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    Trying to make peace with the world ✌
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    Portland, Oregon. My rent is too damn high.
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    Plaid, Cars and Computers.


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    Intel Core i5 8600K @ 4.8 GHz 1.3V
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    Gigabyte Z390 UD
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z 3200 MHz CAS 14
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    EVGA GTX 970 + 150 MHz core, + 300 mem
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    NZXT S340 Black
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (Windows) + OCZ Arc 100 120GB (Storage) + Sandisk SSD PLUS 240 GB (moar storage)
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    EVGA 550GS
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz + Dell U2515H 1440P IPS 60Hz
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    Noctua D15S + color explosion of Noctua fans
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    CM Rapid Quickfire TKless w/all blue keycaps and a big ol mouse mat with a Vette on it
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    Logitech G403 + special carpal tunnel mouse for those with weak ass wrist muscles like me
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    Mayflower O2/ODAC->JBL LSR305 + Sennheiser HD 600 + Audio Technica SR50BT + Sennheiser CX 2.00i
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    Windows 10
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  1. Sell it and buy faster memory? Your board is currently limiting you on RAM choice anyways, so it wouldn't be the first thing I would upgrade, but most modern hardware takes advantage of faster memory quite readily. For R6S at low settings, I'm assuming you're trying to hit really high framerates and not hit drops at all as that's what most people who play games like that (Overwatch, CS:GO, etc) want if they're playing at low settings. You absolutely need fast memory to maintain framerates like that at those high refresh rates (144 Hz +). It might be beneficial to just start fresh
  2. Yep, your CPU is definitely the issue then, but would also be helped tremendously with faster memory. The 8500 can't boost super high, so it would be beneficial to get a higher-clocked Intel CPU for your use-case, especially if you want a steady 144+ FPS. An 8600K/8700K/9700K would do nicely if your memory is already 3000 MHz + and you can afford a Z390 board since your board probably supports 2666 at most.
  3. Doesn't matter a whole lot. He's on an H310 board.
  4. It is very likely that you are seeing input latency spike when your CPU hits 100%, yes. What are you playing when your CPU hits 100%? What resolution?
  5. Bro, remember when we met at Washington square mall like three years ago and you lent me your Corsair AIO? Time flies man.

    1. Tsuki


      haha  yea it does.   How you been doin?

      also, you should add me on Discord or something since i actually dont come on here all that often anymore   TsukiNaito#2738

    2. STRMfrmXMN


      I've been alright. Can't even remember what was going on in my life since I saw ya. I'll add ya on Discord. If I don't find ya it's Storm from X-Men#1077.



  6. My Subaru (in signature) has been getting a new shortblock put in for almost a month now (busy shop), and I've come to find I miss the nice, hefty clutch and shifter action from the 5-speed. My Honda is a manual but the clutch is shot and the long throws on the shifter just don't feel the same. The Subie also has an Apple CarPlay head unit and MAN do I miss that. One thing I wanted in a beater car is cruise control. I will never own any car that doesn't have it, adaptive or otherwise. It saves gas and makes driving so much less stressful over long trips. My Honda's is a little jan
  7. What are you using to monitor temperatures? On Intel, RealTemp is a simple, free software to measure that's accurate. You can also use a software like HWInfo64 to see if your VRMs are getting extremely hot or your voltages are dropping or something along those lines. Have you tried updating your BIOS?
  8. This is probably gonna sound kinda strange, but this 10+ year old Logitech G400 has been through two or three computers of my mom's and still works like new. She doesn't game on it - just uses it for normal mom stuff on a Mac. But it's quality, and she middle clicks all the time, and it still works. Sometimes, they don't make them like they used to FWIW, I'm using a G403 that I've had for two or three years now and it has no issues, but I can't speak for the middle click as I never use it.
  9. Need to replace my 7-year old XPS 13. Looking for a laptop with at least 4 cores and 8GB of RAM. Don't care about storage. Would like at least one USB-A port. Need at least 6 hours of battery life. Would like something with a biometric login of some sort. Currently deciding between a Surface Laptop 3 base model and a Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha (2-in-1). Tried both these at Best Buy and really liked both. Anybody have any insight into them, or suggestions for other laptops in the sub-$1000 range that are decent?

    1. Kobathor


      (late reply BUT) i love my Surface Laptop 2!! Super great for schoolwork. The battery life is amazing, and it's better on the 3. Great keyboard and screen. Windows Hello works almost instantly. Two years later and it's still really fast.

    2. STRMfrmXMN


      I appreciate the reply man! I love the screen on them, so that's my primary motivation to buy that one. I do like the lighter weight of the Flex a lot as well as the 2-in-1 functionality. I think it'll ultimately come down to whichever one is cheaper when I hit buy.

  10. The damn DisplayPort port on my 144 Hz Asus just died. 144 Hz is still doable over DVI, however almost no GPUs use it anymore unless I want a 2060 Super, and I was planning on buying a new 3070 when they came out. What are the odds that a 3060 will have DVI, do you think?

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. pierom_qwerty


      LMAO seems like my recommendation worked...also glad you've recovered from whatever surgery you had.

    3. STRMfrmXMN


      I didn't recover from my surgery in that one hour lapse, but thanks xD


      Still sitting at home in pain, but at least I can now have a 3070!

    4. pierom_qwerty


      Lmao, wish you well!


      Mind I ask, what was the surgery?

  11. I always forget that there are people that go on the forum and assume Linus will see their post when they're first starting out
  12. I stopped frequenting the forum as much as I realized that most people could solve others' PSU troubles and questions without me as needed. The few times I've come back have been to post a troubleshooting thread and nobody ever seems to be able to help me. I'd say an 8, although I've made IT my career, so I'm probably going to come with some weird questions that might be hard to answer and will only become more difficult.
  13. What are the odds we get an RTX 3XXX card that runs off PCIe power only and is as powerful as a GTX 1080? That's the kinda GPU I've been holding out for, but it seems like Nvidia is planning on upping the power usage of their cards yet again. RIP the Maxwell power draw :/

    1. BringBackLinusCatTips
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      thats like beyond 5nm or something i believe to give that much of a performance out of low power.

    3. STRMfrmXMN


      Oh. Well heck. Guess I’ll buy an RTX 3070/3060 when they’re out then

  14. Maybe I'm just too accustomed to Subarus that'll knock and pretty much just explode on impact with 87 octane fuel, but a turbo, high-compression engine seems like a huge risk to be running with regular.