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  1. I'd also recommend the ubiquiti system. I have an edgerouter 4 and two ac-pros and have had no issues at all.
  2. I'm curious if items ordered online will have to be activated. As someone in a construction family, I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  3. The Fios Quantum is a gigabit router with gigabit ports. I have used it before upgrading my home network. I would double check the ethernet from the ONT to the router and from router to your PC. Check for new drivers for your ethernet adapter on your motherboard as well.
  4. I'm going to be buying the iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi so I can finally play my mobile rhythm games not on emulator using my Cintiq Pro. I was hoping to upgrade my PC this year, but it seems that I'll have a better chance getting a iPad Pro instead of high end CPU at MSRP these days (Also, because of DDR5 being out next year hopefully). I wouldn't get the iPad Pro for just gaming, but my other Vtuber face tracking software requires FaceID that the iPad Pros only have. It cracks me up because this is the exact configuration I had to deal with when I was an intern at an engineering
  5. Could you take a picture of your ONT? You took a photo of your power adapter for the ONT. It should be another black box if indoors or white box if outdoors. I wonder if you have the older ONT which I had which is limited to 100Mb/s on the Ethenrnet port. They had to upgrade mine since I'm on 150/150.
  6. I actually was a victim of this during the Verizon to Frontier transfer. I had already bought the Verizon router (Because I need MOCA for the TV boxes) and had my own. They still charged me the monthly fee until I called in to cancel it after explaining I had bought it full price already. Then they were trying to convince me that the new Verizon Quantum (was new at the time) was better than my Edgerouter 4 and Ubiquiti AC Pro setup.
  7. You cannot link the GPUs, but when you render, pretty much every GPU based renderer will allow you to use all GPUs that are present in the system to render.
  8. Any Intel network adapter is probably your best choice for basic 1Gb/s ethernet.
  9. I personally prefer Eaton UPS units the most now. Cyberpower is a solid bang for the buck though. If possible, I would stretch to get the PFC model.
  10. We've had people camping outside the store as early as 6 am today. The 3090 launches tomorrow. I have to praise the dedication these people have. Someone even has a tv outside going. Every customer keeps asking what the line is for outside. 

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    2. scottyseng


      @imreloadin The certain tech store Linus and Jayztwocents do collaborations with all the time.

    3. imreloadin


      I'm not aware of any store that they've both done "collaborations" with?

    4. scottyseng


      @imreloadin Also abbreviated as MC

  11. I want to believe the world was that happy, but I'm sure half of the people in line are resellers. I have to respect the determination these guys have waiting out here though. I personally buy last gen's used stuff for cheap and will keep doing so. I'm a bang for buck person. I'm hoping the best for the guys in line though. To stay out here with the heat, crickets, and mosquitoes is not fun.
  12. The store isn't even closed yet and we have 17 people camping... We don't even have that many gpus.
  13. Some customers are planning to do just this at our store and I'm like...I'm not sure if it's worth standing outside for 12 hours for a GPU. Especially when reviews aren't out yet or would be out while you're camping in the lot.
  14. Indeed. It was super disappointing when we got the news. Employees are also not allowed to purchase for 1-2 months until stock normalizes.
  15. I will only mention that it is the store brand Linus does a collaboration with. We will have a certain amount for online, but the rest will be in store purchase only (will not even be listed as stock online)