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    ex-Retailer, now IT-Systemsengineer


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    AMD Ryzen 5800X
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    AsRock X570 Taichi
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    2x 16GB 1600Mhz DDR4
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    AMD Radeon RX 6700XT
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    1TB MP300, 2TB OM9A1
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    ASUS QHD 144Hz 27" IPS + Random QHD
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Pixel 5

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  1. That's where the expensive battery replacement part comes in ... ... which you answered yourself basically. In Germany it is around 70€ to get a battery replacement for a Galaxy S20. On top of that it's simply inconvinient, when the solution could be to order a new battery and replace it yourself in 1 minute. You completely ignored the point, which was that people tend to replace their phone, if the repair is even slightly inconvenient. what?! Now you're just making up excuses. It is IP54 protected. The Galaxy S5
  2. The point is, that even my mother could replace the battery and is actually willing to do it. She used to do exactly that with older phones that also had that feature, but wouldn't do it anymore, because it obviously is so hard to do it now with modern phones. On top of that, it isn't exactly cheap to get your battery replaced by someone else, which makes just buying a new phone a much easier choice. The idea here is to prevent the user from even coming up with the idea of replacing the device, when there is no need for it. How often do you submerge your phone under water, that you
  3. The Pixel 5 lasts me 2 days. I'm now at 69% at the end of the day. The Fairphone 4's battery is almost the same size. What makes you think it wouldn't last 24 hours? The point of a battery that isn't glued in, isn't so you can swap it in the middle of the day for a new one. The people that made you think that, need help.
  4. Day Whatever Update So my Lenovo dock died. I updated the firmware, which killed the DisplayPort / HDMI controller firmware. Thanks Lenovo! Anyway, I then bought a new dock from WD, thinking it would fix my screen flickering issue -> Nope it didn't and actually got worse. Now I replaced the motherboard with an ASUS B550 with integrated Thunderbolt 4. That actually fixed it, but I found out that the new WD dock doesn't work with the optical TB3 cable that I have. Well...
  5. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm curious to see how my RX6700XT will stack up to last years GTX1080. Tho I'm not sure how much time I can invest, cause New World requires a lot of attention right now
  6. Discord sucks.

    Teamspeak is still better.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Moonzy
    3. Senzelian


      8 minutes ago, sub68 said:

      how about slack?

      I've used Slack for only a few months a few years ago during the Louqe Ghost S1 launch.

      It seems alright for that. But for VC nothing beats Teamspeak.

    4. sub68


      26 minutes ago, Senzelian said:

      But for VC nothing beats Teamspeak.

      yep that makes sense.

  7. This is so fake. Batteries that aren't glued in don't exist.
  8. Media outlets at the beginning of 2021:
    "The Google Pixel 6 is likely to cost close to 1000€!"




    Man, they were so wrong... lol

    1. Spotty



      Good. Phones should not cost more than an RTX 3090.

    2. Senzelian


      37 minutes ago, Spotty said:

      Good. Phones should not cost more than an RTX 3090.

      Which phone costs 2400€? 😛 



  9. Good ads wouldn't get you to complain about them on this forum.
  10. Did you know that some Thunderbolt 3 docks do not turn on when connected to an optical Thunderbolt 3 cable? I didn't either, but now I know.

    Onto the next dock...

  11. Sseems like someone leaked the packaging of the Pixel 6. The yellow packaging has clearly a Pixel 6 on the front. Yellow packaging for a Google Device seems odd.



    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      Don't think this is a google device. Would expect it to be from another china one.

  12. I need this card for my rig. NF-A12. The A9 looks different.
  13. Is it just me or are PBXs gaining in popularity? That 3CX would sponsor this, seems like a really odd choice considering LTT's audience.