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  1. 500 gb might be fine for that. as far as drives, the p1 has been a great drive for me. i have 2, a 500gb, and a 1tb installed in two different pc's. both perform great in gaming.
  2. i hope you and your "team" have good law degrees lol
  3. all depends on your needs and budget, but yeah, that sounds like a decent way to set it up. if your going to be playing alot of aaa games, 1tb might be better.
  4. i would try another charger to rule that out, otherwise it sounds like you may have broken the charging port. no easy fix for that without replacing it with soldering.
  5. cpu's and vr sets are regular price, atleast in the usa(maybe only near me?, not sure). usually in stock as well. gpu's on the other hand, not anytime soon unfortunately.
  6. i usually do exhaust for the tops. you can always switch them if it isn't cooling well.
  7. better to avoid daisy chains if possible, better to go with the 2 separate cables.
  8. this doesn't say what board it is, different manufacturers have different drivers usually. either way, go to the website for the exact model mobo you have, and download the driver's onto a flash drive, and then install them on the pc. you can probably get away with just the wlan drivers, and once connected to the internet windows 10 should get the rest.
  9. sure i guess lol. keeping all relevant twitter pages open for stock alert, watching for when drops would be (newegg/best buy/zotac/b&h/ect.) and having all accounts logged in with payment details ready for quickest possible checkout, and being in as many relevant discords as possible. i'm sure there is more i could do, but that's enough for me lol. also checking all nearby pc shops/microcenters for stock.
  10. actually they had a major outage just a few days ago. as far as "easy anti cheat" not sure if you need that for MCC, or a different game, but i also couldn't get it to work and gave up lol.
  11. you could get a pci card that accommodates that card, otherwise, yea unfortunately.
  12. the wifi card slot's afaik are m.2 key e, which the two on your mobo aren't.
  13. it's m.2 2230, which slot 2 can fit, but slot 1 can't. https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B450m Pro4/#Specification edit: could be wrong, but i thought that mobo's that could accommodate m.2 wifi had a specific spot for just wifi cards. either way, slot 2 claims it will fit 2230.
  14. yes, i would agree. i have been trying to help my friend get a 3070 for the past 2 weeks, and i am getting nowhere, and also msrp prices have spiked a bit. when i got my 3070 in early December, it took maybe 1 week of solid effort.