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  1. Project Dolly: A look into cloning Windows (Planning)

    So day one with an SSHD. Either it already cached what I use often or using an HDD isn't as terrible as people think. I mean, it's telling when my laptop's OS loading time is less than 12 seconds (that could've been fast boot though) and while there are some hiccups, most things work smoothly.
  2. I think it's time I update to Fall Creator's Update on my main rig and see what happens :3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ethocreeper


      It fucked up my indexing


    3. M.Yurizaki


      Awesome sauce. BSODs after the reboot :D

    4. M.Yurizaki


      Well, it went back to CU. Tried it again and told it to not download updates.


      Guess Windows was trying to get the wrong drivers or something.

  3. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    And the fresh install only sees 8GB? If you haven't touched the BIOS in a while, I don't see that being a problem. Though just to see if it is a problem, revert BIOS to default settings if you changed anything.
  4. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    If you made any changes in the past few days, I'd recommend undoing them. Otherwise run with one stick of RAM and see if everything is good, then run with the other stick.
  5. Intel and AMDs Furture

    Sales means nothing compared to actual usage. For all we know, the people buying new computers are just replacing their 4+ year old ones and the tablet market has reached critical mass such that few people are interested in buying a new tablet because everyone and their mother already has one. If we take a look at this page http://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share#monthly-201709-201709-bar While Windows has a large share, Android + iOS easily beat it. EDIT: Looking at the US usage share, Android + iOS is almost double that of Windows And until a person actually encounters a use case their phone or tablet can't perform, their PC will remain sitting there unused. I doubt they would even if AMD was only-just competitive. They would've done so only if what AMD offers had a clear advantage over what they had in terms of performance alone. If Ryzen R7 was only say six core, that wouldn't really be enough for Intel to go six core as long as their quad cores could keep up. AMD was touting for a long time Bulldozer was 8-core. In some sense I'm inclined to agree because most of what a computer does is integer based. But it performed so badly that Intel didn't see a need to play a numbers game with AMD. And even if AMD's IPC had kept up with Intel's more or less, unless they were actually releasing more cores to begin with, I wouldn't have any reason to be Intel would budge all that much either in getting more cores out sooner. Plus really there hasn't been much of decent use case for multiple cores until recently, what with games using threads more effectively and people streaming their video game sessions.
  6. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    Your RAM might be installed incorrectly on the motherboard. Make sure they're in the same colored slots if they're colored different or you've populated them in the correct order (some motherboards don't like it if you populate slots 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3, for example)
  7. Multiple display smartphone from ZTE

    If we're adding hinges to phones, I'd rather have this:
  8. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    I want a screenshot of the "Details" tab as well Also there's another problem, Windows is only using half your RAM. You can attempt to fix that by doing: Open up the Start Menu and type in msconfig in the search bar Open the application the search comes with Go to the "Boot" tab Press the "Advanced options..." button If "Maximum Memory" is checked, uncheck it and reboot If "Maximum Memory" is unchecked, check and put 16384 and reboot
  9. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    Can you post a screen shot in Task Manager: Performance Tab -> Memory page Details tab
  10. Uncommit memory in Windows 10

    There's no way to "uncommit memory" unless you close applications. You can check out which applications are consuming a lot of memory by going to the "Details" tab in Task Manager, then going to View -> Select Columns... in the menu bar and select "Commit Size". Then sort by Commit Size.
  11. Please help me with my new pc.

    Performance boost in applications depends entirely on how the application uses the storage. In most cases, applications loads practically everything they need in RAM so once the application is "loaded", that's it. And even in applications that do continue to grab stuff from storage, it may do it intelligently enough that it doesn't affect performance at all. I've seen a case in GTA V where despite there being a lot of storage drive activity, even on an HDD frame rates didn't hiccup. But for all intents and purposes, SSDs only really affect loading performance.
  12. Is there demand for Desk Cases?

    The cost thing is probably because there's not a lot of a market for it so it doesn't enjoy the benefits of volume production. But to me, I don't see a point in building a PC in my desk because: I'd like to keep the two items separated. What if I wanted to get another desk or another chassis? If I do a complete upgrade of the PC, I'd have to buy a case anyway because I don't like selling PCs in parts I won't be able to take my PC to places if I want to do that (this may not matter to me as much anymore) Though it may matter if I wanted to hook up the desktop to a TV or something. I'd imagine working on the guts of the PC would be harder, or at the very least, more annoying due to needing to clean off the desk entirely before getting into the guts.
  13. Does 8700k have enough PCIE lanes?

    No. For a couple of reasons M.2 PCIe lanes for LGA 115x boards come from the chipset, not the CPU Graphics cards still don't get an appreciable loss of performance until you go below PCIe 1.1 x16 / PCIe 2.0 x8 / PCIe 3.0 x4 (and even then sometimes it takes going down to PCIe 1.1 x4 before it really shows)
  14. 144 hz through HDMI 2.0b

    As long as the monitor is HDMI 2.0 compatible, I don't see why it couldn't. Unless the monitor actually limits the HDMI input.
  15. Automatically change resolution?

    What you're asking is the equivalent of say "When I go to Firefox, I want my screen resolution to be 1080p but when I go to Notepad I want it to be 1280x1024" It doesn't really make sense. You're just going to have to use exclusive fullscreen.