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    Making quality wallpapers since Aug. 16 2014
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    i7 3770
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    Asus P8Z77-PRO
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    24GB Mix of Corsair Vengence and Adata
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    Noctis 450
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    Radeon R7 240GB SSD, 1TB Blue, 320GB Blue, some old seagate drive
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    Corsair CX 500W
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    3 that i got for free/10 bucks
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Corsair K70 Blue
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    Logitech G502 <3
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    Razer Blackshark... ITS OKAY I GOT IT FOR 50 BUCKS CALM DOWN
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    All of them
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  1. Hey folks! Long time no see! I'm having issues with a computer my friend bought a few years ago. Specs are as follows: i73770K 16GB of DDR3 (Cosair Vengence) AsRock Z77 Extreme 3 Corsair HX750 PSU Radeon R9 380 (Not sure what brand, might be XFX) 3 drives: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB, ST4000DM004-2CV104, and a WDC WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0. (The ST has both it's 0A (spin retry count) and B8 (unkown) highlighted yellow in HD Tune 2.55.) ISSUE 1: Computer refuses to boot up, it gets to the spinning circles when windows is load
  2. Usually female I suppose i have a easier time styling them and the outfits can be more interesting (And admittedly more revealing at times) I suppose it's just the beauty i see? ? I like shooting women more IRL than guys as a photographer as well
  3. I think Linus would be a great photographer TBH, He has the ideas and a good enough eye for it IMO. I would love to personally teach him how to use a more common Sony Camera and then see what he can do with it. I would love to see a part 2 of this, and see some more cameras from 2 different price points and a control "Professional with professional gear" contestant. If you guys need another photographer, call me
  4. Hey guys Specs: Some Asrock board (will get model tomorrow) 3770k R9 380 Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb TX750w psu X2 ssds X3 HDDS (irrelevant) What's happening is: Earlier my friend restarted their computer, only to have it freeze on the windows boot logo with the spinning circles, then it the computer turns off. Windows boots in safe mode, but not normally. We tried a bunch of various edits and repairs with cmd, but nothing works. We even tried installing windows on a new never used hard drive and the sam
  5. Temps are likely fine, I haven't exactly checked them but everything still sounds okay XD
  6. Hey guys! Recently I've been edit lots of video and have run into a issue where videos will seemingly render fine for the first minute or so of the video then render completely red.... I've also noticed a difference in stability when using hardware acceleration compared to software acceleration (software accel is more stable) So figuring it was my GPU i took it to Memory Express for an exchange. Dropped it off, came back the next as they needed to test it... I wasn't issued a replacement as 3D performance was fine, i mentioned that it was the
  7. Mhmmm... That is a good point. I might just go EVGA then, and once my card eventually decides to crap out, get an RMA, flip the RMA card and get a new one. Thanks!
  8. I was looking around, I don't remember Zotac, but i don't think it was 5 for the cards i was looking at. EVGA Does have 3. Aorus has 3 but you can get an extra year for signing up. EDIT Zotac has a 5 year warranty, seemingly only in EU/USA? Not Canada
  9. Budget isn't too fixed, anywhere from 900 to 1600 Canadian Rupees. I specifically want the Aorus Models as they have the longest warranty (And that is something that I'll eventually need to use, apparently >.>) Thanks
  10. I'm in the market for a new GPU, I'm technically upgrading from a GTX 970. Looked around and saw the AORUS RTX cards but can't seem to find them anywhere... I'm assuming they're not released yet, any word on release/Canadian release?
  11. Hey guys, Boy has it been a while LOL I'm looking for some headphones that have a similar freq. Response to Apple Earpods and that won't put any pressure on your head (like the AKG M220s) Price would be under 100CAD, must be lightweight and must not put much pressure on your ears/head
  12. A friend has been posting some of her work on Instagram. Give her a like/follow if you like it :D



  13. I saw this earlier yesterday on their Twitter and forgot to dive in deeper as I didn't know whos working on Anthem. I find when studios loose devs to be a lot sadder than losing a celeb or someone similar... I wonder how this will affect the development of Anthem, hopefully, it can still keep going and be even better than ever Source: http://blog.bioware.com/2017/07/31/remembering-corey-gaspur/
  14. I'm sure @CPotter knows which one I'd choose... Great day today bud!