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    2x Xeon X5675
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    Mac Pro 4,1
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    Vega 56
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    Mac Pro 4,1
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    2TB Micron 1100
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    Stock Mac Pro 980W
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    2x LG 27GL850
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    Sony UDA-1, SS-HA3
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    MacOS 10.13
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    Macbook Pro 2015 15" CTO

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  1. Results may vary - I have a Noctua C14S in mine, have about 12mm clearance left with the side dust filter in place. Add about 2mm more if you remove the filter. Advertised cooler height is 142mm. C14S does great in this case with its stock A14 fan as intake. Zero complaints about cooling performance with 2x Noctua A12x15 intake at bottom, 2x A12x25 out at top, 1x A8 out at rear.
  2. Sama IM01? The Fractal Design Define Mini C is *huge*, there are full on ATX cases that are smaller.
  3. Sorry, not looking to sell. Memory Express's website shows 4 silver units remaining in your province? I bought the very last one in BC back in January for double the current price - and it took a 3 hour trip 2 cities over.
  4. There is a few plain silver (aluminum?) ITX cases on Amazon.ca if you don't mind a pico PSU and importing. Personally I like the Fractal Design Era ITX so much that I bought three of them. Just wish they sold the walnut panel standalone so I could use it with the others.
  5. I own and have used both the 2.5" Firecuda and a HGST 7200RPM Travelstar in a laptop (as a boot drive) and a PS4. In the PS4, the Travelstar performs much better in all circumstances so far - I believe there is nothing sufficiently repetitive enough in how the PS4 utilizes the hard drive to really take advantage of the caching vs the higher data rate of the Travelstar. It was a bit disappointing as the older Seagate Momentus XT hybrid did perform well with my PS3. As for the laptop, the Firecuda is the sure overall winner. It massively cut down on Windows boot times, an
  6. You can use a free bootable utility like "Darik's Boot and Nuke" on most systems. Otherwise you can boot to Windows install media, open up the command line and use the "clean all" function of the diskpart command.
  7. Airplay compatible devices like the Airport Express are a heck of a lot more convenient to use with an iPhone than the Chromecast.
  8. It should have a standard 3.5mm line input that you can use.
  9. Try the "clean" option in the Windows diskpart command line utility?
  10. RG6 coax cable with some RCA adapters works fine for a fair length if you don't mind how stiff the cable is.
  11. An SDXC card in an SDHC reader may only see 32GB.
  12. I recall that RE: Code Veronica, Skies of Arcadia, and Ecco: Defender of the Future being among the titles I really liked not mentioned so far. Probably others too, but my Dreamcast has been gone for ~12 years now so my memory is a bit fuzzy about it.
  13. It *should* still work as an emulated PS2 mouse if I remember correctly, but for full functionality you will need to install the Bootcamp drivers. If I remember correctly it asks you to create a driver flash drive before you perform the partitioning.
  14. You can definitely just install once the partition is created. I've had to do it manually like that several times for unsupported versions of Windows. You will be missing out on some of the automation that Bootcamp normally does for you though.