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  1. My budget for my PC is under 450 including OS, and wifi pci card(or usb), ive created one that i plan to play dota 2, day z, and other mainstream titles on. i just wanted to know if this could be improved upon, thanks! everything is USD, BTW. TL;DR: i'd prefer minimal mail in rebates because i hate jumping through hoops, as well as a pathway that would allow me to upgrade to better CPU/GPU/RAM in the future for under 450 including wifi card, and a copy of Windows. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Cr9P7P
  2. I would like to issue a challenge, i need a gaming pc that can run Dota 2, and other measly games, the budget = 350, and it must include a r9 270. let the games begin.
  3. I think at max i would spend about 700. more like this a bit but budget is kinda destroyed :http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ks4KsY
  4. Hello all, i want to create a 450 dollar PC build that can play games mainly like Dota 2, Skyrim,MMOs and other games with friends, i also want to use this tower for schoolwork as im going to be a freshmen in college soon. any advice? what kind of rigs/parts should i get as i was hoping i could squeeze dual monitors because my sister who was in my major recommends them. TL;DR: want a pc build for around 450- 550 that can play most titles at 1080p at high, or meduim, as well as good recommendations for monitors that wont pass 650 in total.
  5. Id like to join howere im prety good at dota 2, i wouldnt mind trying league out.
  6. 70ish i think? Also hello Kingsley This is Kingsley
  7. In order to be president of the united states you have to be american. He isnt from kenya i have no idea where you got that idea from lol, Aswell as the "Cocamamie ideas" that i am speaking happen to be true. why not ask google? its obvious he's american otherwise he wouldnt be able to run for in the presidential election at all. And dont give me that conspiracy crap that's made up for mudslinging.
  8. buy it and sell it, for the 770, dual 5850s arent amazing and are outpowered by the 770.
  9. Goood evening/night/morning everyone i havent built a pc in a while and my friend asked me if i could help him gather a few parts for a build. since i havent kept up with pc gaming up till now, i was wondering if i could have help with a build He wants it too be all nvidia/intel his budget is 1000, (preferably 850 so i can compensate for monitor). He wants the H440 from NZXT, and possibly the ducky shine 3 special edition that pairs with it. Thanks, Everyone!