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  1. Well, the easiest way to fix it would be to login using your old WebEx ID. This assumes you made an actual account and weren't just using an ID generated based of a combination of your hardware and old Windows installation. That being said, I'm not privy to the inner workings of WebEx because I try to avoid Cisco products with a 40ft pole due to business practices I disagree with, so you may have to reach out to Cisco support for further assistance.
  2. As someone whose office (before work from home) had a fleet of Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs, I can confirm I too wish I had ponied up the extra money to buy something from them. Yes, they're way over your budget @aeonrjf, but they're built to last forever while keeping your body in as healthy shape as possible. One thing I will caution against is doing a lot of research before buying any off-brand chair, as I've had at least 10 coworkers buy random "ergonomic" chairs from various stores, including an https://www.autonomous.ai/ chair, only to hear about how they're falling apart aft
  3. Looks like they've got a guide on their own website, so I'd follow this guide. If it doesn't work, contact the developers and ask. https://www.wipersoft.com/how-to-uninstall-wipersoft/
  4. I know little to nothing about the Bedrock edition, but I'd start by checking both your client and server logs, as they should give you clues as to what's happening.
  5. Have you tried installing the drivers from ASUS instead of Intel's website? You should be able to use the proper drivers from Intel's site for Intel Network Adapters, but for sake of testing I would also try the one's ASUS provides. If that doesn't work, time to reinstall Windows and/or contact ASUS, cause you know the Ethernet adapter works from a Linux OS. https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/TUF-Gaming/TUF-GAMING-X570-PRO-WI-FI/HelpDesk_Download/
  6. If it's a brand new pre-built computer, take it back to the store or initiate warranty/support help. If you built it yourself, we're gonna need a LOT more information, such as the EXACT specs of all parts used, whether the green screen showed an error or not (or better, take a picture of your monitor when this happens), whether the green screen shows up after 15 minutes but only when gaming, and any/all recent hardware/software changes you've made to the machine.
  7. Windows 11 isn't officially released to the public yet - all beta builds are subject to bugs & general instability and should NOT be installed in production environments. It's possible that whatever build (or update) you're running has indeed become broken due to XYZ reason. Normally I'd say report the bug to Microsoft, but by the time anyone reads the bug report they'll probably be pushing the next update out so totally up to you. Instead, I'd recommend a clean install OR going back to a stable version of Windows 10 until 11 is officially released.
  8. You want to write up an auto restart script, probably in bash if you're running a flavor of Linux. There's lots of options out there if you search for "Minecraft Auto Restart Script Linux" so feel free to take a look at a few before you decide on one. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62143022/how-do-i-automatically-restart-a-minecraft-spigot-server-in-the-event-of-a-crash https://gitlab.com/dennislysenko/autorestart-v4/-/blob/master/README.md
  9. Best upgrade you can give any older machine with a traditional spinning rust disk (HDD) is to upgrade to an SSD, even if it's only a SATA based one.
  10. If I understand correctly, you're already using this 2 in 1 PC as a monitor, so I cannot see why that would change if you removed the drive from the 2 in 1 PC. That being said, I don't know of any 2 in 1 PC's (laptops that have the ability to convert into a tablet) that function as monitors, so do you mean an All in One Desktop PC? If so, you can list the make and model number here and we can see what the specs are to know if it's meant to be used as a monitor.
  11. It's your only legal step. Just because an artist gives you permission to use their work does not mean you can violate SoundCloud's Terms of Service to acquire the audio files. Get the artists to send them to you in a legal manner.
  12. The How To Geek article linked below should help clear this up for you. TL;DR: the BIOS code is stored in EEPROM, not just regular ROM. https://www.howtogeek.com/180798/where-is-the-bios-stored/#:~:text=The BIOS program itself is,cut off%2C unlike volatile RAM.
  13. Without context, all we can do is Google the number same as you. With context, we still probably can't do much if Google doesn't return any results.
  14. Malwarebytes Free and HitMan Pro are my go-to on-demand scanners. Bear in mind that they DO NOT provide active protection unless you pay for them.