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    A human

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    floating around aimlessly, not sure where
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    Baseball (Im a player) Basketball (Also a player) sports in general, every type of pizza, and anything related to food. PC parts enthusiast, and also a mobile gamer (iPhone XR)
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    PC flipper


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    E2-1800 amd dual core cpu
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    Hp Omni aio
  • RAM
    4gb ddr3 I think
  • GPU
    Whatever is integrated
  • Case
    Umm. It’s an aio
  • Storage
    500gb hdd, takes forever to boot
  • Display(s)
    The aio monitor
  • Keyboard
    A really old Microsoft wireless thing that’s huge
  • Mouse
    Some generic Lenovo thing
  • Sound
    The speakers on my aio monitor
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 home premium

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  1. the warning really doesnt mean much. If wifi is important get a usb or pcie wifi card
  2. so today was the first time I was attacked by a doctor holding a needle with the Pfizer vaccine in it. I'll be back in three weeks I think, to be attacked again. So far nothing crazy, just a little sore in the arm that was stabbed

    1. Schnoz


      Great to hear that you're preparing to become 5G-compatible! xD


      In all seriousness, moving your sore arm post-vaccine will help any discomfort fade away more quickly.

    2. YT_DomDaBomb20


      1 hour ago, Schnoz said:

      Great to hear that you're preparing to become 5G-compatible! xD


      In all seriousness, moving your sore arm post-vaccine will help any discomfort fade away more quickly.

      thanks for the advice, i'll try to move it around a bit

  3. banned because I found this months later
  4. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sssMz7 Here you go, I put in rgb fans, if you dont like rgb, then get other fans, but all three should fit in the case (2 front one top i think). I didn't know if you needed a monitor, so I included one, if your old system wasn't good, your monitor probably wasn't either, so this monitor and gpu should pair well together. 1440p, 27 inches, .5ms response time, Display port, hdmi, usb, everything, and an ips panel too. Gpu is a 3070ti, cpu is ryzen 7 (you probably dont need higher than that). Put in a pretty good EVGA 80+ platinum psu as well, wasn't too
  5. i remember seeing one for 399 with two 5670s and 24 gbs of ram but of course that was at a time I was broke
  6. i dont know about the used market near you but that might save you some cash
  7. whats poppin by jack harlow. dont know why but its stuck in my head right now
  8. yeah i understand. and i meant atx for the case i suggested, but white builds are cool too
  9. id say go for an amd cpu. youll be able to overclock on a cheaper motherboard, and youll get better graphics https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bGzFvf you can do something similar to this, make sure if this psu is not available you get a decent psu. On the psu tier list (search linus tech tips psu tier list) make sure to get one reccomended for igpu system, or one in a higher tier. This is in the igpu part of the list. If you get a really bad one, you can fry some of your parts which wont be good. the cpu is 4 cores 8 threads which should work, but it might not be opt
  10. and on my old aio pc, i switched to firefox because chrome was gobbling up my ram
  11. That is a lot for a case and fans. If you arent completely wanting to keep that look, I would suggest a Rosewill Spectra, comes with 3 fans in front one in back if i remember properly. The fans are rgb too https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vswtzY Edit: An atx mobo would look better in there, but the micro atx will still work