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  1. Some of the games I've played around with and liked in no particular order Sim Tower or Yoot Tower Sim Farm Railroad Tycoon (2 or 3) Roller Coaster Tycoon (2 or 3) Block'Hood Outpost 2 (though this has combat elements mixed in, but it's typically not the priority) I've heard the Tropico series is pretty good
  2. Debating if I should jump to Win10 Creator's Update...

    1. AUniqueName


      I haven't had any issues with it; don't see why not.

    2. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      I did back on the wannacry deal thingy, I few re-customizations were required since Microsoft loves trying all your defaults to their wishes like my Windows Photo Viewer got replaced back to Photos, Grove Music replaced my Media Player Classic and so on... took me about 40 minutes to leave it as it was before and since there's no difference at all.


      Still haven't find use for that paint 3d and gaming mode I left it off because most reviews I saw said it actually decreased the gaming performance haha

    3. M.Yurizaki


      Gaming mode I know has no use if you have a decent machine anyway. Which means the OS is doing its job.


      If gaming mode boosted performance on a high-end machine, something is wrong.

  3. I don't see BASIC entirely as a language to beat down and kick, but going from a language that is generally implemented with a lot of natural words to one that includes the use of parentheses, dots, arrows, and braces out the wazoo would probably make anyone's head spin for a bit. I still get tripped up on Python from time to time when I should use "not" instead of !. Though I will criticize its use of "elif" instead of "else if" EDIT: To explain the above about BASIC, I don't mind if you use it as a language to poke around in as a curiosity, but don't invest too much time into it. It's mostly I don't care what language you use to grasp the basics of programming, because the basics are pretty much the same regardless of language.
  4. I'm pretty sure someone cracked it.
  5. @edward30 Also prove to us that what language you start off with determines how well you do in the field. As much as I respect Dijkstra, just because one expert in the field said something, doesn't mean it's true. And if anything, he was only expressing his disdain for the language. Much like so many people here seem to take potshots at their favorite language to make fun of. I mean, my first foray into programming was the Starcraft map editor, RPG Maker (yes those two count as programming), and... wait for it... BASIC. And yet I'm currently having a successful career in the field. I'm pretty sure if I didn't do any of those, I wouldn't have had my interest piqued.
  6. Nothing looks more dated than running vim from a terminal
  7. Need an office suite? Libre/Open office Need a text editor for coding? vim, emacs, Sublime, take your pick except Notepad++ Need a video player? VLC Need a music player? Foobark2k Need a web browser? Take your pick from the popular ones Even if the lack of native games or some apps are a problem, you can probably use Wine to run it. See also (though they do overlap a lot): http://lifehacker.com/lifehacker-pack-for-linux-our-list-of-the-essential-li-815376368 https://itsfoss.com/essential-linux-applications/ http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/best-linux-software/ https://beebom.com/best-linux-apps/ http://www.spicytricks.com/tips/linux-software-distros To say Linux lacks applications (presumably for the average user) is gross misinformation.
  8. It depends on the game and how that game uses the processor. If you're close to hitting 100% on all of your cores, you should definitely upgrade the CPU. If you are noticing something like all cores having the same amount of load (like all cores are about 50%), then you have a single threaded performance issue and depending on how much this annoys you, you'll have to upgrade. However, I generally feel you should upgrade the GPU until improvements no longer show up. But that depends on how long until you can get a new system too (but then you have to consider the flipside: you get a new system, but what about your GPU performance?)
  9. Also learning how computers work doesn't teach you that bubble sorting is very inefficient; that binary searching is a good first crack at looking into a range of values; that if you're repeating yourself, you should stick the routine in a function or loop; that if you have five nested levels of if-statements, you have a problem; that you shouldn't use GOTO; etc.
  10. You should be fine save for Battlefield if you're playing 1. That game appears to want CPU horsepower.
  11. While I find it important to understand how a computer works, I do not find it important to need to learn C just to get an appreciation of it. A cursory knowledge of what goes on in a computer is fine, but an application software developer doesn't really need to know how create a pimpl list from scratch and why it works the way it does. It's like saying if you want to want to create a website, you should learn the OSI model down to telling me the voltage values of a proper RS-232 line is and how the signal is structured because RS-232 is a valid PHY layer protocol. No, that's not important. However, it's still good to know the general overview of the OSI model if you're going to be serious about creating a website. Making software exists to solve a problem. I don't care how you solve it as long as you solve it. If I have a performance requirement, so be it and use the right tool for the job. But I don't care if you've written the application in C, Python, Pascal, Objective-C, FORTRAN, Brainfuck, or LOLCODE. Now making sure the code is designed well such that it's readable and maintainable? That's independent of any language.
  12. That's a vague requirement. How much FPS do you want at what resolution and graphics settings? Do you care about minimizing performance drops? Are you playing the cutting edge AAA titles or will be focusing more on earlier titles?
  13. It depends on the game. And I'm going to do a shameless plug: However it's important to note what your requirements are, that they're reasonable, and they're not completely vague like "I want the system to perform the bestest it can!" Because more often than not, this isn't a thing you should be losing sleep over.
  14. I fail to see the logic in how which language you start with determines how you program well and how you don't. I've seen poorly written C programs that were a nightmare to look at and I've seen well written Python scripts that allow me to figure out what's going on without pinging the original author every 10 minutes, if the original author is even around.
  15. Anyway, I suppose you could ensure that all of the ports are set for AHCI. But barring that, I'm kind of stumped at the moment.