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  1. Problem stated in title. When it opens, it instantly minimizes, and if I maximize it, same thing happens. If I launch without fullscreen, it's completely fine... until I turn on fullscreen. Anyone I could find either had a slightly different problem with it minizing every once in a while, or threads from 5 years ago with people using windows 7. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Figured it out! Turns out all the lines in the logind.conf file are commented out, something I probably should have recognized, but I'm really only used to the // for comments. Anyways, changing this fixed it and the server now runs like a charm!
  3. I checked the BIOS, but they seem very limited. Couldn't find the correct settings. Could it be that the BIOS have been intentionally limited, since this is a laptop? I couldn't find any "expert" or "advanced" mode either.
  4. Ok, I formatted and removed every partition from the drive, reinstalled CentOS, redownloaded the server but did everything according to this guide instead: https://www.spinup.com/setting-up-a-minecraft-server-on-centos-8/. Everything now works great! Thanks a lot to @Eigenvektor & @Master Disaster for all the help. Edit: I realized afterwards that may have sounded sarcastic, that was truly not the intention. I have however run into a small issue: I cannot for the life of me prevent the machine from sleeping when I close the lid. I have changed pretty much every setting related to the lid i
  5. Ok, new day and for some reason things have changed. After restarting the laptop(now server I guess) I opened screen and attempted to run the server using the following command: java Xmx4G Xms4G -jar server.jar nogui This resulted in the following output: Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true Error: Could not find or load main class Xmx4G Edit: Oops, typo(- before Xmx and Xms). Server now running, but I still can't connect to it.
  6. Ok, I am about 95% sure I did this correctly, but I still cannot connect, and "netstat -tulpen" still doesn't show any tcp4.
  7. Ok, to be honest I can't make that much sense of that thread. I know it may be a lot to ask, but I really want to get this going even though I get the felling I don't have the background knowledge necessary. I would really appreciate it if you could explain what commands I should use.
  8. There are no entries for tcp4 in the list, as far as I know I'm only using IPv4 on my network, that is at least what I have been using when trying to connect to the server.
  9. Yes, I have forwarded the port(TCP + UDP), and I am trying to connect on my other PC using the local iPv4 address of the laptop running the server.
  10. Ok, screen is running, I used "netstat -tulpen" and the resulting list contains one line with 25565(minecraft port) in it: Proto Rev-Q Send-Q Local address Foreign address STATE User Inode PID/Program name tcp6 0 0 :::25565 :::* LISTEN 1000 82171 33583/java Still can't connect to it, though
  11. Ok, now it says it needs to be run with superuser priviliges (under the root user on most systems) but I am logged into the only user(which is admin) and username of said user is displayed on last line in command prompt.
  12. Checked ports? no clue. the command you suggested return 3 text chunks; Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 20026 packets, 40M bytes) pkts vytes target prot opt in out source same thing repeats 2 times, except with: ... FORWARD ... 0 ... 0 & ... OUTPUT ... 5039 ... 395K I've tried the solution person with firewall issues was suggested, that is when i get the error message.
  13. After some hassle, I managed to download CentOS on an old laptop of mine, as well as running a minecraft server after accepting the EULA. The problem is that I can't connect to it. I followed this guide for CentOS 8: https://linuxhint.com/install_centos_8_server/, this guide for sever: https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/how-to-setup-minecraft-server#How-to-Make-a-Minecraft-Server-on-Linux, and finally portforwarded port 25565 to said laptop. Note that I am using the version of CentOS with no graphical interface and I did not get to install Screen. After reading this: I downloaded t
  14. Budget: haven't really thought much about it, but I want a smooth experience and some room as I might want to use it for other games down the line. The noise is a bit tricky, can't be anything like a full-blown server, but I might be able to have it in a room where noone usually spend time, so... there's that. Power comsumption, not a problem. I live in Norwway, so basically all the power is eco-friendly.