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    F*ck consoles
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    Lmao consoles
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    Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
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    First and foremost Flyfishing, games, programming, hardware, metal music, girls and last but not least beer!
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    2Fish || !2Fish
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    Computer Science and Engineering student at Delft Universiteit of Technology


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    i7-4790k@4,40Ghz and 4,9Ghz max oc
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero
  • RAM
    4x4Gb HyperX Fury@1866Mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire r9 290 tri-x
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    Modded Obsidian 450D
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    m500 480Gigs + NAS
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    Seasonic M12EVOII 850Watt
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    BenQ XL2411T@144Hz (lovely monitor)|ASUS v193
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    Ducky zero TKL blue Led MX Brown
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    Matzkat R.A.T. 3 (love it)
  • Sound
    Trust 5:1 set
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Prof
  1. r9 290 fits your budget perfectly, the 970 is also an option if you don't mind going a little bit over your budget. But may I ask you why "What nvidia gpu?" Fanboyism?
  2. They should do a Channelsuperfun video, my boss/employee does my makeup challenge!
  3. 1) how much more work do you get compared to GCSE/A-level and is it stressful Not really much more. 2) do any of you do Computer Science and if so, what is it like, if not, then tell me what u do anyway and what it is like at university? University is awesome, no obligations the only things that are compulsory are some lab sessions and the exams. So you can choose the way you study you like. 3) what is the accommodation like? Don't know, still living with my parents at a 15 min drive from uni. 4) How much free time do you get for yourself and friends I'm around 40-45h a week occ
  4. I'll just leave this here, berkel is even more awesome then I thought he already was... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJDKwPYD4XA
  5. I used "I need it for programmnig" as an excuse to buy one. So I could learn Assembly for ARM but I could also just have used my phone for that.... However raspi is great when you want to do things with servo's or led's or something. But if that is the main purpose I would recommend a arduino.
  6. In some countries they are not allowed to block users from certain ports or protocols, at least here in the Netherlands they aren't I believe... You could essentially see that as some kind of censorship since p2p itself is not really illegal. It's just the fact that a lot of content shared via p2p is copyrighted in some way. But same goes for that, laws for seeding and providing services like the piratebay does are different per country.
  7. Before you post we already knew that please read the (full) article first... Also I know some guys of the research team(not really well but still), really cool guys by the way.
  8. He's fucking got 2 billion or something. If you buy a 70Million house, you still have 2 billion, if you get what I mean. After all who cares, let this guy do his thing, give him some privacy. I don't care what he does with his money (well not if he spends it all on drugs or something...) But I Still want 0x10c
  9. Os? Assuming you're on windows (Its easy to find on osx and linux users wouldn't ask a question like this )you could just select all the files you want to edit,right click edit, type in the name, press enter and it automagically renames all the selected files to the name you entered followed by " (n)" where n is the number of the file. (I'm sorry for my windows being Dutch) This works on win 7 so I'm sure it works on win 8.x to. edit: added description, pictures. Ofcourse you could also write your own simple program in java (5 lines or so). Get all files in the directory and iterat
  10. Start at something like 4,3Ghz@1.275V or something. Stresstest it if it becomes unstable lower the multiplier or raise the voltage (not above 1.3-1.325 with that cooler I think) if it becomes to hot but its still stable (I bet this is not going to happen but still) lower the voltage untill it becomes unstable. If it doesn't become too hot or unstable raise the multiplier some more. I've got mine currently running at 4,4Ghz@1.291V But I got it stable at 4.9Ghz@1.375V but I didn't feel comfortable with such a high voltage on my cpu and I didn't need the extra Ghz it was just for fun.
  11. For code (since this is the programming subforum) Vim ofcourse ^^ But sublime text or notepad++ are both great too.
  12. Well but as you say apart from the readability its pretty similar to assembly. The reason why (most people) learn it and universities teach it is to learn about the concepts behind it... Not really to be an excellent assembly/machine code programmer But I must agree its really hard to start programming in Machine code (and assembly) when you have no programming experience but if you've got a great understanding about how a computer works it really is doable.