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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X/AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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  1. He likes to touch his touchscreens.
  2. You will be fine, no issues here, won't get damaged and will boot.
  3. Not too sure about that, read something about that, but also seen this : so it should be fine imho.
  4. Will be okay, but change that psu as soon as you can, wattage wise it's fine but it's old and afaik was not amazing even when it came out. lol. 3070 requires 650 according to nvidia, and even 3080 can run perfectly with high quality 650 unit.
  5. Some people even don't bother with updating drivers prior to going on forums. Also, google "rtx 3080 crashing" with a 24HOUR filter, Plenty of issues too.
  6. or case change, his is not airflow optimized at all.
  7. Your case is fairly restrictive when it comes to airflow, just increase fan speed as @miniboissaid.
  8. Not exactly true. Mostly ePeen, except if you are planning to do actual hard work on your pc or powering multiple gpu's. But at least you admitted it So that's nice. No one is suggesting that. @Juular@LukeSavenije Can anyone of you weigh in on this?