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    Solving puzzles, defeating challenges, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
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    I am root.


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    AMD A10 6790K
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    Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H
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    x4 Dell 4Gb DDR3
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti
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    Fractal CORE-3300
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    Corsair CSM 430W 80+ Gold
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    Logitech G710
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    Logitech G700s
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    Logitech Z130 & ATHM50x
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Yes, but why? You would just be calling java to do what the launcher does.
  2. Seems like you generally know what you're doing. As far as hardware is concerned, consumer grade CPUs and RAM will always be hugely faster for anything that isn't extremely parallel or virtualized (or containerized). An R720 would be nice and they are plentiful but the main consideration with them is noise and power. They will be much louder (60-70 dB) than any consumer grade hardware, which is why I ended up going with a whitebox similar to what you specced out on PCPP. However, DDR4 RAM is still really expensive. Pick your poison: loud and power hungry with cheap ram, or quiet and efficient
  3. This may sound silly but you didn't say you installed the game servers. You should also be aware that installing either Minecraft or Rust in the conventional way will not make it a server either. Have you installed the servers?
  4. This will not be much of a VPN in the conventional sense because it will not change your apparent IP to servers you connect to, nor will it encrypt any traffic that will be going outside your local network.
  5. Python can't pass functions as arguments
  6. That's not really what functional means. Functional programming is a much broader topic than that. Python is not a functional language. Python is a good language, but it is object oriented, not functional.
  7. I thought you meant functional vs object-oriented. OOP is much easier for a new person to understand than functional which is very mathematical, and lots of people dislike math.
  8. @Lurick is correct in that if your line is saturated, then the only way to still serve stuff is to have someone with a line big enough to eat the data. You should be able to get cloudflare DDoS protection without hosting all of your stuff on their servers. What would happen is that all traffic going to you would first go through them, and if a ddos happens then cloudflare eats the data and only passes on what you want from there. PS: Your picture in your edit is correct
  9. No, I'm saying you should put a firewall between your modem and router such that all traffic going in or out of your network must pass through the firewall both ways. No offense but, do you know what a firewall is? I think it's exactly what you need here and you seem knowledgeable on everything but firewalls, so I'd suggest you do some reading up on what they are and what they do. If you think you know anyone who's into network security and could help you with this, then I'd recommend you get them involved so they can help you more easily in ways that are hard to do over a forum.
  10. clarifying question: Does any of this stuff you're serving need to be accessed from outside the office? If it needs to be accessed from outside your office, does it need to be world-accessible, or can you afford to whitelist IPs or have a VPN to get in?
  11. You definitely need a better firewall and try to contact your ISP. I can't advise you much on the ISP side, but on the firewall side I can give some pointers. I highly doubt you have the funds necessary to put in a serious Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), so instead I'd recommend building your own. I'm assuming you are relatively able with things like Linux and networking (if not, you really need someone local with more expertise, preferably a friend, to help you out with this). Build the smallest PC you can and put a couple high speed Ethernet NICs in it (PCIe expansion cards) and
  12. I don't think you want to do this remote thing you're so set on. My two cents