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  1. That's not much of a problem. You can leave it like that if you don't plan on using the USB 3 ports, but I'd bent the pins back into their original form and put the cover back on. It's a bit tricky, but as long as you're careful you can't hurt anything. Can't help you with your PC not turning on rn tho.
  2. First thing you should try is to reset the CMOS.
  3. Installing Windows 10 after you copied all the data over to the new drive isn't an option. The drive will be wiped during the install, so you'll have to install Windows 10 first and then copy all your data over to the new drive.
  4. $825 doesn't seem like a realistic price. With RAM you'll often find some weird pricing because of too many available SKUs.
  5. It will work, but you might have to lower the speed. That's from personal experience, when I upgraded from 32GB (2x16) to 64GB with two additional 16GB DIMMs.
  6. I have never installed an Arctic Freezer either, but I'd assume that the backplate shouldn't move around. Usually that would mean that the waterblock on top of the CPU would be lose aswell. Are you sure you used the correct spacers? Usually there are different ones included for different sockets. By how much does the blackplate move and in which direction? And does the CPU cooler itself move? Can you post a picture or two?
  7. Did you try to replace the screws with the M3x5 screws mentioned? I'm sure your case came with a few.
  8. I guess you're right. Well, maybe I'll get a used 3080 when the 4080 comes out instead. We'll see... I just hope my 1080 will continue running for the time being.
  9. I have a 1080 and was planning to upgrade to a 3080, but now I'm planning to wait for next gen. Hopefully RTX 4080 won't suck, considerung how mediocre 2080 was. Maybe I'll even have to wait till 5080 to make it a worthwhile investion.
  10. It's fine. Been using the same tube of MX-4 for 8 years.
  11. I never tried re-installing Windows to fix my issue. What I'm saying is that I suddenly saw lags on YT due to CPU limitations, even tho there weren't any lags before. It doesn't matter that I'm also running a game. What matters is that I didn't change anything and also experience lags, just like he does. I also think that it is driver related, be it the NVidia driver or something else. So that's why I recommend to simply re-install Windows. It's often a lot easier to uninstall the entire OS than to keep searching for the specific cause of the issue.
  12. I can't imagine that. Afaik they shift the sensor one pixel in each direction and take 4 individual photos while doing so. They need to control the movement somehow, so I'd imagine there's a mechanism there to control it. The natural movement of the shooter might not move the sensor in the desired direction.
  13. Turn your computer on. Immediately keep hitting the DEL key or F2 key on your keyboard. (I think with MSI motherboards it's the DEL key) Now you should be in the BIOS / UEFI. Make sure you are in the advance settings. (Should be F7 if you're not) Then change the boot order, so that the correct drive is in position #1. I cannot give you perfect instructions, since I haven't used a MSI BIOS in many years, but if you look around on the internet for tutorials on how you change the boot order, then you should be able to get it done. If you instead of DEL pr
  14. There are two options: Enter your BIOS and change the boot order (Permanent solution) Enter your boot menu and choose which SSD you want to boot from (For one-time use) Both can be done with a certain function key during the boot process. It should show you (usually in the bottom right corner) which button to press.