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  1. The biggest issue I have is that Cat7 by definition cannot use 8P8C connectors, it's supposed to use GG45 Tera connectors to meet the ISO spec. Yes it works but it's just one of those things that technically shouldn't exist the way it's being sold and in most cases is probably just Cat6(or 6a) cable marked up a bit but there have been instances on this forum of people buying Cat7 or Cat8 marketed cables that can't even keep the link up or handle gigabit speeds because they were cheap CCA cables marketed as higher end cables. Not saying proper grade Cat7 or Cat8.1/8.2 cables wouldn't have that
  2. So you don't know what you're talking about, got it. Just because (variant of Linux) exists doesn't make it magic and god tier above all else. Everything has its cost and upkeep and if you don't have to spend time dedicating training and people to a specific OS then it's going to make sense to keep something more familiar around longer term.
  3. Should have said 100gig but yah, you can get bidi 100g for LC MM fiber. I've heard rumors that it's coming for 400g but it might be a ways out and you're right, 400g MM right now uses MTP cables but 400g SM can use LC cables.
  4. I mean MM can even do 400Gb/s up to ~100m and I doubt OP will be going that fast any time soon
  5. The MB8611 would be perfect and would work with your Netgear or any other router you have.
  6. I mean if you took 3 seconds to google the case you'd see it's only got a 120mm opening at the top....
  7. I would say if you're dealing more with broad levels of support then CCNA would be more ideal as it touches on a lot of different aspects BUT the drawback is it's a very broad exam last I heard covering all the technology stripes instead of being focused like it used to be. I'm hesitant to say do one before the other but if you can clear the CCNA then the CCT should be cake if you have to go back and get that for some reason. I would say any free online courses you can find (I know it's not much help) on YT or via anything you have access to would be where I would suggest starting. Look at rev
  8. You're not mixing the case with water and combining that with copper or nickle parts. It doesn't matter what the case is made of.
  9. It runs as Service Host: [stuff] It always points to: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe Just a few examples:
  10. I mean it could be any number of things from the HyperX audio service to Discord to anything else running that could trigger sounds.
  11. It's a mask for various processes, but if you want to find the svchost.exe file it's located in C:\Windows iirc.
  12. I haven't dug too much into it myself but I remember seeing a lot of posts when the beta first came out that each and every file type will prompt you for a default program or something now. I might need to double check that though. It could also be just people complaining to complain about something not realizing it was already that way.
  13. Yah, Windows 11 is even more granular and you have to dig around for each app/file type iirc if you want to change it later. It's pretty stupid =/