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  1. he has been a member since 2014, and has over 8k feedback, mostly positive. i see no reason to assume it isn't real, and ebay's buyer protection is very good. that said, i don't know of any way to know if it has been mined. it is pretty overpriced, but considering the times, is about right.
  2. a 3070 would be fine with a 3600x, shouldn't be any bottleneck. bottlenecks don't mean it wouldn't work anyway, just that the cpu would be the limiting factor(if there was a bottleneck). welcome to the forums.
  3. is it the asus gtx 1070 turbo? what are the full specs? and if you remove the case side panel, what are the temps?
  4. in the bench-marking photos i've seen where the pc is on, i don't see the"geforce rtx" lit up, so i assume no. edit:
  5. try pulling up cmd and entering "diskpart", and then typing "list disk". if they show up, they might just need to be assigned a letter. here is a quick tutorial: https://sites.google.com/site/robertjkarp/home/windows/diskpart-to-assign-drive-letters-via-command-prompt
  6. the higher refresh rate definitely makes it a lot better, or non existent, it depends on the person though. i got a bit motion sick from time to time at first, i used dramamine to help until i got used to it.
  7. that's odd, should still be able to. try pulling up the boot menu and select to boot from the ssd. if for some reason that doesn't work, there may be other ways, but first thing that comes to mind is to just boot ubuntu from a usb and format the drive. you could also boot a windows 10 install usb, and press shift+f10 to bring up cmd, and simply clean and format the drive. just make sure not to mess with your ssd, or simply keep it unplugged to be safe, if using either of those 2 methods.
  8. as suggested, might be time for new thermal paste, but i would try setting a better fan curve first to see if that is the issue.
  9. it's not ideal, a quick google says max temp of 88c for the 2060, but lower would be better. 90c is too high imo, especially if it is consistently at those temps. what is the case, and fan setup?
  10. darn. if you have another pc, or access to one, i would check to see if it shows up. otherwise, yeah sounds like it might be a doa.
  11. try changing your csm settings in the bios, and disabling secure boot. also, if you have any devices plugged into the sata port 5, change it to a different port as # 5 shares lanes with the m.2 if it is in sata mode.
  12. if neither cable works(and your sure the cables work), and the iphone won't connect to the the laptop either, seems safe to say the issue is probably with the iphone. try cleaning out the charger port, might be dirt or corrosion causing an issue. otherwise, could be faulty port, or other internal issues.
  13. any gpu should fit then. so what are the psu specs? cpu? budget? and what do you want it to be able to do?
  14. any gpu will work in the pcie slot. the limit isn't the mobo(mostly), but more the psu, and whether it is the full tower, or sff 7010. if it's the sff, you need a sff gpu. if it is a full tower, then any regular gpu should fit. what cpu does it have? and what are you looking to run on it?