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  1. Or Apple is trying anything they can to get people to interact with Siri
  2. Sorry to jump in here unsolicited, but this isn't quite accurate. What makes Starlink special, along with its future competitors in Kuiper and Oneweb, is that they propose a non-geostationary constellation. What does that mean, and why does it matter? To answer, we have to look to standard satellite providers. Today, satellite internet is provided from the geostationary band, much in the same way that you described above. However, it incurs massive latency, as the geostationary band is more than 22,000 miles above the earth, and even traveling at the speed of light
  3. I mean, if you want to try it out, go for it! I'm just coasting the edge of my performance envelope, CPU-wise, so I don't want to incur any additional overhead.
  4. Yes, but Wine/Proton isn't quite there yet as far as stability, and there's still a bit of performance overhead IIRC. Plus I'm lazy!
  5. I'm stuck on windows for gaming at this point, but I'm honestly considering switching my schoolwork over to wsl2, just to get away from distractions (I already have Kali set up with Kex). Honestly though, switching is more work than I thought!
  6. Congratz everybody! I'm sure nobody saw the winner coming, but congratz to den anyway. I need to knuckle down and do better next time, I'm pretty sure I was only folding for half of this event q_q. (If I only had a brain)
  7. This looks amazing! Also, 10/10 for creativity.
  8. Can I just say, the visceral descriptiveness of this made my day.
  9. Wiggles eyebrows suggestively at @Den-Fi. No way you're gonna win, right?
  10. I'm pretty sure they're just making sure that it's not an empty clam-shell with something inside of it: I've never been asked to turn my laptop on. If they do, just explain that it's dead! Honestly, TSA doesn't care that much in my experience.
  11. FakeNSA

    Hello World

    Welcome to the forum! We hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to reach out with any questions!
  12. This used to be allowable: bongo cat was just too damn cute. With the new pfp... we shall see.
  13. Ok, fine, according to duckduckgo. You caught me!
  14. 1.818436 liters, according to google :P.