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  1. Gotcha, it's set to 512MB's in the BIOS but only shows 128 in Windows. My only option at this point is to try and to order some stuff off ebay and build a cheap lil PC
  2. I'm totally cool with that, I'd just like to bump it up to a gig or so. Is there a software or something I would use to do this?
  3. It's not a dedicated GPU which would have it's own dedicated ram, I'm almost certain it just shares resources with the system, I'm just looking for some way to tell it to use more than the 128mb's it's currently trying to use.
  4. Hey dudes and dudettes, it's been a while since I posted on here but I'm looking to potentially get some help. So I'm in the deployed right now to the Middle East and I wasn't able to take my gaming desktop for obvious reasons but I was able to take my pretty competent Lenovo ThinkPad which I'm trying desperately to be able to play some games on. The specs are as follows; Intel Core i5-8250U (4c/8t turbo: 3.4Ghz) Intel "UHD" Graphics 620 (advanced display settings says it has 128MBs of dedicated VRAM) 32GB DDR4 (2133 Mhz) I'm trying to
  5. Okay so... I'm currently on a field training exercise in the middle of the desert and one of the Marines in my unit just came up to me with a regular laptop that needs to be charged so that she can submit a paper however she left her laptop charger behind and her laptop is dead. I've tried the following; Removing the internal HDD and plugging it into another computer to look at the files on that, turns out she didn't have it saved to her D: drive. Every charger we have here, however it appears this model of laptop regularly charges using a 120W laptop charger and we don
  6. My new networking series on YouTube has some pretty good thumbnails so far. But this ones the best.

    Thumb F.jpg

    1. imreloadin


      Demonetized for the portrayal of a firearm xD

    2. Windows7ge


      line con 0
      password Jacktastic-Mofo
      line vty 0 4
      password Jacktastic-Mofo
      service password-encryption
      int range g0/18-24
      int g0/6
      switchport port-security
      switchport port-security maximum 1
      switchport port-security mac-address 04:92:26:db:0b:2b
      switchport port-security violation shutdown
      show port-security



      Oh no, they're coming. Destroy the evidence!

      write erase


  7. Hey guys, been a good long while since I posted here but I'm working on building a little 2u server to go into a rack at my barracks room and I need to know whether or not these unbranded "X79" motherboards on EBay might support some Intel Xeons, namely the e5-2630L or the e5-2670 (both V1's). Additionally might you know / be able to find whether or not they support ECC RAM? Anyways, thanks for the help- Motherboard #1 Motherboard #2 Motherboard #3 Motherboard #4
    1. ONOTech


      You're alive, welcome back!

    2. iPolymer


      To busy flexing 

  8. So I'm trying to practice some virtualization bullshittery for my MOS school and for whatever reason my laptop won't let me turn on Hyper-V features as it's not even visible in the menu to be enabled even though virtualization is enabled in the bios and all. I've tried other hyper visors and none of them are working. Any idea?
  9. So I just got back from Parris Island for Marine Corps boot camp so I've been out of the tech scene for three months and I don't really know what GOOD gaming / productivity laptops are on the market right now- I'm looking for something with a great CPU for video editing but also a capable GPU for gaming. My budget is like $1500 and under so I'd love to see what you can do (peep me with my expert shooting badge)