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  1. My specs are Intel dualcore g3220 Ram 4gigs patriot With evga 400 power suplly Msi hm55 e33 320 giga hdd R7 wa 240 amd rodeon. Is it possible with these specs sir? So simply its free to chose windows as long as the specs still support it right?
  2. Can I use any windows for my PC. I use to used windows 7 and now its infected by virus. Therefore I want to install windows 10 instead. Is that possible? What factor that determine our windows option? Is it the PC specs?
  3. Iam not sure. Because I cant find the box anywhere. But even if the warranty still prevail I dont know how to claim it.
  4. Please pardon me. I just give up on fixing it. So I decide to buy a new one.
  5. Thank you for your answer. Actually yesterday I thought about to open it up. But I dont want to end up in hospital
  6. Thank u. Now Iam sure how to handle it. I want to live longer anyway
  7. My PSU is corsair 450watt. Just an old PC with outdated specs. Okay I will try that for my next PSU.
  8. Thank you for your reply. Now Iam sure to buy a new one
  9. Why is that? Would you please leave some explaination?
  10. Hi there. Recently my electricity voltage is not stable. And my PC got broken. And then I find out the problem is with the PSU. What should I do? Do I need to buy and replace it with the new one? Orshould I just repair it?
  11. I think my modem is fine. apparantly the problem only occur in certain websites. I've just tried a different website with the same contents and the video running just fine. no buffering. I wonder what makes it like that? is it the problem with the website or my connection?
  12. hi there, please help. I've just upgrade my internet connection. when I used it to watch video on youtube the connection is fine, even when I turn the video quality to 1080p. no buffering at all. but when I used it to watch online videos on websites other than youtube its just buffering all the time. I wonder how is that happen? and how to fix this? thank u best regard