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  1. We're looking for two contestants to participate! Please read through the details here: lmg.gg/VjTSW Linus Media Group will be hosting a spoof of popular game show "Deal or No Deal" where we’ll be substituting cash prizes for an assortment of tech and computers. You must live within British Columbia, Canada and be 18+ in order to be considered as a contestant. Within 7 days of this form becoming public, our team will respond to you via email regardless of whether of not you were selected. If selected, we'll need you onsite for roughly 4 hours to film on Thursday,
  2. The LTT video idea paged seemed dead and im super new to this website so this seemed like the most logical way to send out this idea considering you were the admin of said group- imagine a pc for major developers that ran off the same OS but had different CPU brands. (primary pc would be some modern 5ghz intel CPU and the secondary system would have a lower end AMD cpu like a 3.4ghz FX) reason for this would be so a developer could create their game/content and then test/view it on another system simply by switching a button on a case or something DIY based so that you can get as accurate of a broad evaluation for whatever you are making. the reason for the video would be so that someone could also make this with a budget kept in mind if they wanted to do various things with the pc. so no its not a "best all around pc" again, because this pc will have both boards running off the same SSD for OS readings to keep optimizations, as well as having a 3rd GPU inside it running on a PCIE riser as a dedicated DX12 driver for both systems. doing this allows for a pc that could crush streaming in 4K, it could make the muti use experience a new reality for those who really like to do a lot with their PC's. and as someone who looks for ultimate performance due to the high need for CPU power in music making, im looking to see how far we can take opening up desktop CPUs capacity with clock speeds in simple forms like this. i know other things like PSU limitations and cable functionality not being super advanced how this could be a bust, but hey. to put it simple, i wanna make my wife a pc one day that lets her make a game with intel power and test her games on AMD, and if it works id build one for me so i can make music and casually game on my intel board and do streaming/youtube content with an AMD pc both in 1 case running off an intricate GPU setup to minimize data usage and to keep stable temps and performance for long lasting use.  plus for the average person at home, this makes an easy all in one computer for the family- need a pc that can be a powerhouse for you and a little wimpy super restricted game/video player for your gremlins and wife who may not be cheating? get this dual brand pc swap system and change how a pc works for you. it would make office convenience easy as well because 2 systems in 1 could make it more cost effective for businesses. i love LTT, i hope one day i can give you a idea good enough for the channel, for now- back to the drawing boards!  

    1. Xaldin


      omg im sorry i just found the reply box at the bottom im dumb, sorry for the big post, you can delete it and ill post it on there properly, i apologize again for that and hope it does not bother you.😵

  3. Thanks for bringing this up, I know it WAS authorized at one point, but I'll look into it. We are still working with Volta currently.