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    2x16 GB 3200 MHz G. Skill FlareX
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  1. Thank you so much @berberries! Type 3 cable, got it. Have a nice day! (note to future posters: still listening for more replies in case of conflicting info)
  2. Hey guys, I want to replace a sata power cable on my old corsair h850. It is the old semi-modular 80+ gold variant with the blue text label. See: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/hx-series-config/p/CP-9020032-NA I checked cable mod's website and attempt to find out what would be compatible so I could buy a cable through them, but I could not find any for the old hx units, only the hx platinum and hxi units. See: https://cablemod.com/compatibility/ I don't know where to go from here to determine compatibility. Can
  3. Questions: 1) Are you dissatisfied with your current gaming performance (too much stutter, want higher graphics fidelity, want a higher frame rate)? 2) What is the refresh rate and resolution of your current monitor? My thoughts regardless of your response: High end Ryzen 3000 may actually be faster than the 9900k in generic gaming. We don't know either way right now. The Zen 2 CPUs release in less than 4 weeks. Lots of reviews will be released on launch day and more thorough independent reviews will likely release 3-7 days after launch. Eve
  4. Off the top of my head I can be sure AsRock's X370 Taichi mobo has the hardware to handle Ryzen 3000 (within reason), I just don't know if they will support it with a new BIOS (they probably will but I have no way of knowing that). I'm sure there are other X370 Mobos that have the hardware to support higher end Ryzen 3000 CPUs as well, but I'm no expert and can't make a reliable list. Just don't expect to LN2 overclock a 3950X on any X370.
  5. Depends on the motherboard as well as the CPU. If you have a halfway-decent B450 board an 8 core Ryzen 3000 CPU should be fine assuming you don't do lots of overclocking. A 12 core is probably ok if the VRM on board is good, you have a little bit or airflow over the VRM heatsinks, and you don't do much (if any) overclocking. A crappy B450 board may burn up with powerful CPU.
  6. Pretty much, but not that cut and dry. X370/B350 chipset is not be required by AMD to support Ryzen 3000, but individual OEMs can support it if they want (if the slide below is correct):
  7. Ah, much better. If you can make the computer boot Windows 98, Windows 2000, or MS Dos from a floppy disk you're golden. EDIT: Actually, do use a RAID 0 array with an SSD and HDD, but only for storage not for booting. Floppy disk for booting (If that's even possible? Never looked into but I don't see why it can't be done). EDIT 2: Ok, so never mind on the OS suggestions I striked out above unless you only want to run DOOM. Seems like Windows 8 would work best to be compatible with modern games... AND because if it is at all possible to get a tou
  8. The problem with that statement is that you can literally use that same phrase and just replace "Jews" with any group of people by race, religion, or creed and add/misconstrue any form of controversy to describe anyone or anything by categorical relation (from an intersectionalist perspective). For example: Replace "Jews" with "Whites" and explain the historical context of colonialism and the Crusades. Replace "Jews" with "Blacks" and talk about the instability of African Governments. Replace "Jews" with "Capitals" and portray the supporters of it as selfish and greedy pi
  9. Knowing how crazy some "journalists" are for a hit piece I wouldn't be surprised if a payment was made to someone with a botnet by one the writers for the strict purpose of generating an exploitable news story. Maybe said writer(s) made the comments with an anonymous account(s) themself(s). I've seen worse actions taken by individuals in the media in the past. Alternatively this could have been legit. The internet should never cease to surprise anyone.
  10. Historically "Jews" have been stereotyped by certain generalized character traits, physical features, and trends from their people regardless of the scope of exaggeration involved in said stereotypes. I will not repeat any slanders used against them on this forum. Some people believe that people of Jewish lineage/faith have a disproportionate amount of wealth/power for stereotypical reasons and associate that with said historic slanders to form a negative opinion about "Jews" in general. TL;DR people are jealous, fickle, and willing to blame/slander others before actually consideri
  11. Sadly it seems not one, but 348 idiots thought this was a good idea.
  12. The drive the OS is installed to will be the boot drive by default. If the other drive (not the NVMe one) is also new, get into Windows, right click on the windows start button in the bottom left corner of the screen, and click on disk management: Then go to your other drive that has a black label and the text about unallocated space, right click it, and then click "new simple volume." Just follow the setup wizard from there. Don't forget to name the drive and select your desired drive letter in the setup wizard!
  13. I've dealt with this before. This will do the trick:
  14. You just need to click on the drive and then click next. Don't worry about the other options. If there is a popup saying the drive needs to be GPT I've help people through THAT problem before as well.