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  1. How can I block pornography completley on my router?

    Using OpenDNS is a good easy start. Its fairly easy to bypass if you know how to change a device's DNS server though. https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/#familyshield For most home applications, it works great.
  2. HP's "Landfiller" Desktop PC

    Laptop CPU, but desktop HDD, RAM, and optical drive. But yeah, pretty pathetic and a massive waste of space and steel.
  3. HP's "Landfiller" Desktop PC

    There's a DC jack on the back of the motherboard for a 65w laptop charger. 65w.
  4. I'm on a HDD hunt!


  5. Figured you guys would like a bit of a laugh...


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      Ok that's hilarious

  6. I recently built a PC to replace one of my friends' slow machines. I've seen these before, but now that I have gotten a hold of one, figured I'd make a detailed post about it. HP's typical basic tower is an mATX case with one optical drive, space for one or two HDDs, four expansion slots, and a standard ATX PSU. This machine is pretty normal from all views... ...Except the back of the unit. Almost nothing has been punched out! And yes, they only used three screws on the fan. Four would have been far too much. There are no expansion slots punched out, not even space for a PSU. The machine is instead powered by a typical 65w HP laptop charger. If we open it up, things get even more absurd. What a remarkable waste of space!! And in traditional HP fashion, one wifi antenna on a card that clearly can do two. Taking everything out of the machine, its pretty clear that the same PC could be achieved in a massively smaller space. Obviously exact component placement would be a bit different than just "on top of each other" but still, this general layout would be totally doable, especially if they had switched the 5.25in optical drive for a laptop optical drive. Powering this monster is an AMD A4-5000 APU. ...yes, a 15w 1.5ghz laptop CPU. I'd like to point out that a basic e8400 core 2 duo released 5 years before this one will beat this CPU in both single and multithreaded tasks, even though it has half the core count. While I'm sure it would be fine for VERY basic web browsing at a low cost, its still sad to see all of this steel being wasted when a machine 1/4 the volume would have been totally possible. My 1080Ti/8086K PC is less than half the size of this machine. Thoughts on HP's design choices here?
  7. Urgent: 8700K without Cooler

    Do you have any other CPU coolers you could sit on the CPU? Its fine to test to make sure the machine POSTs, but I wouldn't run it for more than a minute
  8. Oracle to start licensing Java for commercial use

    I know but it lacks lots of stuff the java edition has
  9. Oracle to start licensing Java for commercial use

    RIP minecraft But seriously though can we please port the standard edition to something non java so it doesn't make a 1080Ti/8086K feel underpowered?
  10. Show off your setup!

    I need to clean my desk :c
  11. Fresh install of windows 10 no BS edition, figured I'd spice it up with some wallpaper engine :D


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      The lights dont line up with the background... 


      T R I G G E R E D

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      Wanna write some software for me then?

    4. Hackentosher


      Lmao I barely figured out some rainbow puke, but I can give it a shot. 

  12. Off topic chit chat

    Totally unrelated, yours truly is now a furry... It was bound to happen eventually
  13. The card can still sag with one, its just less likely to warp since a solid plate of copper bends a lot less than a sheet of fiberglass with a heatsink screwed to the middle. I'd still highly suggest supporting the card somehow.
  14. IMG_20180719_170341_123.thumb.jpg.61de3a5f50ee600561847ed71082c8ae.jpg






  15. My massive 6.44in android phone always gets the ladies. Size matters.