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  1. That's not what I remembered, but I'm glad you liked it. On just about every other platform it was awful; the OS's new features led to a failed phone and a PC and laptop experience that was inferior to Windows 7. (Windows 10 was a rebound from a lot of this, to be fair.)
  2. *Windows 7 releases* "Fuck Apple!" *Windows 8 releases* "Fuck mobile devices!" *Windows 10 releases* "Fuck Apple!" *Windows 11 releases* "Fuck everything!"
  3. @FakeKGB I have a contribution to make.


    Quotes out of context:


    "Does anyone own a Moo?"

    ...and then, 8 minutes later, from the same person...


    "You cannot find anything.  Wet floor signs?"


    1. Bombastinator


      This made me imagine cows not being able to stand on a slippery floor.

  4. 1.  I have yet to review the Gigabyte fiasco so I apologize for the wait.


    2.  My university's health service belongs on r/AssholeDesign.  Their policy forbids urgent care patients on weekends, forcing students with those kinds of problems to go off-campus for treatment.


    I hobbled from my dorm to the on-campus medical center with a bruised, swollen, maybe even fractured ankle and they TURNED ME AWAY.  I couldn't even enter the building.  "Fuck the walk back, I'm going to the hospital!"

    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. Red :)
    3. Techstorm970


      Update:  No fracture, only sprain. I'm in a boot for a week.

    4. Bombastinator


      Win.  Soft tissues heal faster than hard tissues.

  5. Time for a new Dipshit of the Month?



    I know I'm the third person to suggest this but no one else made a profile picture.


    Granted I copy+pasted.

    1. Cyberspirit


      Should be Gigashite.

    2. FakeKGB


      3 minutes ago, Cyberspirit said:

      Should be Gigashite.


    3. Bombastinator


      Did handle it kinda stupid.  Effective LART for whatever idiot thought that one was a good idea.  Probably trying to pass it off on subordinates as we speak.

  6. As described by the replies, this advancement means nothing in the present day.  However, the implications on the future of steel production are invaluable!  As we phase out fossil fuels in favor of renewables and nuclear energy, this method of steel production will become far cleaner and more sustainable than today's methods.

    1. it_dont_work


      Hopefully its scalable, there's a company i sold out of here in Australia (needed the liquidity, not that it wasn't a good investment), which was producing hydrogen from natural gas and making graphite as a byproduct instead of emissions. Most of the ways we produce hydrogen are very energy intensive, so if the market can solve that side of the equation all for the better 

  7. When a rumor about a rumor comes out

  8. Do you think it's time for an updated pfp, given the whole Gigabyte fiasco?

  9. Word: "Do you really wanna keep all that text on your clipboard?  That's a lot of text..."


    Me: "Oh my God you are on a machine that can beat your ass six ways from Sunday.  JUST DO IT!!!"

  10. On one hand, ouch.  On the other, I dare not use anything other than Firefox unless I absolutely NEED to.  (Or unless I'm on an Apple device; I still like and use Safari.)


    "Why would you actually need to use something other than Firefox anyway?"


    1. Because your university's Physics department is bad at physics and worse at programming.  (They managed to break their Zoom rooms for Firefox users exclusively and they STILL haven't fixed it months later.)


    2. (New Dipshit of the Month incoming... 👀)

    Hell, as soon as I figured out how to install and uninstall things on my new Raspberry Pi 400, I put Firefox on it and told Chromium to go fuck itself!


    Mozilla has made some questionable decisions recently, but barring any truly horrifying changes, they will not die nor should they.

    1. Cyberspirit


      I highly doubt that people left because they started hating FF. I think most just switched to either Brave for more promised privacy or Edge just for convenience.


      I personally have been using FF ever since Windows XP and I'm still happy with it.

  11. EVs are still too damn expensive for me to justify the cost for the common man right now, but this data is promising.


    The thing about combustion engines is that they are horribly inefficient compared to a power plant's generator or a battery.  This increase in efficiency accounts for much of the emissions decrease when going from gas-guzzling cars to electric cars.


    Although electric car charging stations will be needed, the ability for the owner to "fill it up" at home without keeping an unreasonably huge stash of gasoline in storage will have a huge impact on the industry.  I think Chevron, Exxon, Sinclair, etc. will need to get in on the electricity production industry if they want to still be relevant in 2070.


    If getting transportation off gas and oil is going to have this much of an impact, then we could become carbon-neutral as a species far sooner than we previously expected.

    1. FloRolf


      2 hours ago, Techstorm970 said:


      This word is the problem in your last sentence 😄


    2. Techstorm970


      1 hour ago, FloRolf said:

      This word is the problem in your last sentence 😄


      Is it a big if?  Should the 'if' not even be there?  I'm a little confused...

    3. captain_to_fire


      I'd buy an EV if I can get at least 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge, battery that doesn't use Lithium-ion, and costs around 20-30 thousand dollars, or even less.

  12. At first, I was appalled to hear that they're regulating this now.  Then I did some research and crunched some numbers.


    These regulations are about idle power consumption; they're trying to crack down on wasteful energy usage when the computer is just sitting there twiddling its thumbs (metaphorically, of course).  Having said that, the Dell/Alienware systems they banned are total piles of crap when it comes to energy efficiency when idling.  These are systems with at least three of the following:

    • cheap-ass motherboards with bad VRMs and therefore bad efficiency
    • no integrated graphics; the lack of an iGPU destroys a computer's idle power efficiency more than anything else
    • power-hungry discrete graphics cards from the current or previous generation
    • cheap-ass power supplies with low efficiency

    The example from the cited article (Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen) is a horribly-designed unit to begin with.  CPU thermal throttling out the bazooka on top of the issues listed above.  They are expecting the graphics card to team-carry the unit's performance to a reckless degree; no custom PC building company (e.g. XoticPC, iBuyPower) or informed individual would cut the corners that Alienware did.


    Here are two high-performance computer manufacturers who didn't have to worry about these regulations: Apple (Intel machines included) and PowerSpec.  The latter company's products being totally unaffected means that Alienware has no excuse.


    And don't even start with the "AMD/Intel bad" crap.  This isn't their fault.  "Why?"  Because an iGPU doesn't have to be built into the CPU; most AMD motherboards have iGPUs on them, for instance.  This is all on Dell/Alienware.  This is karma for horrible design/engineering.

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    2. FakeKGB


      2 hours ago, Techstorm970 said:

      most AMD motherboards have iGPUs on them

      Show me

      This is gold

    3. Mister Woof

      Mister Woof

      50 minutes ago, FakeKGB said:

      Show me

      This is gold

      I missed that and only saw the parts about FUD. Maybe some kind of nforce from the 2000s?

    4. GDRRiley


      3 hours ago, Techstorm970 said:

       Because an iGPU doesn't have to be built into the CPU; most AMD motherboards have iGPUs on them, for instance.  This is all on Dell/Alienware.  This is karma for horrible design/engineering.

      no it doesn't but other than for servers/workstations it hasn't been on MB in a long time

      Yeah this is 100% dell and their PSU choice along with bloatware

  13. Belgium: "Why must we keep getting rain?"


    Utah: "Why can't we get any rain?"


    Me: "Why hasn't Jackscepticeye voiced the Lucky Charms man yet?"

    1. Moonzy


      52 minutes ago, Techstorm970 said:

      Belgium: "Why must we keep getting rain?"

      im in this club


      me when it doesnt rain:





    2. Jtalk4456


      On 7/19/2021 at 2:08 AM, Techstorm970 said:

      Belgium: "Why must we keep getting rain?"

      I'm gonna guess it has something to do with all this wet stuff right beside ya