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  1. Actually, Windows 8 is now faster than Windows 10. Well... less resource demanding. This is because a lot have changed in Windows 10 since it's released. It's built-in A/V is much better, but requires more resources. It took advantage of people having better species PC, to decopple a lot of things in the name of stability and security. (Notice the much greater amount of services that you have now running in Task Manager compared to early days of Win10 or Win8 or 7.) And of course, new features and abilities adds resource cost. Windows 10 like any software, and demandi
  2. You do realize that MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision, simply communicate with the Nvidia drivers. The driver isn't dumb. And the driver OC values are acquired from GPU BIOS... Unless you can prove otherwise, I am most confident that the new values are simply ignored or normally max is picked
  3. First, make sure your game is running full screen. See if it affects other games. If it does affect other games (the performance issue, I mean) then the issue is most likely with your GPU drivers. You have typically 3 window modes in games: Full screen Full Screen windowed windowed Full screen means that the game will run under exclusive mode. This is a special mode in Windows which permits games to have more direct access to the hardware, and it makes Windows unloads stuff on the back, like the desktop environment. This is why, in this mode, games mi
  4. Display Scaling should not effect system performance. Display Scaling is at the mercy of each software to support. If they don't and Windows can't inject things to scale an app (for apps using Microsoft framework), the app will be blurry (like an image you zoom in and add smoothing effect to reduce jaggies). GPU rendered games are excluded from this. The game can get the system DPI value and scale whatever it wants (API are there for devs), but again, you are at the mercy of the developers. If there is no support, then everything will remain just as small as before. Some games like
  5. Did you use a program to tweak Windows in some way? And, sorry for stating the obvious, but I hope it can spark an idea on your side: Maybe you have a program that watches Windows, and set changed privacy options, make sure that it's not running. And check your services, maybe a service is disabled.
  6. Under Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback Make sure that it is set to "Optional" and Feedback frequency (bottom of page) is set to "Automatically"
  7. Then your boss will say: I know, I read GoodBytes thread on the coming up Windows release. I already sent you a replacement work laptop. You'll have it in 15min. Enjoy your break, then get back to work!
  8. I disagree. Like I know what you are saying, and it is true. However, XBox One and XBox One Series S/X apps including the Store are all UWP, and it works perfectly there. The issue is that Microsoft just magically left the Store unfinished under Windows 10 with the same bugs (like the ones you mentioned) since ever. I hope it is because the company went all in focusing on Windows 10X (or whatever they'll decide to call it officially) and the new XBox, and that they'll start working on the Store again (hopefully dropping the current back-end and using the same one as the XBox One Series X/S, an
  9. Good. You should also learn programming and not use those overpriced garbage (AutoPlay Media Studio) I have yet seen such type solution (any of those 'make programs without programming') ever be a non-pain in the ass. Anyway, my just my opinion.
  10. Are you sure it's not running, or it can't get the logs?
  11. Well, people have to choose... 3 years OS purchases, or continuous "free" updates. People have chosen Apple and Android path, so "free" updates it is. And so, this is what we have.
  12. Actually, Microsoft doesn't care about your data. What they care is you paying for additional services. They want you to use OneDrive, and go "darn I need more space... let me get OneDrive with more storage or get a subscription of Office with 1TB of One Drive.... Oh there is the XBox app... oh this is cool, it can integrate with an Xbox.. let me get the XBox One Series.... oooohhh XBox Cloud... sign me up... It's all about signing up for services. Tracking for ads is through its free services. Bing, Cortana (well, that one is pretty much dead and Microsoft is moving
  13. Old school is best... pick your skin: https://skins.webamp.org/ Then pick your music folder.
  14. Doubt it. They'll do it, only if it is widely asked. Considering that most people are perfectly happy with their integrated sound chip more and more.... don't think it will happen. I mean Groove Music EQ was slipped at the last moment before the team got disbanded, and that took huge push since day 1... to have it... and this is all we got