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  1. just to clarify, it's a secondary drive, and you want to disconnect it while you format the primary drive? if so, that should be fine. always a good practice to have a backup, but i do this all the time without issue.
  2. i would check in the bios and see if you have any options for the fans, if not, try speedfan and msi afterburner. also, could be really dusty/dirty fans and vents. have you checked for that?
  3. for that price, might be best to get something like a used dell optiplex tower, and try and fit the best used/new gpu you can with whats left over. 9020 MT 250$+tax: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274913851081?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item40022476c9:g:AhcAAOSw6hZgV4TJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSlHY%2FYTip4QFVjNQrCEJt6oxmdFIgVdDx92DFVZp7df91cSOywRSVF%2BqcbYiQCtGaXe%2BoYtR3ZWDzpkIrE1c%2BcYBCld1zMM996TkHcv90ZwFGK26sdfzbqnpyUUuQSGh2LFHUZIKCqzWgflvhUOBNgbV9xUvy3z3BqkpqROYZi%2BL2JOrqxOmN4kZrtld01yOIrFrYmbqhKcrJTHift9HD6B1bgiZ06WQ9VG%2F0hjIsV9T5l1QslsXFLt
  4. could be thermal throttling? 91c is pretty high up there. have you tried undervolting to lower temp? i would try that, and if the fps is good, then it's probably thermal throttling. edit: just noticed the cpu is 96c, so running hot across the board. have you tried turning up the fan speed?
  5. useful for things like mining, or if you need more monitors than 1 gpu supports. other than that, there is no point, no performance increase to be had from 2, unless sli, but that is dead at this point. why not sell it? best market for that atm.
  6. if it's an oem replacement, it will work the same as the current one, but it's going to be expensive, probably close to the monitors value. if it's new, do you have a warranty that might cover accidental damage?
  7. i am seeing mixed info on whether that board ships with 5000 support or not. i would try a bios update as that board has bios flashback, so you can update the bios without needing another cpu.
  8. any pics? seems unlikely that it would get near the temp required, at least without thermal protection kicking in. either way, depending on what bios rev the mobo shipped with, it might not support ryzen 5000. if that is the case, it will require a 2000 or 3000 ryzen chip to flash the bios first. edit: just saw that it is the "pro" version of the board. it should work with 5000 out of the box. maybe the cpu was damaged from the heat, or yanking it out.
  9. that i'm not too sure of. might be just what the card idles at, my rog strix 1070 idled at 55-60c, where as my 3070 twin edge oc idles at 40-45c. you could try checking in resource manager to see if anything is using the gpu at idle causing it to raise the temps.
  10. custom fan curve may be your best bet then.
  11. my guess is it is a program you are using that is causing the issues. try to narrow it down to programs that you are sure have been used on all 3 computers, from there maybe try researching each one to see if anyone has had similar issues with that particular program. i don't see any easy way to figure it out though.
  12. the card might have a silent mode, where the fans stay off until a certain temp. could try setting a custom fan curve.