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  1. True, and you can wait. That said you can enjoy the new touch keyboard, Device Manager improvements, WSLg, new icons, and little things here and there, today.
  2. We are 2021 and we still have blurry cam footage of UFOs
  3. Or you know... join the insider program and get official build and support
  4. Lawlz, aren't you with MSDOS or something... I have a feeling that it is the only OS that pleases you. XD
  5. Glad to see that this leaked build doesn't have everything I love how people freak out on some old build leak thing, as if this is the final product. How about you guys wait for the reveal next week? Anyway, I still expect people here to complain regardless... same people who complained about Vista/7 icons, Windows 7 task bar (remmeber when people were calling it Mac OS X clone ) and Aero interface... and yet "Windows 7 was the best OS ever made. Bring back Aero!". What now? "Windows 10 was the best OS ever made!" ?!? Aye Aye Aye.... I don't know what to say to
  6. That was not the reason. In short, 10X got canceled because the market conditions have changed. So, they are bringing the 10X interface (which was Fluent Design fully implemented) to Windows 10 under the project name Sun Valley. Contrary to many news articles, "Sun Valley" is not the code name of "Windows 11", that would be Colbalt. "Sun Valley" is the UI/UX name only. Windows 10X was designed for foldable, dual screen and low powered systems (Chromebooks like systems). The Start menu design has been in the works before Windows 10X was known to anyone. It dropped Live tile
  7. Vista early days in dev (yes, it's real):
  8. It sucks that someone is leaking every facet of the reveal... ruining the surprise. All I have to say, is wait for the reveal next week, where you'll see the big picture. Obviously, Windows 11 isn't coming out tomorrow. And it's targeted for the end of the year. So, plenty of time for development work.
  9. Forgot to say: If you have an ultrawide (~1 monitor and a half) or super-wide (size of 2 monitors side by side, no borders) monitors, having the start menu at the center is better. More ergonomic, and you don't have to move completely to see the menu at the bottom left corner of the screen. As for aiming, if you have trouble, you have a key on your keyboard to make it show. So if you want it at the center, but having trouble, this can be solution.
  10. Reaction was very positive for Windows 10X Start menu. This is its Start menu. No Live tiles either which was a big request as well. Hence why we have the News & interest on the task bar. It replaces the only useful thing the Live tiles were used for.
  11. Told you guys soon for center taskbar You'll have the option to move the button on the left side. Fun story: The ability to move your mouse at the bottom right side of the screen and click with ease on the Start button started in Windows XP. In previous version of Windows, you had to aim exactly on the start button as it had these 2 pixels padding around it. (Highlight in red, is the padding I am talking about) Apparently, Microsoft had a lot of support calls about the Start menu not showing, and the company could never figure why people
  12. It's because after 8 years (assuming the product won't be on sale past 2 years), Noctua doesn't want to keep spare stock for warranty replacement. As sale goes down, so is their warranty replacement stock. Keeping stock in a warehouse (even if you own the warehouse) has a cost associated to it.
  13. My post was more for humor purposes... But ok: You can probably use these ultra-beefy GPU heatsink replacement, and not put the fan. Down volt a bit the GPU to get better temps, and you might be set. The issue comes down to air flow, you might need to go with an exposed case designed, and not.. well.. a case, as you would have both the CPU and GPU creating massive amount of heat.