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  1. What happened to piggykid1? Is he okay? Did he get a better pc in the end?

  2. A while ago I was on a crowd funding site (don't not exactly which one) and there was a guy who made a programming shell, that when it was demonstrated in the video, seemed to be fun and not require much or any programming knowledge. Thanks!
  3. Same I have thought that don't know why though
  4. I love the screen, camera, and since I'm clumsy it has water and dust proofing. I like dbrand because they sponsored this video and their website is very aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Yup the Kraken X61 is amazing beats any other cooler
  6. @Rumikarimu Hey I am having a little trouble with finding the same font and text size... do you have it saved on your computer that you can see what it is? Thanks!
  7. I like the color interchangeable CPU block plastic pieces.