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    Intel Core i7 5820k
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    4x4GB (16GB) Gskill Ripjaws 4 DDR4
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    AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    120GB SM951, 500GB 850Evo, 1TB SSHD, 2TB HDD
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    Corsair H105
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    Logitech G303
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    Kingston Hyper X Clouds
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  1. This is actually the single worst fucking mounting system I have ever used. I now see why Linus always recommends everyone copy's their mounting system; he's very sadistic. I've actually used both AMD/Intel stock coolers; Coolermaster, Corsair (AIO), Scythe, Be quiet, Thermaltake, and deepcool. And yes. I've checked that; like I said I can literally take the cooler off and see. They are both facing towards the ceiling. Also an update I can screw in the top OR the bottom one, but never both. I still cannot tell when ones threaded in or not... just suddenly I've been screwing for 30
  2. Doing AM4. And No, just the cooler came off, not the C-Clip... And legit I can't tell when I'm catching threads almost feels like there are none. I've watched this video 4 times... And after nearly 2 HOURS. I can't get the cooler on properly.
  3. Literally couldn't tell when it was about to come out... just untightened it and then heard a slight noise. And the screw came all the way out and now I can get neither of them in. Really learning to hate this mounting system.
  4. After spending around 40 minutes trying so far to get one screw in I didn't wanna unscrew it but dammit I guess I have to. It literally feels no different when I'm actually tightening the screw vs just spinning the screw in place until I fully tighten it. and I just did 5 small dots. in an X pattern like you'd see on a dice.
  5. The rest of the cooler is in the way... Update: I got the bottom screw to actually start tightening... and I legitimately just "tightened" the top screw for 2 minutes straight... and the second I take my hand off the cooler. it immediately tilts towards the bottom screw. As if I had done nothing. Edit: and by 2 minutes straight I mean it; I used a stopwatch and all.
  6. How do you even tighten them all the way? Heck how do you even tighten them? the allen-key esque screw driver they give you sucks. I can't push down on it while I try to screw it at all... so it feels like I'm not moving the screw at all
  7. ^title. Building new PC with a Noctua NHD-15 Chromax. I'm mounting the heatsync down to the cpu right now, and I just don't feel like I'm actually tightening it into place at all... no matter what I do I can wiggle the cooler around a little. And when I just thought I finally had it tightened properly I pulled on it slightly and it came right off the cpu. Is this normal or am I just being an idiot?
  8. RTX voice is a very very very new program... what did you use before discord voice?
  9. Read what I said again... "mean "ATX" is basically the largest standard motherboard size" 1. I said basically. 2. I said STANDARD; E-ATX is not actually a standard... here's a GN video to explain. But TLDR most people hate the phrase cause it's made up and not actually a standard.
  10. I mean "ATX" is basically the largest standard motherboard size... so if you have that, your case is going to assume you need a large size to make use of your motherboard's expansion slots and such... Then you also gotta remember AIR FLOW is a thing empty space is perfect for airflow. You can still find smaller ATX cases but they're more of a hard find to get them really small... or you could just get a new motherboard go ITX and get something the size of a Play station 4. Or like a cubeish case like Coolmaster Elite 110.
  11. Price and Lowered efficiency. Are the big ones others have mentioned... Another thing to consider is odd wearing? Like most modern PSUs don't turn their fans on unless they hit X% usage or X temp... and some of the components internally might hit a relatively high temp without it being enough to trigger the fans. and it may just use these parts more than others and cause them to wear quicker than the rest. But that's mostly just in theory. Probably not anything to worry about. Honestly if I were you I'd just get the PSU wattage that makes sense efficiency w
  12. Those computers are all like 13-20 years old at this point... just try and sell them for like $50 each or something if you can... then I'd try and take the $150ish you get out of it, and your current gpu budget (assuming your friends offering it to for some absurdly low like $50) then that's a total of a $200 budget... As for what todo with that $200ish budget just look at some of LTT's scrapyard wars series; or other channels like "Tech Yes City" or "Nerd on a budget" or something in that vein.
  13. Heck these are like 13-20 year old systems. I mean remember X58 and the first gen i7's came out late '08... Core 2 Quad is his newest cpu listed... so assuming it's not the absolute last of the core 2 quads... it's from '07 (13 years ago) I actually think a GT 1030 might be too new for that.
  14. Good for HTPCs and such I suppose? But also can AMD just fix their naming schemes? Cause this APU's having an extra 1000 in their skus is just stupid... Also why do they have the "Pro" models? really just wastes bio space they just the last 2 years they had multiple big BIOS fiascos... with the Zen 2 launch and again with the 300/400 chipsets not supporting Zen and Zen+
  15. ... Okay? What do most apple buyers have to do at all with what I'm saying? Literally have talked 0 bit about them. My point wasn't "Apple lovers will see AMD and start liking AMD" If you thought it was I'm honestly confused as to how you got that notion. My point was that Apple would prove to other laptop/desktop/phone/etc designing companies that AMD works and it works well... Linus has said multiple times on WAN show as an example that AMD is definitely winning in mobile space see their 2 recent AMD laptop reviews where they won versus either a much larger laptop OR against a desktop... But