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    Ryzen 5 2400G
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    Gigabyte ga-a320m s2h v2
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    Crucial 16GB DDR4 2666mhz
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    Integrated Vega 11
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    Cougar MX330-G
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    Crucial 240GB SSD
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    Cheap 500W :(
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    Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition

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  1. On the other hand there's NANO with 0 transaction fees, nearly instant transaction and low power usage.
  2. More like: "Retailer maximizing their profits, because that's what businesses do. A retailer in Europe list 3060s for over 2x the MSRP"
  3. This ^ Modded apps Easy data transfer to pc If a restart doesn't help, i'm afraid your only choice is to factory reset.
  4. Taylor series is on another level of difficulty.

  5. I'm planning to run teams on a virtual machine(totally not for cheating purposes :)). Is there a chance that teams will detect my pc specs or smth like that(really whatever), that would give a clue to the organizer that I'm running on a VM?
  6. I meant what carrier are you going to be using, because some phones don't support specific bands. Anyway, I would suggest getting the Xiaomi Mi 9T/Pro, photos are will turn out very good, especially with gcam.
  7. Website you're gonna buy from? Mobile carrier?
  8. I mean...it is a good investment, perfectly legal and somewhat acceptable.
  9. For $5? Yeah. For $100? Nope. Still, i would spend just a little more to get a better one.
  10. This seems kinda cool 







  11. Recently I've gotten emails about someone trying to access my amazon account and now I just found out that there's a galaxy s8 (which i dont own) on the "Find my Phone" list. I use this gmail account for websites that require a login to continue or smth like that. I already signed out of all devices and changed my password. Should i just delete it and open another one? And yeah i had a little fun ringing and erasing all the content from the device.