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    The Dancing Mudkip
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    Michigan, United States
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    Ingress, Runescape, LTT, Ingress, Driving, Ingress, Vape
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    I play Ingress. A lot. Resistance all the way!
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    Full time CCNA student, Part Time Staples EasyTech


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    AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
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    MSI R9 290x Lightning
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    Silverstone FT05
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    1x 1TB WD RE4, 1x 250GB Samsung 850 EVO
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    Corsair AX860i
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    1x 24", 1x 23.1" Both ASUS
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    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2013
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    Logitech G700(s)
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    5.1 channel surround
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    Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8.1 Pro, BackTrack5r2,
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  1. I can't seem to find a clear cut answer on which drone is favored more... I have the opportunity to buy a used DJI Phantom 2 for $250 with a few non-drone related goodies, or a 3DR Solo BNIB for $261 shipped. This will be my first drone, but figured a great entry price point. Does anyone have experience with either of these models? Any pros/cons of one or another that someone can give from first hand experience?
  2. DJI Phantom 2 with no gimbal used for $175, or 3DR Solo with no gimbal BNIB for $261?

  3. Anyone ever get bored with your current plans then decide to drive 2-3hrs south to a college campus, then another 2-3 hours west to Chicago at like, 2am est? Yeah.. just now waking up.

  4. Do what I did previously and wall mount it When done properly, it looks very neat. I had made some black cat6 cables and made sure to secure them rather tightly so the whole setup looks very clean and nice. Unfortunately, I've moved since, so that router is no longer wall mounted, but rather sits on one of the shelves of my desk
  5. Watching a video on iOS 10... Messages is becoming Facebook Messenger + Google Hangouts..

  6. I keep getting the same 4 cats on Nougat easter egg.. I'm supposed to be able to get like, literally millions of different cats using the same 4 foods, but I keep getting the same exact one for that specific food. wtf..

    1. themctipers



      note 5 doesn't have nougat yet .. For a few months or so. 

    2. MblaZe7run


      Rip service provider + Google. #AOSPislyf

    3. themctipers


      Not really.  Mine is from Hong Kong and even at that it's unlocked..

      dual sim! Although one only works. 


      fucking Samsung. 

  7. Why do I feel like the Nougat easter egg is kinda lame? :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MblaZe7run


      You catch cats... Note, it did come out before Pokemon Go, so it's not a rip off on that.

    3. thekeemo


      this doesnt sound lame

    4. thekeemo


      sounds like a $20 game in japan :D

  8. Why do I feel like the Nougat easter egg is kinda lame? :/

  9. Exactly. I won't buy anything from them unless they will price match the cheaper deal. If they won't, then the item is left on the counter as I walk away and place my order on my way out. Surprisingly, I've gotten them to price match Crutchfield, NCIX, B&H, and Non-shipped and sold by Amazon.
  10. Illegal porn, illegal stuff, more illegal stuff, organ sales, secret fileshare websites, etc. Basically any black market you've ever heard of, but digital (in my research experience) EDIT: I actually found a movie hosting .tor searching with a friend of mine. It had complete scripts (that ended up to be about 95% accurate) and some scenes for movies that wouldn't be released for about 5 months.
  11. Yeah, how about when they aren't having sales? Every time I walk into Best Buy and "Okay Google" my phone for a price match, they either meet MSRP, or exceed it.
  12. What OEM heatsink? Are you talking AMD/Intel, or HP/Dell/etc? afaik, intell doesn't use screws, at all. And AM seems to not use them either.
  13. What would the application for that be? Like, I don't see a use for it at all.. EDIT: aside from proof of concept, but even then... dead media so why
  14. I'm sure XDA has your back, they should have something out soon-ish I would imagine.