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  1. 7NR9-CCTA-K7HW-5NL4-K9YJ From my free amazon twitch prime loot incase anyone dont have prime i guess NOW QUICK
  2. How to choose a MIC? What is the BEST USB AND XLR in 2021? Want options for usb and xlr so name the best Is there a usb that can match a xlr? So, spending max £495 for a microphone. Then + whatever I need for the xlr ( kinda want it below £300 but name the high options on top of the cheap too so I can choose ) Same with the usb mic I’ll spend £500 max. So far I’ve came up with MV7 ( has usb n xlr hmmmm ) SM7B ( looks like a god ) NT USB ( seems to pickup alto of background? ) Blue yeti ( had worse ratings on sound than others? WILL BE USING T
  3. Do you think that’s a reasonable question? in the photos, I clearly held it to the sun to catch the seal shine and corners to cover the whole phone. so should it just be unwrapped and sold as new but opened or keep it as sealed? fear that people might keep saying stuff like this? Especially since I have 0 reviews I don’t want them to think it’s resealed :/
  4. You may like insects right? However if you had this problem how would you love these things.... A few days ago randomly, I was trying falling asleep and I constantly kept getting itches on my forehead. Then if I scratched it the itch would seem to appear in my forehead again or on my cheek, neck or anywhere really. Normally face and lowest my shoulder. This was getting beyond a joke. I genuinely could not get to sleep ( seriously I didn’t sleep as I just couldn’t) and everytime I scratched I couldn’t see anything at all!! I even tried to ignore it because I read
  5. For some reason I enjoy dinner that’s been left for few hours and then microwaved some things go harder like broccoli ( which I kinda like a bit of hardness ) and some things go softer But idk what it is it seems to taste better line flavours come out?? And then yeah the textures or am I just imagine it ? I googled it and there’s loads of posts saying why does food taste WORSE so maybe I’m strange
  6. No i mean if a scammer was using it to scam people couldn’t they report it and it gettting mass reported? Hopefully it was as most posts say they had multiple whereas I’ve only had this one person not more than one so maybe it was just a fake
  7. They said I called them tho. Missed call that’s why it’s basically gotta be a spoof right. They didn’t dial me by accident? I don’t think well technically if someone reports my number enough they might send the police round.... or my numbers gonna be marks as spam
  8. I need an urgent suggestion. So I just got a call from someone saying I called them. I did not. From research someone is likely spoofing my number!!!!!!! What shall I do? Change number or wait it out??
  9. I got gifted this bag https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08LR3M62C/ref=ox_sc_act_image_4?smid=A3PWJPXSKNRF8&psc=1 I don’t have many clothes tbh so I have a good amount of money in my Amazon balance. So whatever you can suggest to me I’ll try and get on Amazon First I was going to buy 4 packs of this sand But I heard that’s too heavy So I was thinking of getting this sand ( let me know how many bags you think I need ) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B088TVW4VW/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=A1PAJQ37QS7ITN&psc=1 So then I read you can fill
  10. Is there sone sort of thing that can basically work as an antenna so that if I put this into my garden my phone can use that? Because all I literally have to do is walk into the garden and I have full bars inside house it’s slow