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  1. If anyone was regularly looking at my profile, they might've noticed that I haven't logged in a while. The short of it is, I'm finding myself not interested in coming back. I've had points where I took a step back from the forums and then came back. However, the last time I decided "if I'm going to keep doing this, why am I even coming back?" I just stopped showing up. And then I mulled over if I should at least say something, because every time I left some other community, I just left and I figured I could at least this one time break that.


    So here it is, my last post that I plan on doing, because I don't plan on coming back. I'm not going to ask the moderators to do anything special to this account and will just leave it as-is. As for why I'm leaving, there's multiple reasons and if you're really dedicated I'm sure you can infer what they are. Or you've already talked to me on Discord or something about it. Saying them won't change anything, because this place isn't for me anymore and it's not like I'm anyone important anyway.


    I'm not shunning all contact from who I talked with on this forum. I am leaving the option of sharing my Discord handle and if you found whatever I wrote interesting, I started a blog. However, you'll have to DM me for the Discord handle, since I'm not publicly sharing that :P  Though I will start buttoning up this account at the end of the month to move on.


    It's been a pretty good almost 4 year run and I hope to have at least made a difference somewhere, but I don't think I can continue with this place.

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    2. lewdicrous


      Interests grow and fade over time. 

      Best of luck with all your future endeavors. 

    3. TVwazhere
    4. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      Can't blame ya for losing interest in here. Peace, man.

  2. You'd have to go into BIOS/UEFI and adjust the settings so that it configures the RAM to a faster speed. However, this does not guarantee that the RAM will be able to run at that speed. If the board says it's compatible only up to 1333, then it likely won't like anything higher.
  3. I don't think it works that way, that Apple can make someone else's chip without some negotiation through the owner of the IP. Otherwise other companies could just ask for Apple's A series SoCs. And the thing with leveraging chiplets is yes, they can make it. But their current APUs are not designed as MCM processors. They'd have to make an entirely new design which doesn't really make sense when they should be leveraging what they have. Apple would have to fork over the money for that, which I bet they won't unless they make AMD also fork over the manufacturing rights for that SKU,
  4. But AMD doesn't actually make the chips. TSMC does. And Apple already contracts them for making their mobile processors (I believe Samsung is a second supplier, but given Samsung is a bit behind, they're probably only used for lesser SoCs if any) Also the APUs are still monolithic: So AMD can't even leverage chiplets for this.
  5. It is microSD cards. But the only reason why nobody talks about them for usage in any serious long term storage solution is because they're basically bottom-barrel flash chips so you're not getting high performance or high reliability that's suitable enough.
  6. Looking around, I'm only seeing cards that either have the USB A ports right there or a header, but not both. However, one thing to note is that USB 3.1 Gen 2 cards require 4 PCIe lanes to work (likely at least PCIe 2.0 speeds). Otherwise there's no real point. So looking at your motherboard, there's only one other slot that can provide 4 lanes, which is the other graphics slot. This will cut into the lanes the graphics card will get by half. The other x16 slot is really a PCIe 2.0 x2 slot. It probably won't matter since graphics cards aren't hampered much by going down to 8 lanes.
  7. I do on my desktop Arguably that depends if you want to keep 96 PPI scaling or not. My phone is 2560x1440 but the UI is scaled properly.
  8. There's always two camps of PC Gamers: one who declares the next "Crysis" is some game, and another who says the same game is horribly unoptimized.

    1. Mira Yurizaki

      Mira Yurizaki

      On a side note, Crysis itself is not optimized to scale on today's hardware, so I guess both sides are technically the same thing ?

    2. TopHatProductions115
  9. "Committed" is how much virtual memory space is available and in use. Virtual memory space is physical memory + page file size (which could be 0)
  10. I think the moment game rendering went to physically based rendering was when things started to look more or less photorealistic. Lighting makes a huge difference with regards to how "real" something looks.
  11. It'll boot fast, considering UEFI sizes are still around 16-32MB. It just won't be very useful since there's few hardware interfaces that are simple enough to work with.
  12. Everyone appears to be sourcing this Tweet: I don't know about you, but a screenshot of what appears to be a random text file with code names doesn't seem indicative of anything other than just that. And I can't find anything that would lead this person to be credible about anything. Also poking at what other Tweets they posted that are related, it seems to only point to GPU technologies and related. To me, if this is from something in macOS's code base, this points more to a video driver file that had extra stuff hanging around than any indication that Apple is going to
  13. The job of specifically designing the look and feel of a product is Industrial Design. Though you could probably sneak your way in through the Human Factors field. Note that these usually require college education and/or years of experience to get anywhere near a position like Jonathan Ives had at Apple when he started.
  14. You can also download the Standard Drivers instead of the DCH ones, which requires the Control Panel to be installed from the Microsoft Store, from https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us.
  15. USB 2.0 can support up to 480 Mbps, but in practice after overhead this is more like up to 400 Mbps.
  16. That's also a lot of money to spend on a Switch
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    2. fpo


      If I ever do LED for looks, I’ll make sure I can like play movies & stuff with it. 


      Maybe install a laser light show with like lights that move up & down like a rave haha. 

      At Linus tech, get on it Haha. 

    3. TVwazhere


      Did you paint your soundblaster?

    4. Mira Yurizaki
  17. Will concur with the others that your CPU is still good enough due to not running applications that run better with more cores. This will especially be the case if you're trying to compare scores through something like 3DMark (though your CPU based scores will definitely improve) or Unigine.
  18. On an aside, HWiNFO recently went to an "averaging" method described at https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/effective-clock-vs-instant-discrete-clock.5958/ They also mentioned that AMD has their own proprietary way of measuring clock speed in Ryzen Master. I'm certain that Intel has their own proprietary way. All tools like Task Manager, HWiNFO, and others can do is poll certain things that the CPU exposes, average it out over time or report the value at that point in time, and hope for the best.
  19. There's several ways to measure clock speed, clock speed is constantly changing, there's only one number being reported and there's multiple cores that can be independently clocked, and Task Manager is polling at a rate of 1Hz, which raises questions about how accurate this really is. I don't think Task Manager is broken per se. The system just isn't feeding it reliable data or it's sourcing from something that's reliable enough under default conditions. I mean, for example, my CPU is set to a flat 100MHz x 40. No utility reports it as operating at 4.0GHz 100% of the ti
  20. I'm going to wager that "reason for banning" isn't considered personal data under the CCPA. Besides, any data covered by CCPA must have the option to be removed and well, if you can make a company remove the "reason for banning" information, that opens up a can of worms.
  21. You don't want a condition where the computer is constantly swapping. However, having storage allocated to virtual memory space allows you to have less RAM than you would actually need to contain what you need virtual memory space wise. There's a balancing act between having too little RAM and just enough so you're not in a constant-swapping condition. Otherwise, you're going to need a lot more physical RAM than you actually would use if you want to run without allocating storage space and without running into an issue where you've ran out of virtual memory space, which doesn't imp
  22. Response time is a practically useless metric. The only difference between the two is likely what panels they use, what refresh rate they support, how many options you have to play with in the on-screen display menu, any other features like FreeSync it has, and how adjustable it is.