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  1. I have an urgent birb announcement! DINO BIRB That is all.
  2. That is BS, but also makes a certain amount of sense? Insurance cost reflects risk factor, so you might have been in a town with a higher accident likelihood, or which was closer to an interstate (and thus inherited the interstate's risk factor). Still odd that it changed by that much!
  3. Welcome back! I don't know that a topic change is really going to work (I've never had the slightest control of this train wreck since the beginning, but I think you know that,) but you're welcome to try to start a new fad :).
  4. You don't have to be! We welcome all birbs, no matter the flag (some examples can be found here).
  5. Sure? I don't think it needs to be a super exclusive club.
  6. This is the most pointlessly dystopian thing I've read in a long time.
  7. They've mentioned in the past (previous sponsored video in the same theme, I believe called "how we make an LTT video in one day") (wasn't actually mentioned in that video, mentioned in WAN show a few months later, I think) that they use "Generic product management tool" for their workflow, but in an identical manner to how they showcase it in monday.com sponsored content. Kinda weird, but such is life in the sponsored zone.
  8. That's actually super easy! Just download Audacity, (or use the built in windows "Voice Recorder"), and select your USB mic as the input. Feel free to DM me if you run into issues!
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't shy away from building your own NAS if all you're using it for is storage? Many of the advantages with prebuilts will be the easy integrations of plugins, backup software, etc, so you can expand it's capabilities. Or just pick up a 2-4 bay budget NAS, throw a few TB of HDDS in it in raid 5, and never think about it again.
  10. Additionally to @Bombastinator's very accurate explanation, you are downloading from a known reliable source, so you don't have to worry about where you are downloading from. Additionally, this is a boon for tech support, as an admin can remotely issue commands to get software installed without having to worry about having the packages accessible on a network drive or anything messy like that. A normal user might never have to use this, and there's no shame in that, but in the long run it should be super helpful.
  11. This is going to make my life SO much easier if it works as smoothly as on linux. No more phone calls to install firefox or jabber... Just a remote powershell session. This does beg the question of whether or not admins will be able to upload their own packages to it for domain machines? If it was integrated with intune, it would be pretty awesome, but I doubt MS is that forward looking.
  12. I'm finding it harder and harder to disagree with that sentiment....... I probably just need to unfollow MOTF and stop trolling status updates. It's mostly far better outside of those areas.