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  1. You hit the nail on the head... I believe solutions are being explored to help combat things, but many a Discord Guild are waiting on Discord themselves to rollout additional tools to handle the mass influx of bots and other such "fake" or "sleeper" users that have been hitting guilds on/off since the pandemic started.
  2. /r/hmmm I'd blacklist the site in your security software if I were you, but at the very least, wouldn't enter any personal information on the site.
  3. Have you tried plugging it in after removing the battery? I've run into situations where a dead battery can cause all sorts of weird power related problems if left in the laptop even when plugging the laptop into wall power. It could also be your power adapter that's the problem here, which you could test by plugging in another known-good working power adapter. https://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_laptop/esuprt_inspiron_laptop/inspiron-15-5559-laptop_service manual_en-us.pdf
  4. "If it's signed out, it's not stolen." -- Dennis, circa 2021 (right before he was fired for stealing from work) More seriously, he's technically not incorrect - if signed-out items are allowed to be taken home, they're "not stolen"... just on a really long loan. Linus: "Do you know why you got such a good deal on your [Facebook Marketplace] chairs? THEY'RE UNCOMFORTABLE." Dennis: "No, but they are comfortable... comfortable to my... eyes!" -- Dennis, circa 2021, before his butt fells off after becoming numb from the chairs.
  5. No? They're Windows 10 keys... If I recall correctly, Microsoft might still allow activating Windows 10 using a Windows 7 retail key, though I have also heard they've stopped allowing free upgrades so your mileage may vary.
  6. There ya go - that key isn't a Windows 7 Pro Retail / OEM key after all, so normal end-users aren't going to be able to activate it. You'll need to purchase a new key from a retailer that still has copies of Windows 7 Home or Pro (Retail or OEM) available, or purchase a Windows 10 Home / Pro key instead since Windows 7 isn't supported anymore.
  7. Welp, there it is. The key you have is most likely not a retail Windows 7 Pro RETAIL key, and instead is probably a KMS / MAK activated key that requires a KMS server or has had its' maximum number of activations already used up. While I cannot get into the details too much here because we don't know if your key is legitimate or not, you might find a way to verify what Product ID / SKU / type of key it is by using some third party tools... https://superuser.com/questions/516581/determine-which-software-product-a-microsoft-product-key-activates
  8. Where exactly did you get your key from? Asking because error "0x8007232B DNS name does not exist" usually only applies to KMS client activations. RETAIL versions of Windows don't normally use Key Management Server (KMS) activations because that's an activation method reserved for medium-to-large businesses / enterprise. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/get-started/activation-error-codes#0x8007232b-dns-name-does-not-exist
  9. /r/hmmm Google Maps might be a good starting point for you, but I do feel your pain around not having many options to choose from in smaller cities. Heck, even when NCIX was still around there were very few good options on the island of just under 900,000 people I live on, so we usually ended up ordering from NCIX, Memory Express, Amazon, or sometimes Newegg. https://goo.gl/maps/5h9ikCq2Trrg1tZP8
  10. You use the distracted driving inducing touchscreen. Not quite - short term, yes, however, nobody talks about the long-term cost of battery cell refurbishing or recycling because most EV manufacturers pass the responsibility and cost that comes with depleted batteries after 8-10 years of average/regular use on to the end-user. To be clear, EVs themselves are better for the environment, but the monetary and environmental cost of manufacturing and recycling their components is far greater than a traditional petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle at this time. If countries want to hit their
  11. You could purchase an HDMI capture card then connect the SX620 HS via a Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. Certain camera models are compatible with Canon's Camera Utility software, allowing them to output a signal over USB, however, the SX620 HS is not on the list. https://www.canon.ca/en/Features/EOS-Webcam-Utility
  12. Sounds like a plan. I don't mean to rain on your Bluetooth parade either by the way - I've just found that many off-brand dongles and/or no-name Bluetooth devices can be very fickle when it comes to working as advertised, so it's worth trying different models of products from different manufacturers to determine where the problem is.
  13. Hmmm interesting. Other than trying to pair another known good working Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth speaker, mouse, or keyboard, I can't see why the headphones won't show up in Windows 10's Add A Device screen when they're in pairing mode. Since you've just confirmed your phone shows up in the list of devices when its' nearby, that tells us the dongle is working with your Windows installation, narrowing the problem down to being an incompatibility between the headphones and the dongle. (Sidebar: Bluetooth devices might show in the list but fail to pair if Windows doesn't k
  14. Any company can make a comeback with enough government bailouts funded by your tax dollars.
  15. Gotcha, in that case if the dongle doesn't show up in your device manager at all, I'd say it's defective. Even if the drivers weren't properly working, Windows should at least detect the dongle as an unidentified device in device manager, usually displaying a yellow triangle beside the name. Have you confirmed if it shows in device manager? If it does show and Windows even thinks you have Bluetooth, I'd attempt pairing another device to rule out an incompatibility with just those specific headphones. Also, be sure your headphones are in pairing mode when searching for them.