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    Tokyo Drift is the best F&F
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    Cars, music and computers
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    haha yes


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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    ASUS B350-F
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    HyperX Fury 8GB
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    XFX RX 5700 DD
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    Phanteks P400s TG
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    Crucial MX500 500GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    SeaSonic M12II-520 EVO
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    Dell P2421D
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK (MX Browns)
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    Logitech G502
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    Status Audio CB-1 + V-Moda BoomPro
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    Windows 10
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    Acer Aspire E15 (i5-6200U + 940MX)
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    Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

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  1. E34 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I fucking wish I could find one for cheap, an M5 that is. Best I can do is probably a 520i
  2. Not exactly, no... Maybe to the rich british cucks who can't afford nice weather up there lmao Ngl, I was expecting the F1s to be quieter than they actually are. Still, the Revolution cars that were also racing with a Ford V6 still sounded better.
  3. I've always wondered what a higher revving LS would sound (being the LS7 the one that revs the most out of the factory IIRC, at *just* 7000) and that is a great example. I tip my hat to you for the fact that you're also spinning your SBC to 7k+.
  4. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0316692EN/the-new-bmw-m-1000-rr?language=en
  5. Mine has a latch on each side, but it could be the brands, idk. (NOT MINE).
  6. I had just logged in ahah Found the clues to be a pretty unique combo (spare on the front being the one that stood out), Google'd the boot capacity of those and bam