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  1. It seems it only stays for a hour or something because it now went to English only after an hour
  2. I’m trying to set the date for my citizen but it has these things in between each day Is it for different languages or?
  3. I basically asked my questions in the title lol but I’m strange and I’m fascinated by stuff that most people wouldn’t be lol Or I’m just stupid too How do couriers plan routes? For example do they have to manually input my address into a gps or when they scan the barcode does that route them to my address? Also do they sort by city or postcode? And how do they know how many parcels for each house? How do they get to addresses? For example, do they actually need to look on the package address to where it needs to be delivered and enter the postcode or does it automaticall
  4. So I want to edit a photo that has text on it it is easy and has a nice white background but I just don’t know what program can do it? obviously photoshop has a lot of fonts to choose from and I can download them however what I mean to do is literally change the text or edit it but keep the exact or at least not be able to tell by eye font
  5. Well I normally use Amazon or local other uk companies but if I do go on google I never click if it says AD next to it
  6. No it ain’t lol Most times it’s actually same day if I wake up early enough im just saying like I’m awake more in the night than day hours so it would actually be kinda more useful but I don’t care because even getting it the same week is good as I remember years ago using eBay that took a week minimum the thing is I ordered something tonight and of course the lorry drivers it says they have transported it from place to the local Amazon warehouse and dispatched so that must mean there’s Amazon workers in the warehouse now? Or was that done by robots
  7. Actually there’s so many scams now and google just lets bloody ads run for them like loads of stuff I search for like quite literally any product there’s always a google ad sometimes at top of the page 1 wtf I actually don’t click ads anyway I just Goto the first actual indexed website
  8. they stop at like 22:30 or something I’ve had the latest delivery I’d happily accept up to 4am deliveries Then they can deliver even more, and get night workers too I know most won’t but I’m sure there are other people like night shifters or just me who stays up all night that wouldn’t mind because the I wouldn’t even have to wait till tomorrow
  9. Maybe I’m very dumb or maybe I’m acting because I know everyone loves my topics. I’m very famous on here now and people can’t wait for my posts Almost like a YouTube you can’t stand to look at but still watch their videos not sure what one tho unfortunately
  10. You know them air purifier on Amazon or branded air wick they basically put out steam or mist that’s smells nice and it’s quite thick or you can definitely see it and it can dispense it constantly Will this stuff damage my pc if I buy one? Or should I put it far away? this thing https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07QBZSCTP/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A25RIZWJWT7K69&psc=1
  11. Name some items people buy or need daily that cost no less than 300 My guess is like phone and Nintendo switch just something I have a high chance of being able to sell. If I bought a switch it’s basically I could sell for £300 ( oh btw I have Amazon gift card balance so technically it’s free. I just wanna make cash lol. So I’ll buy off Amazon and resell it brand new! That’s why I need something that guarantees to sell easily.
  12. Is that bad? Like people will come up to me who support that stuff trying to be friendly and I’ll just ignore them? Or will I get more people who wanna fight
  13. I heard that two wolves and thors hammer is seen as very and in Sweden? Is this right? because the same place I bought it form was also selling that so I have a bad feeling of this seller is not good person?? I liked this one just cuz it has 3 wolves but damn idk now. I have a feeling 99.8 I won’t get bothered and no one will even look but if they do lol can I just say I didn’t know and liked the look of it? also why are there S on the wolf head? What does that mean
  14. that was a joke but I do want to wear it because i just think it looks nice I don’t wanna wear it because now I know that so idk what I’m gonna do