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  1. Corrupt a Wish game

    Granted but you must pass them like kidney stones in order to get them. I wish I had a doggo.

    1. DildorTheDecent


      spongebob pls no

  3. GTX 470 or GT 1030 or GT 730

    I was being slightly sarcastic. I knew that you were going to pick Passmark and userbenchmark as your sources. Most new people do + people who don't really care about which is better. Anyway, they don't represent real world results as well as a proper benchmark like Firestrike does. They're terrible system benchmarks and terrible GPU comparison tools since they're too reliant on CPU + RAM performance which should (and always should) be irrelevant for the GPU test. I'm willing to bet that the GT 1030 result would do a lot better with a 7980XE. Because of course a free program made for fast comparisons will be so badly written that the user sees significant speed upgrades with a faster CPU rather than a faster GPU. Synthetic benchmarks do a pretty good job at showing real world performance if they don't suck (Firestrike, Superposition). That GT 1030 narrowly edges the GTX 470 in FS and pulls way less power. How that's not an advantage idk.
  4. GTX 470 or GT 1030 or GT 730

    I don't see how a GT 1030, which pulls significantly less power and is marginally faster (depending on benchmark), qualifies as a downgrade. I really need some help with this one.

  6. WTF craigslist ad

    >680 Classified gib
  7. Berkel the strong boi


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    2. DildorTheDecent



      Clip is at 9:30 (not timestamped) or just watch the whole thing.

    3. Tech_Dreamer
    4. Tech_Dreamer


      Yup. Have seen this. couldn't remember the exact scene tho.

  8. QCode 4f Check CPU & Code 3B

    I have a feeling that it might be memory related. Don't know why you're removing the battery whenever there's a clear CMOS button. I'd try clearing the CMOS first (via the button). Then if it gets stuck on a code, hit the MemOK! button. After that, enter the BIOS (advanced mode) and check the memory settings. If it's at JEDEC (2133/2400HMz) use the XMP profile that's assigned to the RAM. If it's at XMP, try and boot. If that XMP profile fails, increase VCCSA sightly. If that fails then input XMP settings manually and adjust memory current capability and the supply voltage (which should be half the memory voltage iirc). Other things you can do is make sure that BCLK is set at 100MHz. And CPU is at stock clocks to make sure it isn't causing instability. Should all that fail then just update the BIOS. Or return memory and get a kit that works.
  9. AMD Borrows Intel’s Business Plan – Ryzen 2 Review

    It's just workplace banter. Calm down lad.
  10. Its just so MEH nowadays on the interwebz!

    >interwebz stop
  11. Reference Nvidia 980ti bios mod

    Don't bother with additional volts. On Maxwell more volts does not mean more clock unlike Kepler. The limit is cooling. The colder you're card gets, the faster it goes. You're flashing it correctly right? Disable GPU > flash > reboot > re-enable GPU > install drivers if need be.
  12. Pornhub traffic spiked during Fortnite outage

    >not complying with rules Banned. This isn't news. Pornhub always has spikes whenever *something* happens Had a spike whenever God Emperor President Trump was elected (hur hur cos muh America is going to end lets fap). Had a spike whenever people started making Overwatch porn (tbh Mei is thicc). Probably has spikes whenever the weather gets bad, really bad.
  13. Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair

    The cabling arrangement is different on the pro and no-pro model. That makes them incompatible. Even though the panel is the same.
  14. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    There's no way nvidia is going to go full speed with GDDR6 right off the bat. Like they (and AMD) did with GDDDR5 they'll probably run it lower. Maybe around 12Gbps to start and go from there. Wonder how well it overclocks too. Wonder if it takes volts and scales. Hopefully Samsung are back making it too. There GDDR5 was damn good with volts. >Inb4 it's just Hynix and Micron. That would succ.
  15. What's the deal with the Razer Power Bank?

    It's capable of quite a bit of power though to be fair.