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  1. So I may be getting a promotion soon, just need to go through some stuff with the top manager to make sure I am doing everything correctly and then I could become a member of the trainer team. While not as glamorous as becoming a manager it's still quite something, especially since I've only been there about 6 months and I have zero prior work experience.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. dizmo


      Just don't take too long. 6 months quickly turns into a year which quickly turns into 2, and in that time you could have completed a degree.

    3. themaniac


      I'll see in the future, though i doubt i'll be getting into any college with my abysmal gpa(seriously screwed myself over with that)

    4. dizmo


      Not sure if the US is the same, but here once you're a certain age colleges no longer look at your GPA, as you're entering as an adult.

      Trade schools are also another thing worth looking into.

      You can also look into short courses, like Payroll Admin, Registry positions, etc. Most are available online, only take a few months, and you'll make a fair bit more than you do now, plus have far more earning potential.


      "In the future" is something you'll probably say to yourself for years, and regret later on.

    1. PCGuy_5960


      I'm a bit disappointed, outside of the whole loot box fiasco, EA star wars games were really good.

    2. themaniac


      ngl i am a bit too, as i was quite interested to see where they would go if they ever made a sequel to Fallen Order

  2. 20210109_181415.jpg

    been a while since i've had a proper meal, some steak, broccoli, and two types of potatoes


    shame i overcooked the steak though, everything else is nice

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. themaniac


      i know it looks pink in the pic, but its not, its 100% brown

    3. Schnoz


      Mmmm...those waffle fries look tasty. I haven't had one in around two years  because parents and COVID-19.

    4. themaniac


      they are, love me some waffle fries

  3. tomato soup really makes the difference for grilled cheese

    1. Mateyyy


      Especially when white wine is involved. *happy Adam Ragusea noises*


    2. themaniac


      that may or may not have been what inspired me to make some

  4. Words are hard mmmmmmmkay

    1. Schnoz


      Yes, hard English very learn to is.


      Seriously though, English has so many exceptions which makes it surprisingly hard to learn for non-native speakers.

    2. Den-Fi
  5. I atleast have some good news, its financial good news, but its something, i have actually been able to successfully build up my savings account a little but, its larger then my tiny credit limit but its something.

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    2. themaniac


      yeah, i just need to start working on not using my credit card to build my credit and i'll be golden

    3. CircleTech


      @themaniac As far as building Credit I can help you there:


      1. You have to pay interest to improve your credit score - A total 100% myth. I have no idea who came up with this but it's just not true. You just need to use your card at all every month and pay in full. This leads me to my second point -


      2. It's a common myth that the more you use your card, the better your credit - This is a 10% truth 90% lie. All you have to do is use your credit card once a month so you can report to the credit buearus a balance, even if it's a dollar. But even if you don't use your card, having a credit card on your report will still build credit. It's just that the buearus seeing any amount reported will bump your score a little. This does not scale to the number of cards you have. Ex: I have 13 credit cards but I only have one report a $2 balance. having more report a balance does not help my score more. 


      3. You do not need to carry a balance - If you pay your card off in full every month, your balance will be reporterd to the credit buearus. However as long as you pay off your balance within the Statement date, you can carry a balance for up to 50 days on your card interest free. This is called a "Grace Period" and is something I take advantage of:



      4. Having more accounts hurts your credit: Again, 10% truth 90% false. When you sign up for a new account, the banks will perform what is called a hard pull on your credit score and it will drop by 2-3 points for 6 months. After 6 months the Hard pull won't matter and after two years the hard pull will drop off. I signed up for Five credit cards in August of 2020 to Pay my tuition and my score dropped by 10 points. It came back to where I started just this month and I now have five additional cards on my report.


      5. Closing a card hurts your credit - This is a half-truth. Closing a card will not immediately hurt your credit as your old card will remain in good standing (assuming that's what you closed it as) on your account for six-years. After the six-year period is up, the closed account will drop of your credit report and affect your Average Age of Accounts. If you closed a particularly old card, your credit score could drop. This is one of the reasons I prefer to close cards that cost me money sooner rather than later because the longer I keep a high-annual-fee credit card, the harder it becomes to justify to close.  


      I'm 22, have 13 credit cards, have a 760 credit score, and have never paid a cent in interest. I think I know what i'm doing. 

    4. themaniac


      Oh i know all of that, i just need to actually not max out my card and leave it almost maxed for multiple months, i'm making progress on that front though. I actually got it back down to $0 only for christmas to happen. But with the new year i'll hopefully be able to keep it low if not empty for the most part. And from there i can look into getting another card or two.


      If you dont mind me asking whats your total credit limit and whats the single lowest limit card you have? My one and only card has a limit of $300 which im sure it would be safe to assume is pretty tiny for most people

  6. 2020 part 2 is already starting off strong, my asshole of a sisters boyfriend(who lives with us) was in contact with someone who might have covid. Normally if that happened to you, you wouldnt take risks and would avoid leaving your room and if you had to you would wear a mask and atleast wash your hands before touching anything right? Not these assholes, they went all over the house without a mask, no washing of hands, nothing. And not only that, he refuses to get fucking tested.(you can probably tell im pissed right?)


    So yeah, 2020 part to is going great, just fucking great

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ragnarok0273
    3. themaniac


      yes they are, i love my three little shits to death

    4. ragnarok0273


      I don't have any (yet, I'm 14) but my housemate does (she's 13 and only likes some people) and she has decided she doesn't hate me.

  7. welp it actually because 2021, not jan 1st 2020 part 2, not december 32nd 2020, or many of the other variations. Sadly its still gonna be just as much of a shithole as 2020

    1. Bombastinator


      This is also my fear.  I wonder if we one day look back at 2020 as “the good ol’ days”. Or it could be better by April.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      Ya never know :3

  8. Wheres Snowflakes opinion? 

    1. Bombastinator


      Snowflake has a thousand warm computers to sit on.  Why would it bother with chairs? 

    2. themaniac


      because they are snowflakes chairs, plus if snowflake is anything like my cats, then snowflake will wanna lay on it just because steve used it

  9. though now discord is throwing a fit and wont load for him

  10. so it seems like it was the ram that was causing the problem. So we switched back to the old set and it seems to be working just fine.

  11. So, my brother is having a problem with is pc, his monitor does this 20201226_142620.jpg

    meanwhile his other monitor goes black and then his pc restarts. Any idea what could cause that? im thinking gpu maybe or motherboard?

  12. Before i got my second monitor i was always skeptical of everyone saying that once you get dual monitors you cant go back, but after getting them and then temporarily losing it. I finally understood it, while i dont need two monitors its a massive nice to have that i definitely couldnt live without for long periods of time.

    1. dizmo


      Have you ever tried an ultrawide?

    2. themaniac


      Thats expensive though, I only have a 1060(the 3gb version as well) as well so I wouldn't be able to power any games on it

    3. dizmo


      It's really not. 29" ultrawide monitors are quite affordable, and aren't that taxing on a 1060. I ran mine easily with a 980.

  13.  nearly all of them were status updates and i wont lie, i skipped all of them since im not reading 600 status's but there were a few things i opened

  14. Here in marks the moment i have set up my desk once again, while my plans were foiled by unforeseen(yet completely predictable by someone with knowledge) obstacles. Nonetheless i shall now take the task of looking at all 635 notifications, so therefore i would like to make a request of you guys to not give me any more such notifications.