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  1. Gaming/Workstation the core system not very often....gpus a lot though. phones every 2-3 years Servers whenever local datacenters/businesses swap out
  2. FreeNAS Box (Black 4224): 12x4TB (2 6 drive vdevs each in RaidZ2) Cold Storage Box (Green Google 4u): Currently 1x8TB, 2x2TB, 1x1TB ESXi Box (Google Yellow 2u): 2x512GB Definitely wanting to get more drives to fill up the FreeNAS box
  3. Looks like a great product that solves a lot of the typical home theater problems with projectors. Always loved short throw projectors but most I have seen have had their fair of issues. This seems like a great little solution without going any buying something that's the price of a small car.
  4. I haven't used VIM in a while but Google is your friend, there are a bunch of tutorials out there. VIM is kind of what you make of it. Everyone I've ever worked with has had theirs setup a bit differently. If you're not comfortable with VIM I would suggest emacs or just go with an IDE like eclipse. In the meantime a cheatsheet is helpful: http://vim.rtorr.com/
  5. For most use cases they will be nearly the same with the 850 being quicker in boots and the 750 being faster with deeper queue depths. Just go with the 850
  6. Yeah, it's pretty crazy but it's all for the sake of data preservation. My FreeNAS box is my only box with 16GB dimms for that very reason.
  7. Sounds like it was improperly configured and really you should have way more memory than that for ZFS. Ideally 1GB per usable TB Striped vdevs should net you similar performance to raid-0
  8. What hardware/software are you running for your server?
  9. deafboy

    TD Bank

    Well if he bases his sponsors of those who only have good customer service than there would be a lot of PC companies that couldn't be sponsors, otherwise great companies. I get that people hate banks for those reasons, but to be fair, those are very well known and agreed upon when creating an account. There are reasons for minimum balances and fees associated with low funds. I have to say a $3 fee to check your balance is odd, unless it's not one of their ATMs then that makes more sense. Hard to say they royally screwed you over by sticking to the rules they had put in place.
  10. Post from a while back but can be fairly relevant if you go into the software side of things... http://www.overclock.net/t/1327060/technical-interview-advice/0_100 For the most part certs and degrees are just to get your interview...they don't mean much to be besides it looking nice on the resume. You have to show that you know what you're talking about very well. Do internships as early on as you can. You might find something interesting only to find out you hate it as a job.
  11. deafboy

    TD Bank

    Out of that entire post, I don't really see how they royally screwed you. Most of those complaints are pretty common practice. Sucks though, but that stuff happens.
  12. 1) Just me. 2) Arrived at 11:50am 3) Met several people that were great and spent fair bit of the day talking to. 4) Was hot just standing outside but got a nice tan out of it. Would have loved for more spots to sit in the shade but no complaints really. 5) Was expecting way less people and for the whole thing to be a bit more casual. It was actually surprisingly well organized given the shear number of people. The lines were on the slow side but can't fault them much for that. There were hundreds of people in a parking lot. 6) I've met Linus several times before, caught me kind off
  13. Had a really good time. Was great meeting many of you and touring the new office was great Sun burns, sore legs, and lots of great memories... good times were had.
  14. So I decided I would try and have some fun with this meet up. Depending on what Linus has available I may try and give away a computer, nothing super high end but we'll see how things pan out. Since he said he wouldn't have too many core components for sale, I'll be bringing a FM2+ mobo, APU, and RAM to give away. See you guys soon.