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    LTT unofficial official Zoid Of Geeks Co Creator
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    The North Star State
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    Animation, Game Development, Tech, and more.
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    I'm a 18 year old guy that likes games and tech
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    Main:I5 7400 Laptop:I5 6200u
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  1. I've landed and heading home now, cant wait to pass out

  2. Ooh, I'm on a Boeing 737 which taking off at 7:47

  3. Waiting in the airport to head home, wish I could have stayed a bit longer but oh well. Now to wait the 3 hours for the plane. I don't know, your told to get to the airport a few hours early because tsa takes forever or something but so far both times I got through it in at most 20 minutes including the wait in line, getting through TSA, and walking to my gate

    1. AluminiumTech


      There's also passport control or at least there should be :P. And also other misc stuff.


      Also, in bigger airports usually you have to take a bus or a mini train to a different terminal.

  4. Fuck, I'm a nervous wreck, just got through tsa and at the gate waiting for my plane, but fuck did it feel stressful, it went well but it still felt very stressful. Now I got 2 hours until boarding

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    2. AluminiumTech


      I realized we've just completely hijacked this thread.... but allow me to continue anyways. xD


      I've once flown in an Embraer (they're Brazillian) jet and holy jesus that thing was tiny and so cramped.

    3. themaniac


      Lol, I dont remember what plane it was, it was A something, but man did it feel awesome, the take off was great, and my face was on the window the whole time

    4. imreloadin


      I'm glad it seems you enjoyed it as much as I do xD I can only imagine the rush fighter jet pilots feel when they take off...

  5. Breathes in Breathes out Tomorrow will be quite an anxious day for me. Tomorrow will be a day where i'll be waking up really early, tomorrow will be first the day where I'll experience the tsa, tomorrow will be the first day where i'll be on a plane for the very first time, tomorrow will be the first day i'll be meeting two internetters I've known for multiple years in person, tomorrow will be the first day where i'll be in another city without family, tomorrow will be the first day where i'll be in another state without family, and many more. tomorrow will be a first for many things and i'm not ready for it at all.


    At least I don't have to cosplay, thank you china and your shitty shipping

    1. imreloadin


      Most TSA people that I've had to deal with are pretty chill, just read the signs and follow the directions they give you and you should be golden. If they pull your bag aside for "additional screening" it normally only takes a few more minutes. Just make sure you get to the airport early (they're not joking about being there 2 hours early) depending on what airport it is.

  6. Some wonder if 47 really is the meaning of life, some wonder if life Is real, but what if I told you that those are the wrong questions to ask? For I have the one and only correct answer to ask, is it Handy Mans Handle? Or is it Handy Man Shandle? Is it a handle or shandle? Is he a Handy Man? Or is he Handy Mans?










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    2. TheSLSAMG


      What if you got it all wrong, and it is Han Dyman's handle?

    3. CUDAcores89


      I thought the meaning of life was 42 because some guy chose that arbitrary sounding number in some sci-fi book written in the late 70s with no factual basis behind the number.

    4. themaniac


      hmm, that's what I was going for when I said 47, could've sworn it was 47 not 42

  7. Smug Face is SmugScreenshot_20181120-200141_Fate_GO.jpg.e730ee2c8e26657762e23082127fb855.jpg

  8. So, someone care to explain this?



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    2. Dissitesuxba11s


      The anime girl might be a younger Cindy Moon (Silk). Is this from that Spiderverse movie? If it is, these are just different Spidermen/women/pig from different universes.


      Left to right: Silk(?), SpiderGwen, Spider-Ham, Spiderman (Miles Morales), Older Spiderman (Peter Parker), Spiderman Noir.

    3. themaniac


      yeah its from the Spiderverse movie and I did know they are from different universes, just surprised that an anime girl is spiderman

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      it's say's we're loosing viewers , pull the good ol connect to viewers by any means necessary.  it's kinda like Church inviting rock & roll . once it used to be the devils music, now we need something to keep the young demographic interested & relating to the idea we already have.

  9. sooooo that means, im my waifu, im not sure I like that
  10. Did you add your own hitch to your Peugeot or did it come with one from factory?
  11. Soon i'll have a proper set up, going from some this set up



    ignore all the white, that's just my half baked attempt at hiding a shit ton of my garbage which im too lazy to deal with

    to what will soon be using this



    I have moved it to a better location, but still deciding on its end location

    so, im gonna have a lot more room, though I do hate how little room there is where the keyboard is supposed to sit(that little shelf that's directly under the top wood plane) it does slide out but i'd prefer to not have to pull it out every time I have to type something, so that's gonna be lowered eventually and I plan and trying to raise its over all height somehow(probably just gonna steal some random scrap plywood and 2x4's and put them underneath)


    and heres another version of my setup I have only recently worked on. its set up in a way where I can only use it when I don't need to worry about using my keyboard




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    2. themaniac


      it was a half baked attempt at hiding my garbage

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      lol, but damn! how do you use that desk? you sit down on the floor?

    4. themaniac


      yes, that's what I do, its a bit uncomfortable, but it works fine the main reasons I am changing to a proper desk is because 1 I got the chance to take the one I just built, 2  I need more room, and 3 I need a better position for my mic so I can actually be heard because most of the time im in a voice chat its really late so my family is asleep


      if not for those reasons I wouldn't move to another on until I got the chance to build my own desk

  12. Anyone know of a mic amplifier program? I need it to take my voice from my mic, amplify it, and then send it to what ever software, such as discord

    1. Cyberspirit


      You can do that in the Realtek software that usually comes with the audio drivers for the mobo.



      Just click the little mic icon.

  13. Oh, do I have the perfect thing for you, you see MOPAR just released something so amazing that nothing else matters, cause you see the 426 is making a comeback with 1000hp https://www.motor1.com/news/274055/mopar-426-hemi-returns-hellephant/