially pointers, pointers are wonderful haha). I have no concept of objects, though, so I should probably learn C++ or Java at some point. I doubt I'll need those higher-level languages as a Computer Engineering major, but I'm sure it'll be cool to play around with stuff anyway.
OOP is a crucial concept that you will absolutely love. I learned it during the last month of grade 11 programming, and although it takes some time to get used to it at first, once you do get it it feels like the training wheels have been taken off and you are free.

OOP is kind of like a photocopier, it will create multiple objects off of a master blueprint that you code (called a class). for instance you can program an enemy bullet and program its properties, then you can create as many of those bullets as you wish with no additional work (other than declaring how many you want created).

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