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    Dell G7 7588, i7-8750H, GTX 1060 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4-2666MHz, 2.7TB worth of SSD storage, 15.6" 1080p 60Hz IPS screen, Corsair Harpoon Wireless, Dell G7 speakers + Corsair HS70
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    2. Alienware 15 R2

      Alienware 15 R2

      4 hours ago, TVwazhere said:

      Whats funny is this guy is in my subscription feed, so I got this naturally 😂


      You got an entire homepage dedicated to that

    3. TVwazhere


      14 hours ago, Alienware 15 R2 said:

      You got an entire homepage dedicated to that

      That's... his channel page

    4. Alienware 15 R2

      Alienware 15 R2

      6 hours ago, TVwazhere said:

      That's... his channel page

      Oh! Man I’m the definition of stupid right now and I’m sorry.

  1. Dipshit of the Month goes to a group of researchers for getting their institution, The University of Minnesota, banned from contributing to the Linux Kernel.




    This is based on the following post in Tech News, courtesy of @Tensimeter:

    In summary...

    1. This project broke human experimentation laws by making test subjects out of the community of Linux Kernel contributors (numbering in the thousands) without their consent.

    2. This research project was horrendously outdated and unnecessary, as the flaws in the open-source software model have been widely known, discussed, and addressed since the 1970s.  Thus, the study and its findings were redundant and unoriginal.


    3. Since this research was carried out in confidentiality, and relied on acting in sneaky and underhanded ways, their bad kernels are still lurking out there somewhere.  A lot of time will be spent/wasted on finding these kernels and fixing/removing them.


    4a. By doing this bogus, malicious research, the research professor and graduate students involved have been wasting valuable man-hours and university funding on this project.


    4b. The fact that a lot of research has been suspended as a result of this project will undoubtedly be a money pit for the university, as well.


    5. When confronted about the project by "Greg Kroah-Hartman, the maintainer of the Linux Kernel's stable branch," the researchers gave him ridiculous amounts of sass, painting the researchers as disgustingly arrogant.


    I honestly feel bad for the University of Minnesota, as unknown sums of people will now be paying for the arrogance of a few bad scientists.  Having said that, this Dipshit of the Month award, as well as the repercussions they received for their actions, were well-earned by these researchers.


  2. "So, you're saying that you just wasted countless man-hours, burned tens of thousands of USD (or worse), broke human experimentation laws, and screwed over thousands of people for the sake of being 'Captain Obvious'???  And then when somebody called you out on your bullshit, you just gave them Cardi B levels of sass???"


    These researchers are a disgrace to their institution on multiple levels...


    Yo, I think we have a new dipshit...

  3. On a scale between "stupid" and "asshole," I think the person is closer to "asshole." Even very smart people can be blinded by their own arrogance, causing them to make a fool out of themselves. Furthermore, the conclusions of the study weren't original, as several of us have already said. For every hour they worked on this, this person wasted their university's money on this "research" AND their salary. They should be fired.
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    2. Techstorm970


      @Red :) The YouTube App no longer lets you download stuff from content creators' status updates.  So, I needed to screen-record it just to have it at all.

      That is one of the dumber changes Google has made to YouTube recently, imo.

    3. Red :)

      Red :)

      2 minutes ago, Techstorm970 said:

      @Red :) The YouTube App no longer lets you download stuff from content creators' status updates.  So, I needed to screen-record it just to have it at all.

      That is one of the dumber changes Google has made to YouTube recently, imo.

      hang on, you could do that?

    4. TheCoder2019


      3 minutes ago, Red 🙂 said:

      hang on, you could do that?

      yeah, it's sad.

  4. Wow...

    M1 beats an i5-9600K and kicks my i7-8750H's ass!

    Intel likely has no answer for this.  No wonder Apple's moving on from them!

    1. President Dawson Wehage

      President Dawson Wehage

      we gonna have m1 replacements for gaming boards

    2. Alienware 15 R2

      Alienware 15 R2

      If they can make one that beats a 9900KS in multi core and single core while still retaining the power saving and heat benefits then they’re good.


    1. Jtalk4456


      that's brutal man... This is why you never use this stupid format to grab clicks


  5. Nobody:


    Helltaker memers:


    1. Jtalk4456


      that's a WHOLE lot tamer than the heltaker memers I've seen around XD

    2. Cyberspirit
  6. Great for casual, "general populace" users.  But I'm a meteorologist.  The Microsoft and Apple Weather apps are LAME to me! 😝


    I'm also not a fan of news apps, in general.  I cycle between the NYT, CNN, FOX and one of my local news websites to get a bit of everything and I'm happy enough with that. 😛


    At least this new feature can be turned off...

    1. sub68



      I use accuweather or NWS

    2. Jtalk4456


      me: I look out the window to see if it's raining or not.

  7. Typical sub68: Waifu soldiers

    Today's sub68: Angry Aflac

    1. sub68


      thats because I changed my pfp to something I didn't like and my current PC doesn't have any of my old pfp.

      So thank @Eschew

  8. I just ran an Ookla Speedtest. I got 338Mbps. The WiFi router is in the basement and I'm on the 2nd floor, so I can imagine it could be faster if you're closer to your router. This thing will not disappoint you! I love it!
  9. "Fetish" isn't a new term, right?


    My mom legit didn't know it was a sexual term until today, when she said my sister's friend had a "frog fetish." 🤦‍♂️

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    2. Schnoz


      20 minutes ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      Fetish doesn't technically have to be sexual, afaik, but it's most widely used as a synonym for kink.

      I know that it in theory has multiple meanings, but I've never seen the term used in a non-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) way.

    3. captain_to_fire


      1 hour ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      but it's most widely used as a synonym for kink.

      This is probably why nowadays I find calling one's father "dad" better than "daddy", especially with strangers

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      1 hour ago, captain_to_fire said:

      This is probably why nowadays I find calling one's father "dad" better than "daddy", especially with strangers

      I cringe now when I hear people call their dad "daddy" I physically cringe. It just seems so wrong when it shouldn't.