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    tinkering and dreaming big
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    russian origins.
    maybe a bit bitter and pesimistic at times.
    developing software since 2010.
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    Delidded Intel i7 7700k
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    Sony MDR XB 700, Blue Yeti
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    Windows 10
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  1. @James Evens @ColinLTT alright so i changed the extruder and extruder motor and the entire hotend and now my print ran perfectly for 9 hours until for some unknown reasn my print lost plate adhesion near the end. not clue why though. btw same filament so that seams to be ok.
  2. also im not sure but i mean it did print the first few times prefectly until it didnt . at least it started the legs, and they look prefectly fine. idk i ordered a dual gear extruder a new hotend and even a new extruder motor. will trial and error later tonight
  3. really? ahh thats really unfortunate if thats the case. the spool is almost brand new and that makes me worry about the rest of my filament. ill check. never actually needed to print one before. but will try how would i ceck for that and what part exactly would be overtightened? im still working the standard ender 3 hotend. no idea if its telfon coated but i doubt it. which part exactly would need replacing? the entire hotend?
  4. soo cables look fine. but i did try and change the extruder gear for a new one and tried to find a way to loosen the tension with which it grip the filament but since there was no way, i just shortened the coil a bit and now the same behaviour of the print getting rougher before stopping to feed completly starts happening right away. so im pretty sure it has to do with the extruder and the tension on the filament. i ordered a dual drive extruder kit but i would still really like some second opinions on this crap
  5. i actually never considered a serious motor problem. i will check but then again i have printed taller stuff in the meantime without issues. i seems to me that its prints like these where its jumping from leg to leg where it has problems now. maybe i mesed up my cura settings or something. gonna start saving cura settings for each print you know i actually dont know since it has only failed so far during the night so in the morning the printer is already cold and i have no clue if could have been the cause i mean i could but it just seems illogical to me i printe
  6. the storage room is on the other side of the apartment. theres just no way for cables. i dont think a wifi extender is needed i think there too much goin on on my wifi and i need to reduce the number of devices on there. at least thats my theory.
  7. so i think i tinkered to much and somehow messed up my setup about a year ago i rpinted a bunch of deer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:571949 and it went perfectly smoothly but no im on my second misprint and thought id finally ask around since i dont know anymore. so this one failed because a leg fell down though i still have no idea why. the bed is at 50°C and taped up so no clue how i would further improve adhesion plus adhesion wasnt a problem a year ago. and this one i really dont know what happened. it just stopped extr
  8. so i have: 1 x Raspberry Pi 3B (non +) running OctoPrint 1 x Win10 Notebook running all my smart home stuff (server) 1x AVM Fritz 6490 Cable Router the pi and server unfortunatly have to stay in my storage room with no way of running ethernet there. now lately im having a lot of issues accessing the interface on the pi and i though of maybe speeding things up? the pi is accessed from a lot of machines on and off the network potentially but mostly mainly feeds the camera feed to the server for processing through spaghetti detective. so i thought
  9. ok makes sence but im not even sure how to look for that or if that exists around here. so basically that would be just a very good warranty policy?
  10. soo... slightly tech related i guess you know how linus always talks about how its better to get a high end gpu "used" than getting a budget gpu "brand new" well im trying to do the same thing with a coffee maker only thing is i know nothing about them basically im trying to get my parents one for christmas. one of those bean-to-cup ones. but prices vary a lot and go pretty high brand new. so i thought id ask around if someone know something about them and which one to get which ones not to get. that kinda stuff. no set budget but im not try
  11. can someone expalin to me why cpu WUs only give so few points even though they take way longer than the gpu WUs? i almost dont see the point in doing cpu WUs
  12. is there some sort of listing one can check to see whose participating?
  13. no i definitly want a seperate one on the desk as a monitor not sit on my couch with my keyboard ... dum dum
  14. yeah but its in my living room and also too big
  15. well i got my 55" sony x900e for 600