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  1. This point was never about cost. Read again. Definitely not. Wasn't long ago the grid almost crashed. Nuclear power plants are being demolished at the same time as we increase the load.
  2. Any velcro staps will do, but depending on how wide they are, they might not fit through the metal latches on the back of your motherboard tray. So these are 12mm wide, so make sure you can fit these through.
  3. There is no definite answer. The 60°C that WD specifies is the max operating temperature, meaning at that point it will still function properly. That doesn't mean it won't have any effect on it. Generally speaking, anything below 60°C is fine, as long as it's not for a prolonged duration. Personally, I'd make sure it always stays under 50°C, but that doesn't mean it will automatically die at a temperature over 50°C. Just use common sense, make sure it receives enough airflow and you'll be fine for many many years.
  4. The people that fill up their diesel/petrol powered cars on the Autobahn, are already doing it because they have to, not because they want to. People would instead use gas stations near towns to fill up, because of cheaper prices. Charging at home won't matter in this case. On top of that, we don't need to even reach 100% electrification to overload Europes electric network as it is. We wouldn't even be able to handle 25% electrification as of right now. And a few solar panels won't cut it. Fusion power first, then electric cars.
  5. So people can fill up their cars of course. I'm an IT technician. I've got tools and other stuff in my car. If I'd have to change it every time I'm "charging", then I'd go insane.
  6. With growing numbers in electric cars, the need for more chargers outside of homes will grow as well. Keep in mind that a electric car charger won't be able to "fill up" as many cars as one gas pump in the same amount of time, which in return will require more chargers. Interestingly enough I just found a masters thesis showing the necessary work that needs to be done to convert all gas stations at the A96 (Autobahn 96 (highway)) to electric charging stations. So this excludes the benefit of being able to charge at home. According to this thesis it would require 18 nuclea
  7. Just like there wasn't any infrastructure for electric cars in the beginning. It's a matter of what is more profitable and more popular. Hydrogen still leaves a bitter taste in people's mouth because of the Hindenburg. So I'm sure it could be done, but it's probably just easier to go for electric cars at this point. But I hope that the investment in hydrogen fuel cells and transportation will continue.
  8. It's the same with all new things. People want to be the first to try it, so they can talk about it. They wanna see what all the hype is about. It's just how things work.
  9. Would be cool to see how hydrogen cars compare in this chart. btw. engine sounds are fun. fite me
  10. I gave a friend of mine one of my Samsung 1TB 850 Evos. He installed it in his pre-built and it works fine, apart from one issue: It loses its drive letter every time he reboots the computer. The SSD was previously part of an UnRaid system, which he then formatted and assigned a drive letter to. His other drives to not lose their drive letters. I already tried changing the SATA port and replaced cables. The SSD also loses its drive letter when attached over USB. I also tried assigning different drive letters. His system specs: 6700K GTX 107
  11. For all Windows 11 preview insiders:
    Make sure your processor state power options are set properly. If your minimum processor state isn't set to 5% or lower, it might prevent your CPU from boosting properly.


    Please send help! I have no idea what to do with my laptop. — Acer Community


    My settings were set to 100% again. Not sure if it was the Windows 11 update or not, but it is likely that it was the cause.

  12. There's really not a whole lot to look out for. Generally speaking all NICs will do the job just fine. A nice thing to have for the future might be to get one that comes with a low profile PCI-e bracket. Just in case you'll ever want to install it in something that doesn't offer the space for a full size bracket. Never heard of a RJ-45 NIC that also features support for bluetooth. Usually WiFi cards offer bluetooth.
  13. Installing Linux was never an issue for me. It's what comes afterwards that bothers me the most about it. At the moment Anthony went into adding sources in the app store, or when he was saying that the version of wine in the appstore was outdated and that I now have to use the CLI to get it to work, he lost me. Sure, always having to open a browser window to download and install a program isn't optimal, but at least the software is up to date and I'll always be able to find it with Google. And then again, how often do I install new software? And then needing to check wh
  14. Just watching a bit of GTX 980 review content for nostalgia reasons and totally forgot it launched at 429GBP. Yet here we are, thinking 599 for a RTX 3080 is "cheap".

  15. That'd be something I'd expect from an average person. And if this was murica, I'd expect them to go steal a tank and drive it into Gaijin's headquarters.