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    Intel Core i7 4770k @ 4.7 GHz 1.39v (OC)
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    Logitech G510 + Keith McMillen K-Board midi controller
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    Mionix Naos 8200
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro w/ Schiit Magni 2 and Logitech Z506

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  1. Who expected this to be a budget system? Did razer put out a ton of shit before dropping this saying they were going to make an affordable laptop? I don't think so. Yeah the thing is shit anyway and overpriced but bitching at them for "failing at cheap laptops" is just an excuse to have a clickbait title so people like me can come to your post and be angry. Also who actually cares about those dolby/thx codecs anyway. It's not like you are running an entire atmos speaker setup off this thing. Also that shit tends to fuck with the actual sound quality so I'd rather they not include
  2. This will be my next phone. I am bummed to see the second display go as I use the one on my V10 quite a lot.
  3. Because apparently the logo is more important than the phone itself and bashing companies for no reason is fun.
  4. Who actually gives a shit. I don't think people will be forgetting what phone they have. This does nothing for the phone other than remind you you have decent audio components. This logo isn't news.
  5. ive never had an issue with the noise of my fans since i always run them at 900rpm or lower. I was looking at the MLs but the $10 extra over the vardars wasn't worth it to me.
  6. I used to have corsair fans in my system. Replaced them for EK Vardars and will never go back. The SP fans were so noisy and never performed as well. I cant imagine how bad those thermaltake ones were.
  7. for the rads, i was thinking you could put that new hdplex psu down by the gpu which might even free up enough space for a thick 120mm rad.
  8. Looks dope. I really want to find a way to put a rad in that thing.
  9. Too bad it looks like a galaxy s7 with tiny bezels
  10. I hope they make the native dynamic range and low light performance not shit. If I could get clean images at iso3200 from a smartphone that would be great.
  11. Well they have to make money somehow. At least they are just adding new features rather than charging for ones that were previously free.
  12. And now we're on to the wage gap. Nice. Good to see some discussions of women's rights among ill informed political arguments.