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  1. uh what its fake>? I mean it seems real because my home ips dont come up with that but vpns do maybe u been doing sus things LOL
  2. Ive tried so many VPNS and none are undetectable I test them on https://www.ipqualityscore.com/free-ip-lookup-proxy-vpn-test But none of them bypass it. it always knows if i have a vpn is there any vpn that is hidden>
  3. I’m fed up with eBay and just everything with it. is there any other sites that is the same? Where you can link PayPal and accept instant payment like buy it now? I liked eBay for being fast and also since it went right into PayPal I could keep it separate easily. But I can’t find other sites that are similar?
  4. I literally fell asleep for an hour tonight n woke up at like idk went to bed at maybe 2 and woke up at 3 and now it’s 8am I’ve tried to fall asleep all night but now i gave up shoild I go to sleep if I feel tired later or wait until tonight
  5. oh okay no its the only usb i plug in well apart from xbox controller I guess it should work the same as a normal hdd but i just tthought if its usb not uh sata whether it would idk work different. It it dont even matter if i was to unplug it half way through the download and plug it back in it would just continue?
  6. So im downloading a game through the launcher. Now normally if you loose wifi, shutdown pc it will continue it will resume Now... I have a bad feeling that if i unplug or loose wifi or turn of my pc it will forget since its external and im downloading straight onto the external ssd btw. Or will it be fine and continue even if i shutdown my pc in middle way?? Extending on.... my ssd gets warm while playing games. is this normal? I never felt my desktop ssd so maybe it is normal however i want to check. i mean my iphone gets hotter playing games
  7. I’m tired it’s basically 2am when I posted it so maybe I didn’t have good creativity ( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )
  8. I might lack intelligence tho yeah but like if there’s loads of people’s stuff to deliver and it has GUARANTEED by 1 pm that’s a big promise and hard to do and I’m sure they don’t have too many drivers which is why they are hiring all the time
  9. How is it possible for couriers to deliver next day even if I placed an order at 23:59 and it says that it is leaving a facility that is literally almost on the other side of the country? I’m in uk do they drive all through the night just for one box as I live in the countryside so I doubt much stuff needs to be delivered to the facility or warehouse before the day delivery? Especially like Royal Mail guarantee next day BY 1pm or something? How can they literally know they can get one thing from the other side of the country to my house by 1pm seems almost
  10. So I live in the uk and sold well gave in a MacBook Pro that gave me £1120 for it do I need to register as self employed or pay tax? I also plan to give in another old laptop but not MacBook and phones since they pay nice amounts unlike musicmagpie lol. I have a few phones from ended contracts over the past like idk years but both iPhones too..... however if I get tuns of money from this company will I be in trouble lol? Since a business is sending it to me does it class as something else? Idk if this makes sense. I have no job I’m under 20 years old so I know nothing
  11. done some testing ans shocking results with silent mode aka the 1 of 3 options which are SIlent Performance TURBO Silent mode was running battlefield v on ultra setting at cpu and gpu only at 75c which is real good aint it?? it does dip to 55 fps tho and the other 2 wow.... they instantly put the cpu up to 95c wtf lol? they did give me 10 more fps BUT ONLY SOMETIMES. so basically I might as well keep it on silent and take the 10fps drop for what its worth if its gonna kill the pc right? Maybe if a game is too laggy I can s
  12. It’s a rtx 2060 I’m not playing on medium sorry. It runs really good at ultra on all games. What I might try is running games in silent or performance instead of turbo and hope the temps go down or just screw it I’ll make use of it for idk what a few years? gpu runs normal temps so I’ll just have to replace cpu I guess if 100c kills it fast but I’d rather just enjoy ultra photorealistic graphics cause that’s what I kinda of got it for well if I contacted the manufacturer it would take days. Here only minutes lol and plus all I needed to know was if 100c is dangerou
  13. Wat so I should just turn it down to performance instead of turbo? Or use turbo if it don’t get too hot if I test it wat is a MAX SAFE temp? i have the I7 10750 which says max before die or something 100c but then it never shuts off due to overheating so
  14. It is in 100C unfortunately idk I never game with it on lower than turbo just cause I run all games at ultra settings and I mean why did they make it an option if it’s gonna break my laptop wtf is there a quick benchmark software game that requires no messing around just download and run that will tell me the temperatures because atm I’m only seeing the temp reach 100 when I come out of a game and by then it cools a bit since I just use the ASUs panel thing and I have to wait for that to boot up