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  1. What bodily function uses the most calories?

    Depending on how much effort your putting into the poop I wouldn't doubt 50 calories. Eat some all bran too.
  2. Dual Channel, 4x4g?

    It's generally safe to assume that 2 DIMMs would be less IMC stress + less issues (overclocking/XMP). You could even save a few watts since your just using 2 DIMMs over 4. Performance however, there will be next to no impact. I guess you could make the argument that 4 looks cooler but 2 gives you the option to properly expand the configuration. Maybe even all the way to the limit.
  3. Dual Channel, 4x4g?

    Your processor only supports dual channel operation as its highest. You can run a "quad channel" kit/configuration no problem though. OP isn't even stressing the IMC with that 2400MHz kit. There's absolutely no reason as to why it won't run 2400MHz across all the DIMMs.
  4. Galaxy Note 9 info

    pics or it didn't happen still applies.
  5. HP's "Landfiller" Desktop PC

    There's enough room to fit the catto in there too.
  6. Post LTX 2018 Intel Giveaway!

    Gimme dat 7900X boi. HEDT or nothing.
  7. nibba = Nigerians In Black Beanies Aiming for Success

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      @PCGuy_5960 You should try doing that on a Ubisoft MP game :D 

    4. PCGuy_5960


      @Mr.Meerkat Yeah, I saw your status update. Good thing I don't play R6S, I guess. lol

  8. It's been the norm for nvidia to refine the architecture since Fermi. Maybe this is GP204. It can't imagine what they've done in order to clock it that high though.
  9. Based off GPU score it's faster than a 2380MHz~ GTX 1080 by around 1200 points or so. Clock a GTX 1080 to 2500MHz and that difference will disappear. Maybe it's a "refined" GTX 1080, with more clock, less cores, more VRAM and better performance. Kind of like what the GTX 1070 was to the GTX 980.
  10. ASUS GTX 960s SLI troubles...

    Physically it's a x16 slot, but electrically it's x4. See how PCI-E 2.0 x16_2 is always x4? That's because it's wired to only utilize 4 lanes. You can put a full size GPU in there, but it won't run like one.
  11. ASUS GTX 960s SLI troubles...

    SLi needs both slots to be at least 8x/8x. You cannot enable SLi if either slot is running at 4x. Looking at your motherboard spec, only the black slot is 4x electrically. All other slots are 16x or 8x - use those.
  12. Any cooling kit that you can buy?

    EVGA used to have a GTX 900 series hybrid cooler but discontinued it. You might be able to find the shroud + AIO second hand. Corsair had a product called the HG10. Doesn't seem to be on the go anymore. NZXT bracket is the only option by the looks of things. Unless you want to use zip ties.
  13. Asrock z77 oc on constant boost clock

    You've disabled power saving and a few C states. Try to enable them and re-test. If that doesn't fix it, leave the Windows power plan options on balanced instead of high performance.
  14. Website for 3D printed guns to go back online

    yOU woUldN't DOWnlOad A GuN