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  1. It's a really unpleasant operating system to use. The feeling is sort of hollow. There's no soul to it... It's the same with all of their products really. Its command line interface is weak. They're trying with Powershell but the whole COM object thing is just fucking confusing and doesn't help at all. Its only saving grace is videogame support and the fact that MS put tons of money into DirectX back in the 90s-00s so GPU companies would focus more on D3D support and less on OpenGL.
  2. Best way to learn how to do anything is to just go ahead and do it.
  3. Actually, 6-pin is rated for 75W, and the card can draw about 75W over PCIe. So, one could assume that all AMD did was add these two values together. Still tells you nothing about real world power consumption (one would assume this is a decent amount less than the total amount the card can draw) nor anything about the TDP.
  4. It is my understanding that 2.1A is the maximum. The powerbank will deliver up to 2.1A...
  5. I use OSX on my MBP most of the time. When I want to play games I have to use Windows 10 on my PC. I use Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2012 at work.
  6. What do you mean "how many bytes is a folder"? A folder takes no storage space on the disk. It is purely a file system abstraction. It exists as a pointer/reference in the file system's tree... It takes up some space in the file system tables/tree because it has a name, some security/permissions information and some other metadata. Other than that it doesn't take up space in the same sense that a file does. It doesn't really have a size...
  7. When ISPs start storing internet history though... Imagine the cyberattacks... cybercriminals are going to hit them with everything.
  8. I'll be setting up my own private VPN in another country, then, I guess. (the fact that I can do so hugely undermines this bill and the fact that it was never even mentioned is concerning. Who are these people who are so ignorant as to not even consider this and yet still be arrogant enough to try and legislate?) They possibly didn't have any security experts because every security expert would tell them it's a bad idea.
  9. Those demos must be pre-rendered... They just don't look like real gameplay, unless the gameplay is incredibly highly scripted.
  10. Given that Assassin's Creed II is generally considered the best game in the series... perhaps they'll perfect Watch Dogs this time.
  11. It doesn't even say TDP. It says "Power". Everyone has assumed it means TDP, but has AMD confirmed or denied this?
  12. That looks exactly like all the emails I get from Amazon... If it comes from @amazon.com and Gmail hasn't warned you about its origin (the protocols generally require you to prove the origin of the email is where you say it is from) it is very likely legit unless somebody has hacked Amazon.com. Also, if it says https://amazon.com in your address bar and chrome is autocompleting your details then it's legit. Ain't no way of faking that unless somebody has installed a compromised version of chrome on your machine or they have modified your DNS settings to point to their malicious DNS.
  13. I can't comment on all of their videos, but any of the techquickies I have watched that are about fields within which I have particular expertise (Video Coding/Compression, Error Correction Coding, Electronics etc) I have found their information to be at times inaccurate, at others just wrong, and always very, very oversimplified. I'm willing to be wrong, but I don't get the impression that they do a whole lot of research. I get that they're supposed to be really quick little videos, but maybe the times they are trying to achieve are simply not enough to cover the complex topics they are co