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    Electronics. All of them. Also, bees.
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    Copier repair tech


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    Ryzen 5800x
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    Asrock X570 Aqua
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    32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum @3600mhz
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    Nvidia RTX 2080TI FE
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    Lian li 011-wgx
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    2tb Corsair Force mp600
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    Seasonic Prime 1KW Platinum
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    Dell S2417DG x3
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    Custom watercooling
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    Custom Corsair k70 rgb w/kailh box jade switches
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    Logitech g600
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    Corsair Void Wireless
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    windows 10

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  1. cool, I got down this rabbit hole trying to troubleshoot file copy performance issues from my NAS, so at least I've ruled out the connection now
  2. Actually yes, 4 threads gets me to 9.5Gbps, not sure what that means though
  3. Full specs on my profile, ryzen 5800x with 32gb of 3600 ram, shouldn't be any issues there. Especially considering using my fx-6300 test bench (also on windows 10) with a different 10gbe NIC I was able to get over 9Gbps
  4. Extremely long story short, windows 10 seems to be bottlenecking my Aquantia aqc107 Nic built into my motherboard. When running iperf3 between it and my Nas (truenas 12.0) which also has a 10gbe NIC (intel X520-sr1) I top out at 6.5Gbps. However if I boot ubuntu and run iperf3 from there, I get just over 9Gbps. I've fiddled with all the settings in the configure menu (including setting jumbo frames to 9014 bytes) which got me to the 6.5Gbps (was 3.5-4Gbps with default settings), but just cant figure out what windows is doing with the other ~3Gbps.
  5. Found them: https://www.amazon.com/Kingwin-Performance-Tray-Less-Backplane-Enclosure/dp/B00M3WNWB2?th=1&psc=1
  6. You shouldnt have any issues, 660ti sli is about a gtx 960 in performance (thats still a very generous estimate), and my fx-8350 could drive a 970 without issues. Do be warned, Sli is generally pretty buggy and/or not supported in some games, so you may end up only using 1 of the cards even with sli enabled.
  7. Yeah the no fan mode is something nvidia introduced back in the gtx 900 series if I remember correctly. The fans turn off if there is little/no load as to reduce noise. I wouldnt worry too much about it, as gpu's can tolerate heat up to about 80c without much issue.
  8. Thats not really possible with current devices, as bluetooth dongles are so cheap and easy to get it doesnt really make sense to use a whole second device such as a smartphone just for bluetooth connectivity. You can find usb bluetooth 4.0 dongles online for like $5 U.S., I'd recommend just getting one of those and calling it a day.
  9. I'd probably go with the A55 variant, just for the fact it has 3D nand which may make it faster in random reads/writes. They look very similar otherwise.
  10. A gt 1050 is really only good for basic 1080p at low settings, even then its kinda under qualified. If you want 1080p 60fps max settings, you'd be looking for a card along the lines of a gtx 970 with regards to performance. You can use www.videocardbenchmark.net to look for graphics cards that would fit your needs. For reference, the gt 1050 has a score of 4510, vs the gtx 970 which has almost double that at 8592.
  11. It's probably just the search indexer or superfetch doing stuff, should go away after a day or 2.
  12. Did you try upping the SOC voltage to 1.1 volts? this helped memory stability immensely for me.
  13. Make sure to get a kit with samsung b-die and single rank chips, those are verified to work significantly better with ryzen. you can generally tell by the cas latency vs speed, as samsung 3200mhz kits usually have cl14 vs cl16 which are hynix chips. google is your friend.
  14. Starting a build log for probably the most unnecessary build I've ever done. I'm moving from a ryzen 1800x to an intel 7820x mainly because the x299 platform has more bells and whistles, but also because I can change the 4ghz in task manager to a 5. New parts I have planned for this build: i7-7820x, asus prime x299 deluxe, lian li alpha 550w case, then a bunch of watercooling bits like a proper top for my d5 pump. Parts I'm recycling from my old build: 250gb samsung 960 evo m.2 drive, 16gb gskill trident z rgb (only 2x8gb sticks because ddr4 is ludicrously priced right now),
  15. I'm using windows 10 pro as the os (board activated without a key when I tried it lol) and xmr-stak for a miner. I got the chips for $100 a piece off eBay, and the board for $150. I'm also running 8x1gb sticks of ram because that's what was cheap. The board I have is a super micro h8dgi-f which is a dual socket board with 6 pcie slots. I also have some assorted gpus in there totalling 3.2khs on cryptonight pulling about 850w from the wall.