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    LTT unofficial official Zoid Of Geeks Co Creator
  • Birthday Sep 15, 2000

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    Formerly The North Star State Now Wisconsin
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    Animation, Game Development, Tech, and more.
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    I'm a 20 year old guy that likes games and tech
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    Fast Food


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    Main:I5 7400 Laptop:I5 6200u
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    Main:HP propietary Laptop:Dell proprietary
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    Main:8GB DDR4 ????Mhz Laptop:8GB laptop 800Mhz
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    Main: HP GTX 1060 3GB(Igpu Intel HD Graphics 630) Laptop:Intel HD Graphics 520
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    Main:HP Pavilion Power 580-023w Laptop:Dell Inspiron 15 5559
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    Main:1TB WD Blue 7200rpm Laptop:1TB 5400rpm
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    Main:HP(Lite On) 300w Laptop:Dell
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    Main:Acer Curved ED242QR wi Laptop:Dell(probably)
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    Main:Stock Laptop:Dell
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    Main:CM Storm Laptop:Dell(probably)
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    Logitech MX Performance
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  1. Ooh its 112 now, nice.


    Still not any closer to being able to set up my pc though

  2. i gots 75 notifs and all of the problems

    1. Letgomyleghoe


      lmfao, have fun sorting through that.

      I love when I log on, and see like 16 notifs, get all excited and it's just "so and so has replied to a status update"

    2. themaniac


      im not even gonna touch them for a bit, my pc isnt even set up at the moment

    3. TopHatProductions115
  3. Oh yeah, this was at work yesterday


    1. handymanshandle


      Hoovie: I Bought The Cheapest Bentley In The Country Sight Unseen

  4. so i am currently in the process of considering a very poor financial decision and one thing pushing me away from it. Well atleast pushing me away from one of the options is this image.png.60a175f26d2775d9909dd160e445f72e.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. themaniac


      that is an 2018 Acura TLX, and yeah, that is the transmission lever like everything about it made me go yes, me likey and then i saw that...


      Oh and the electronic parking brake so no drifting sliding the rear for me.

    3. themaniac


      it also has 42k miles on it, which im not the biggest fan of but its used so it is what it is

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      not like your gonna drift an acura tlx anyway, front wheel drive unless you get the cool package

  5. Anyone know of a good wifi extender/booster thats a decently affordable? Something around $40?

    1. Schnoz


      Google Wifi's worked pretty well for my house. A 3-pack of routers costs $200, but I'm pretty sure you can find one on eBay for your price point. The newer ones have Boogle Assistant built in.

    2. Grumpy Old Man
  6. granted but its an engineering sample that doesnt work and results in you going to jail upon nvidia finding out and trust me they will.
  7. granted but the rest of this year and next year is horrible until the next break. i wish i could get myself to go to bed at a reasonable time
  8. granted but you'll never be able to sleep again. I wish game developers would focus on optimization a bit more
  9. Granted, but you went back in time to make it and now have to survive WWII You're welcome I wish i had the urge to learn something new
  10. Granted, but its overcooked to the point of becoming charcoal. I wish i could control my spending to be able to save up for stuff
  11. dvi to hdmi adapters to the rescue

    1. Schnoz


      This was what saved me back when I had a 1060 3 GB before my motherboard VRM heatsink fell on it a and killed it. 


      On that note, that incident is also why I now only get cards with some sort of backplate.

    2. themaniac


      ouch, but yeah, the gpu i got for my brother has a dead hdmi port and dvi to hdmi is the only thing walmart had.

  12. the damn hdmi port...

  13. So in relation to the previous status update, there are a couple of problems withe the gpu and psu i got. Both used so i guess i deserve this. Anyways, we replaced the psu in his pc with this one, and it works. with both just the igpu and gt 730. But not with the r9 380, the fans would turn on for a second and then back off. On and then off, On then off, on then off... So we decided to put my 1060 into his pc and it runs just fine. We also put the 380 into my pc and it works just fine. Except for one thing, the hdmi port. It gave out signal to my dp monitor but not my hdmi monitor. But heres the thing, i tried plugging my dp monitor into his pc when the 380 was in there and there was no display, unless im seriously blind. So now i have a few ideas. Either theres a problem with MS's basic bitch drivers in his pc, the hdmi port on the card doesnt work, and/or the 12v rail on the psu is the problem. But im not really sure about that since my 1060 works on that psu, but my 1060 only requires one 6pin power vs the 380s 2 6pin power

  14. So i bought my brother an r9 380(and a psu) and it arrived... in just bubble wrap(and a box but thats a given), no idea if thats bad and it should have came in some sort of antistatic bag. But anyways i want to test it out to make sure it works but i dont want to go through the effort of uninstalling my gpu and drivers. Plus i would have to use the psu i got my brother as well, since the psu in my pc is a shitty prebuilt psu...




    20201116_132401.jpg (4032×2268)


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dizmo


      It's not great, you can get quite a bit of static off of regular bubble wrap; that's why I have rolls of anti static bubble wrap.

      It could still be fine though.

    3. themaniac


      Guess I'll just have to hope then, also had no idea there was such a thing and antistatic bubblewrap

    4. dizmo


      Yup, it's usually pink.